Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Prayers for Boston

If you have ever participated in a race, you know the atmosphere is 
filled with smiles and laughter throughout the crowd.  
Although you are about to embark on one of the most excruciating moments in your life....
you are also about to do something that is beyond this world.  
You can only know that feeling of sheer exhaustion and happiness that occurs during and after a race.  
So to have what happened at the Boston Marathon happen is just so tragic and despicable.  
That someone would think of taking away a moment in someone's life 
that they have worked so hard for is just unheard of.  
One of my friends put it perfectly that some human beings are "savages"! 
There is no other word to describe this nonsensical behavior in such a public way.

My heart and prayers go out to the three individuals that died, 
all those that were injured, the thousands that are emotionally 
scarred and the rest of America that has to be privy to the images and sights and sounds.  
One radio announcer asked an individual in the area 
during an interview to describe what they heard during the incident? 
And another incident on twitter indicated that a child running on
 behalf of Sandy Hook Elementary was one of the people presumed dead...
i hope that was not some cruel joke.
I would be peeved if people were sensationalizing the incident....
sometimes the Media and people do that with such tragic events.  
And that bothers me.  
But we do live in a sensationalized world unfortunately.

I don't even know how i would explain such 
senseless tragedy to my son when he is old enough to ask questions.
  And unfortunately there are too many of these events happening in our corner of the world.  

The only thing i could say to him is: 
"Let us pray son for the victims and those impacted by the tragedy. 
 Let us pray for a world where peace can exist.  
Where people do not have to harm others with guns, bombs, 
words and or any kind of weapon. 
 Let us pray for God's protection over this nation.
  Let us pray for kindness and happiness in everyone's hearts. 
Let us pray because sometimes that's all we can do."

Question of the Day:
What are you telling yourself this morning to find some comfort?


Life with J and J said...

Thanks for posting this. My family is from Boston. I was TERRIFIED for a while when I couldn't reach my sister. Her school is along that route and she was on campus. Turns out all the phone lines were down. Thankfully, she is OK!

This is just crazy! No one deserved this. NO ONE!

Cam | Bibs and Baubles said...

That last line says it all. Let us pray - sometimes that really is all that we can do.

toi said...

with God next to me I am fearless of what lies ahead

toi said...

I remember that with God next to me I am fearless and there is nothing to worry about what the future holds

Dana said...

Prayer, it always works.