Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Extra Ways to Make Money

Team Pancakes is determined to completely be debt free within the year.  
I have been debt free for over a year now however since we are husband's debt is also my debt.  Therefore, we have decided to tackle the beast that is his student loans together and get raid of it!! The couple that fights debt together wins together!! 
We can't wait to have no debt payments and we can actually focus on building up our 8-months Emergency Fund and saving toward the house of our dreams!

So in an effort to make some extra to support this venture I thought i would compile this little list, 
which I hope helps you too.  

1. all demands on what types of affiliate programs you are using.  Some websites also allow you to do reviews if  you are interested in doing this (blogvertise and linkvehicle)

2.   Poshmark (like ebay and amazon) it's an awesome way to sell clothes, shoes and accessories you do not need or use.  Even Baby Pancakes has gotten into the action--he sold his first Baby Jordans which he never wore because his mama forgot to put it on him.

3. Glyde--sell your old iphones and other electronics including games.  I wish I had games to sell.  I am finding out that people will buy anything and everything you may NOT have a use for.

4. Get a Part-time job...which is how i paid off all my debts.  It can be something you do on the weekends or during the week.  Sometimes it's bothersome because you don't get to spend the extra time with your family but the pay off is so worth it in the long run. 

5. Save extra money for your monthly's amazing how much extra money we spend during the month on nothing really important.  Having a budget for the month helps with finding extra money.

These are some ideas I have...can you think of any others
 that would be helpful for me and my fellow readers?

Good luck in saving some extra money this month...
it's amazing how much extra can be saved by following some or all of these steps.


Anonymous said...

This is a great post! Thanks for the site ideas!

Law_Fal said...

Thanks for the tips.

Life with J and J said...

Awesome post. Thanks for the tips!

Dr. Reginia said...

Being debt free is such an awesome feeling. I am almost there. It is my goal to be debt free once I return from living abroad.

Great advice. I have tons a clothes that I need to sell.

Aleta said...

We're working on getting the mortgage paid out. It is tempting to take out a new mortgage (like most of my friends have) because of the low rates, but we're close to the home stretch. My husband doesn't believe in credit cards and I only have one. It makes life a little tight, but worth it. I just wish I could find a "work from home" job to makes some extra spending money!

YUMMommy said...

I will definitely check out Poshmark. I made a quite a bit of money of ebay the first year I tried selling things on there. I took a little break but now I'm ready to get back in the saddle and start selling again.

Other affiliate sites like Social Spark and Sponsored Tweets are good too for bloggers and tweeters.

Janelle B. said...

Thanks for the tips! I would love to get out of debt, it just feels like it's a never ending cycle.