Sunday, April 7, 2013

Longlazysunday: Week 22

It's first Sunday and we didn't make it to church because little man decided to fall asleep just as we were about to get ready and it just didn't make sense to wake him's too much of an effort for him to sleep. I'm a little sad that my spring break is done and I feel like I didn't really relax the way I needed too! Next time I have plenty of time from work, I need to travel somewhere and actually take a vacation...staying home is clearly not relaxing because I'm always running around. Anyway one of the good things I managed to do is have some quality time with Baby Pancakes and Mr. Pancakes. And i did some retail therapy including new shoes and a few pieces!! Today I ended off my week by enjoying the afternoon with the family doing some last minute things around time. Baby Pancakes got some new cloth diapers and some snacks "mum mums"--his god brother used to eat them. Anyway Baby Pancakes is tuckered out and I am about to enjoy my Panera's going to be an awesome longlazysunday!! What are you up to this longlazysunday??


Faith said...

Retail therapy, panera's and baby Pancakes sounds like a great weekend to me!

Hope you have a great week!

Life with J and J said...

I love relaxing weekends. Monday's come by too early!
Bummer about going back to work this week. Hopefully, the nice weather will make the days go by faster.

Splendor said...

That seems like a busy Sunday to me but I did a lot of SCHOOL work fun!!!

kita said...

Panera my favorite place have you tried their pasta bowls yet?