Thursday, February 21, 2013

#ProjectMilf: Three Things

Good Morning Milfs...we are heading into Week 3!!
Week 3 of #ProjectMilf is all about sharing three things about yourself...
it can be something fun, serious, funny, motivating, inspiring or just plain juicy.  
Again it's an effort to get to know one another.  
And also to continue to be honest with ourselves and each other.  
Grab the button, link up and share your weekly goal updates and your Three Things?

My Three Things:

1. One of my favorite movies is 
The Truth About Cats & Dogs with Janeane Garofalo...
It's one of the cheesiest movies...
I have watched that movie over 100 times. 
And whenever I am doing something around the house,
 I will put it on and replay it over and over again. 
There is so much honesty and pure vulnerability in that move
about men, women and relationships. 
 I am a sapp for it!!!

2. I sooooooooooooooo want to have Baby Pancakes II, seriously am I crazy???
I mean he is just so cute but growing so fast and I already miss the cute cuddly stage....
                                      all Baby Pancakes wants to do now is move around....
But of course my strong desire can wait a year or two.

3. I sometimes overeat for just the simplest reason: because the food tastes good.
Who does that...I figure the first step to a problem is admitting it...
I am becoming more conscience of my stomach and realizing when it's full so that I don't overeat.
After all, gluttony is a sin...

My Weekly updates:

Last week I was totally inspired by all your Milf idols and you...
there are so many ideas I get each week from all of you.  
I am trying to incorporate as many as I can into my week.  
Thanks Ladies!!!

1) Healthy Lifestyle Change
I noticed that I have mastered eating oatmeal for breakfast.  I do not function in the morning if I don't have my oatmeal.  Therefore, my thought is to master lunch, dinner and snacks and I should be good to go.  I am setting small goals for myself each day and meeting them.  
The gym/working out this week was a total bust...i really need to plan exercising into my day or it doesn't get done.   

2) Emotional Wellness
I totally FORGOT to journal.  Although I did blog about starting a new's not the same as venting in my journal.  Goal for this week: JOURNAL.  And i need to finish reading a book by end of February to complete my 13for13 Book Reading Series.

3) Spiritual Fortitude
I am doing the YouVersion Bible Reading Plan.  I need to read every day.  Goal this week is: Pray with Mr. Pancakes and as family...we've been slacking in that area.

Week 3 is going to be all about Planning and Following Through!!!

Now it's your turn...grab the button, link up your posts and share:
your Motivating & Inspiring Leading Female Idols  
and your Weekly Updates on your Milf goals!!
(btw: we are using SimplyLinked today instead of Linkytools...we will see how it goes!)


Nicole said...

My hubby and I also need to work on praying together...and I overeat just to because food just tastes sooooo good!

toi said...

i overeat just because food is too tasty. but this week i tried my best to keep my overeating at bay.

my desire to have another baby soon comes and goes, she is so busy i always wonder how mothers do with more than one, lol :)

Heather said...

I totally overeat when it's something I like, too, so you are not alone! Way to go for mastering oatmeal for breakfast, too. It's definitely a healthy start to your day.

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

It's sooooo hard not to over eat when something is delicious!

Yay for baby pancakes #2!!!

You've got the planning part of your goal get out there and implement! :) You can do it!

Anonymous said...
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Life with J and J said...

I am with you on the overeating thing. It's really bad. My excuse is, "I am a nursing/pumping mom." Not sure how long I'll be able to get away with that excuse.

THE mom said...

I.CANT.BELIEVE.I.MISSED.THE.FIRST.TWO.WEEKS!!! But I'm gonna jump right in and get to it!

I would love to see a baby pancakes #2 ;-)
Speaking of overeating...I just had a whole sleeve of saltines...and now i'm paying for it BLAH!

Carissa said...

I agree I am ready for number #2 already...I think I might be crazy too! LOL!!!! Trying not to overeat is hard I just did it before I read this! Food is good, I eat because its there...its plenty of reasons why I overeat!!!

Blicious said...

OMG I LOVE that movie too! It's the perfect cheesy romantic comedy! :)

I love your goals last week! Journaling is so therapeutic!!