Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Getting to Know Mom Series: Day 12

I am usually NOT very good with committing to something but i am committed to doing this challenge from end to finish this month...therefore bear with me (who ever is still reading my blog).
Day 12 of  Getting to Know Mom Series is to Describe a typical day in your current life.
Currently, I am on a three week hiatus from work so my day is not that typical but i will give you a current day as of today.

6:00am--wake up, feed and change my little man
7:30am--wake up, go to the gym if little man is still sleeping (and hubby is still home)
8:00am--go for a run on the treadmill
8:45am--return home, take a quick shower
9:15am--little man wakes up, i change him, feed him
10:15am--play in his room
11:15am--feed little man, play some more, attempt to clean after him, naptime
12:30am--left to do some consulting work
5:00pm--finished work, stuck in traffic for an hour
6:00pm--went to library to return a book and pick up some DVDs
6:30pm--come home, give little man kisses and hugs
6:45pm--get his dinner ready, feed him
7:00pm--continue to feed him, feed myself
7:30pm--attempt to clean up after him and the kitchen (watch dishes and bottles)
7:45pm--bath time, pjs on, while watching Family Feud
8:15pm--quiet time, give him a bottle, sometimes we will watch a show depending on what's on, or play in his room
8:45pm--we attempt to fall asleep early (since he will attempt to get up again)
9:00pm--usually some winding down time (include touching base with Mr. Pancakes, watching a show or playing a game on my iPhone.)
10:00pm-11:00pm---final wake up for little man, one more feeding and then he falls asleep until around 3amish
11:30pm--i will go to sleep until little man wakes up around 3amish.

Then the day begins all over's a busy day but wouldn't trade it for anything.

Lesson for Day 12: Don't ever be too busy to breathe in the day....
and spend most of it with your loved ones.


Life with J and J said...

Oh wow...quite a full day! Kudos!

Pegster said...

Busy busy day but you seem to be so organized. I am with you, my days are busy but I wouldn't trade it of anything

Cece said...

Mom's are so busy! But the best thing is that they love their job more then any other they could have!

Tia said...

Isn't funny how our days go like clockwork for the most part? I wish I could work some gym time into my day. I may have to start getting up early before the little one and do some DVDs in the living room.