Thursday, January 31, 2013

Randomness in 5...

13 Go Team Pancakes!

1. #ProjectMilf begins Feb. 7...don't forget to sign up.  
2013 can be the year where you are the most Motivating & Inspiring Leading Female (Milf) 
in the story of your life. Pick your goal/goals and Join the adventure of your life!!

2.  I will be starting a new job at a school setting and this excites me.  
I will be able to use my clinical skills to support young people and I cannot wait.  
Thank goodness I have a supportive husband to help us through this transition.  
I cannot wait for the school breaks!!

New Job Openings and Opportunities to Join Our Team on

3.  Mr. Pancakes and Baby Pancakes are making me a celebratory dinner.
They are sooooo sweet that man and baby!!

4. I am so excited for the Super Bowl. I am not sure who I will be rooting for 
but probably the Ravens because Ray Lewis just seems like a fun guy!  
And he would be more emotional if he won.
Although we are a Steelers household...The hubby will most likely go with 49ers 
because of the guys graduated from his high school.

5. What I'm most excited about this weekend is the food.  
Who wouldn't be excited for the chicken wings, chips and dip??
I'm just saying...

Saffron Chicken Wings Recipe

Have an awesome day!!!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


8 Go Team Pancakes!
For 2013, I wanted to focus a bit on my desire to be a Milf and also my reading. Last year I think I read maybe a total of two complete books minus Pregnancy and Baby related books. Therefore, this year I wanted to challenge myself and try and read a book a minimum. If I don't make it, then it's up to me to complete in the following month. 13for13 is a way to challenge myself to follow through with a task but also to learn and expand my mind as much as possible! So for January, I chose to read the 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey. And I did not finish reading yet so i will be continuing in February. But thus far, I've learned that we cannot change who we are, how we think, etc., until we change our perception. I think helping to change my habits will help me become a better version of myself!! So here's to finishing my first and second book of 2013 in February. Question of the Day: What book are you reading this month/year?

Monday, January 28, 2013

Babylogues: Celebrating 5 Months

22 Go Team Pancakes!

I can't believe you are 5months old! Where is the time going?
Taking your pictures today was definitely more challenging but you allowed me a few shots...
Thanks Baby Boy!!!1

At your last month appointment, you were 
15lbs and 7oz and 26inches long...and you are doing so great.
You are becoming this strong little guy and I can't wait to 
see you grow into an athletic little man.
You are doing so much everyday.
There truly is so much that happens in your life and they occur so quickly,
 I'm trying to capture every single second and moment.
Let's see what you've been up to this month.

You still LOVE to cuddle with us which is wonderful.
I hope you never grow out of this phase.
We try and give you a million and one kisses per day.

Body Control
You have always had strong body control but as of late you are lifting yourself up more..
so much that we have to make sure our eyes are on you at all times.
  I think you have the strongest stomach, neck and back muscles of any baby ever.  
You are trying to sit up on your own but you haven't mastered this and you 
go tumbling ace down if we don't stop you.  You are sitting with some assistance
 and you will do thirty seconds by yourself.  You still prefer to stand whenever you can.  
We've started to put you in the bouncer and you like it but your legs are too sure 
so you can't bounce it but soon enough.

You are still drinking breastmilk and formula, only when mommy doesn't have enough for you.
I am so thankful you are able to go from breastmilk to formula without any issues.
I still get frustrated sometimes because I am not getting the abundance of milk 
but at least you are getting the amount of milk you need.  
We haven't decided whether you will be trying solids although whenever we are eating you reach for it.  
We will see how this month goes before deciding on solids.

I am hoping you sleep soon through the the night but that's not happening as of yet.
I am starting to think it may never happen.
We've tried co-sleeping and YOU LOVE it but mommy gets a little scared 
because I'm such a deep sleeper.
We are starting to think you didn't get our genes for sleeping 
because both your dad and I LOVE to sleep.
We are hoping your sleeping habits matches ours soon enough.
You do take naps during the day BUT only when daddy is holding you.
You are so spoiled loved little baby!!

