Friday, June 28, 2013

Getting to Know Mom Series: Day 28

Getting to Know Mom Series Day 23: What's your favorite quality in your spouse?

I think i have spoken so often about what i love about Mr. Pancakes but it never gets tiring and or old.  My favorite quality in my spouse without a doubt is his patience.  I mean sometimes i think he is a saint because he does not allow things to stress him out.  He actually looks after Baby Pancakes most days and he is still zen when i get home.  I am still learning to be patient like himself.  I really do believe that God matches us with a partner that complements us in the best possible way.  And Mr. Pancake's quality of patience is something i admire more than words can express.

Lesson of Day 28: Be. Just. Like. Your. Daddy!!

Source: via Mama on Pinterest

Today, Baby Pancakes celebrates is that possible that my baby is two months away from celebrating one year.  We are so proud of him and his milestones.  He has definitely rushed into toddler-hood with the walking, climbing things, pulling things down, messing up the house, taking swimming lessons, making new friends, eating real food, acting like he is a 'big man' but he is still my baby especially when he cuddles close to me when he is tired.  That's still my favorite moments with him.  But then he smiles and it kills me every single time!


Life with J and J said...

Love this post! Hurray for baby pancakes turning 10-months! That is awesome!!!

Aleta said...

Patience, that's a real virtue to appreciate! (One my husband definitely lacks, Lol, sad to say, but very true and he'll admit it too :)

Awww, 10 months and walking! Wow... my son is just turning and he's at 4 months. I can't imagine him walking in just a few months!! My husband is so eager for our son to start talking it's hilarious.