Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Getting to Know Mom Series: Day 11

                           Getting to Know Mom Series Day 10 is to describe 10 pet peeves you have.
I am a little late today because i was busy all day long...but sometimes it gets like that!!  I am glad i am able to keep this going however.......at first i thought i didn't have many pet peeves then i realized i can come up with ten of them really fast...is that saying something about me?  Oh well....here goes!!

1. People who don't hold the door when they see you coming (just rude)
2. People who talk loud on the phone while on public transportation
3. People who don't keep their promises
4. Bloggers that NEVER reciprocate comments
5. When the garbage is not put out
6. When my GPS doesn't work (arghhhh)
7. A messy kitchen 
8. Bad drivers
9. People who pretend to be someone they are NOT
10. Mean people

Lesson for Day 12 is it's perfectly alright to find something/someone annoying
 but don't let annoyance in life define you.


Life with J and J said...

Oh I absolutely agree with #1. Happens all the time in my building. You have to go through 2 doors to get out of the building. If someone doesn't hold the first door, I count it as an oversight. If they don't for the second door, I think it is just rude!
I also shoud add forgetting to say thank you. That is a pet peeve of mine 😃.

Tia said...

I can not stand a messy kitchen or a full trash can!!! I need to do this writing prompt but I also can not stand when people that aren't cordial. If I give you that "Hi, How are you?" smile, you better toss one back my way, LOL!

Cam | Bibs & Baubles said...

My pet peeve... I speak to people when I see them. Just random strangers or people at work. I hate when people don't speak back. Would it kill you to say hi? Rude!

kita said...

I keep my trash can outside because my kitchen is small can you imagine that mess nope can't do. I hold the door open but sometimes I get confused if you are far away you need to jog and hurry up lol

Pegster said...

Dude I am so down with your pet peeves I think messy kitchen and mean people make it to the top of my list

G K said...

Your #10 is a YES YES YES. Rude/mean people disgust me.

Oh, and remind me to never invite you to my house. You'd die if you saw my cluttered kitchen! :)