Thursday, November 23, 2006

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Mrs. Pancakes, simply because my man loves him some pancakes!

Real Conversatios when we first started dating:

Mr. P: hey i got some random questions/ u ready?
Mrs. P: scary... but shoot!
Mr. P: can you make pancakes?
Mrs. P: lol...seriously? the aunt jemima kind? (i was totally puzzled at this point)
Mr. P: yea that's one of my questions...i've been eating pancakes everyday since about three
Mrs. P: wow...u have time to make it in the morning (weird!!!!!!!!! it thought in my head)
Mr. P: yea if not i eat em when i get home
Mrs. P: wow (WEIRDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) but of course i wanted to impress so my response was
Mrs. P: i can make pancakes
Mr. P: are you good at making pancakes?
Mrs. P: good enough (i've never really thought about how good i was at making pancakes)
Mr. P: good answer!

And ever since this conversation ladies..i've been making some fluffy and amazing pancakes...the aunt jemima kind!  And he loves them!  Hence Mrs. Pancakes was born!

I am a social worker by day and wanna be a future SAHM! Mr. Pancakes is a personal trainer/business owner and also wants to be a future SAHD!  In the near future, we have decided to compromise.  I will take one year off work and stay at home and he does the same the next year.  I don't knnow how we are going to make this plan work but we are NEWLYWEDS...we can dream and plan!

We love God! Our families and friends. We LOVE to LIVE & LAUGH! We love spending time together. We i love playing scrabble with Mr. Pancakes! We love eating pancakes! We love longlazysundays! Mr. Pancakes loves me and i love him!

As a newlywed, i am dealing with all that life has to bring my way.  I am praying that God is by my side as i become a Godfearing wife daily and mother in the future! 
This blog was the beginning of our wedding planning but has turned into a living journal for me to share my Team Pancakes adventures as a newlywed: the home, babies, finances, good sex and lots and lots of pancake mix!  

If you read all of this...thank you and welcome to the adventures of TEAM PANCAKES