Monday, April 8, 2013

Monday Spring Fashion Show

Good Monday Morning Friends. I am pretty excited about some of my new spring fashion pieces. I love all the coral and bright colors that Spring allows us to wear. Additionally, I have come to conclusion with my new body and understand I need to dress it appropriately. Plus it's okay to admit that my body has changed! And I got my feet some new shoes. My feet has not returned to its adorable size and now I am a size 8...I still have hope so I am not getting raid of all my cute shoes...just yet!!! Anyway what pieces have you purchased recently that you are in love with?


Life with J and J said...

Very nice! You'll have to take some pics when you wear them. No doubt they'll look awesome on you!

I just got a couple of outfits for 2-upcoming occasions. Will have to blog about those later on this week.

Blicious said...

oooh i love the colors!! cute shoes!

Nicole said...

Ooooh cute stuff! Loving all of the colors!

Cece said...

Cute stuff! Have I bought things I love lately? Where do I start? I'm a shopaholic lately! I can't belive your feet didn't go back to the normal size. Hope they still do.

Faith said...

Oooh you got some great things! Love the colors!

And your shoes! So cute!

I recently bought floral pants and cute emerald flats! I can't wait to wear them :)

Mionna @ Just Mi! said...

I love the colored slacks!!