Thursday, April 18, 2013

#ProjectMilf 2013: Week 11

Good Morning Friends!!! 
We are are Week 11 and moving along with our goal. 
One of the things this project is reminding me of is the importance 
of carving out time to take care of ourselves.
 It's difficult sometimes because life can get in the way 
but it's a must because we are worth it. 
Cliche but it's true!!!

If you follow Toi at MsBabyPlan...
then you know she has been serving up some delicious smoothies the last several weeks. 
 And in honor of that we thought Week 11 of #ProjectMilf would be all about sharing HEALTHY SMOOTHIE/DRINK
a smoothie or drink that makes you feel like you are on a holiday, 
 therefore it just relaxes you or is so yummy but healthy and doesn't fall into unhealthy snacks.
It will also be fun to see what we all come up with so we can all try the different smoothies and drinks.

Grab a button and share away ladies...make it a smoothie one!

My Healthy Drink:
I am currently obsessed with Bolthouse Farms Smoothies.
I know i should be making my own but i haven't gotten to that point yet.
So whenever I want a good healthy smoothie...i go to Bolthouse.
They have different flavors and all of them are delicious.
My favorite ones are Amazing Mango and Strawberry Bananas.
I even tried the Green Goodness....and it was delicious.
I would highly recommend them!
They can be found at Target for a great deal.

My Weekly Update:
1) Healthy Lifestyle Change
Awesome...i have been working out more than usual but i am most proud of my eating.  Who would have thought that sauteed spinach and chicken/tilapia would be so awesome.  Thanks hubby for cooking up a storm.

2) Emotional Wellness
I am excited for our 2nd year anniversary in 5 days....i have no idea what we are going to do.  I really want to go on a trip but i am not sure that's going to happen because of school.  But i need for us to do something still.  Maybe this weekend we will decide!!

3) Spiritual Fortitude
I am still praying every day, listening to gospel music in the morning.

Now it's your up with your posts, grab the button and share:
your Motivating & Inspiring Leading Female Idols  
and your weekly updates on your Milf goals!!

And Don't's never too late to join #ProjectMilf....
we would love more accountability partners!!!


toi said...

you would be surprise how easily those can be made in a second in your home blender.

I wanted to buy this power blender to make amazing smoothies but then decided to try with my old blender and the result is very good.

you are doing great in your goals. keep up the great work :)

Aleta said...

You're doing an awesome job! I feel like the baby glues me to the couch right now. He loves to snuggle after he eats and it's a wonderful feeling, but by the time I'm ready to put him in his crib, he wants to eat again... every three hours like clockwork.

kita said...

Good job on your goals. I heard of this juice and another I think its called naked juice or something. I am so scared to try them and they don't taste good cause they cost a bit much around here where I live.