We are still using cloth diapers...and use disposals when we are going out.
We will probably use cloth diapers all the way through.
We finally had to purchase wipes for the first time...
we have been using the ones we received from your shower.

This month, you had a lot of family involvement especially at your blessing.
And Skype has become an awesome way for everyone to touch base with us.
Granny calls to speak with you.
Auntie, cousins, nieces and nephews all call to speak with you.

Baby Milestones
You laughed this month...
it was so random...and I am glad I was there for it.
We were eating and you were sitting in your chair...
and all of a sudden you started to laugh out loud.
Now you've been scarce with the laughs but recently they've been coming more frequently.
And they are the cutest and happiest laughs.
**This month has been everything goes in the mouth from your feet,
 to your fingers to everything else you can get your hands and mouth on.
I am pretty sure you are teething,
I have many many teething toys to help you but you would rather use everything else....
oh well!!

Fun Facts
We had a lot of snow so you got a chance to wear your snowsuit.
You look so cute in them.
Grandpa Pancakes got you a new toy who we call Monkey 
and he has become your newest friend.
You like to eat him but oh least you are friends.

You had your blessing at Church this month.
And you did so had your teething toy in your mouth the entire time...
Everyone was so impressed with how well behaved you always are at Church.

Looking Ahead
Rolling over on your own.
Sitting up on your own.
Reading more.
Piano practice.
Take family portraits (mommy is so behind)
Continual growth and development in every single way!

6 Bloggers, 6 Giveaways

6 Go Team Pancakes!

YES, you read that right, 6 bloggers have teamed up to give the chance
for 6 people to win one of the following FAB giveaways.
This is a giveaway to show our followers how much we appreciate each one of you!!
 We wish we could have given more people the chance to win but for now
 let these six prizes be the first of many FAB giveaways to come.

All you have to do to have the chance to win is be a follower of the ladies below.


 use the link below to make your entry easy to count. And good luck

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Longlazysunday: Week 12

8 Go Team Pancakes!
It's always awesome to have good food, great friends and fun conversations! And even better to have it on a longlazysunday. That's was my LLS moment, what was yours?

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Introducing: #ProjectMilf

9 Go Team Pancakes!

Hello ladies,

Two weeks ago, we posted two words on a pink background, #ProjectMilf.  
Then last week, we asked if you were Milf ready?  
Now let us tell you more about the details of how you too can become a MILF!!!

We came up with this project because of our own personal experiences. 
We've made our New Year' Resolution and are ready to tackle it...
and then February rolls around and can't even remember what the resolutions were. 
 It's definitely one for the researchers and analysts, of New Year's Resolutions,
 figuring out "why can't people keep their resolutions?"  

But we
 (TOI of & 
Mrs. Pancakes of
believe we have the answer to the question.  
We honestly believe the one thing missing in our desire 
to keep our resolutions is: "Accountability."
Webster's dictionary describes "Accountability" as: the quality 
or state of being accountable, especially an obligation
 or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one's actions. 
“To account for one's actions" is what stands out for us 
because it's related to the purpose of #ProjectMilf.

When you first hear the word, Milf, 
many adjectives come to mind including 'sexy-confident-powerful' etc,
 just like the mom portrayed in the popular movie.
 The mom every guy wanted and us women wanted to be.  
And you are right to think about that mom but there is more to Milf than that.   

The word Milf in the #ProjectMilf is an acronym for 
Motivating & Inspiring Leading Female
This is the woman who is "sexy-confident-powerful" 
that takes charge of her life and makes things happen.
In our daily lives, we can all be the leading female who is motivating & inspiring  
but sometimes we need to hear encouraging words, 
cheers and high fives to make that extra push. 

The Project of MotivatingInspiringLeadingFemale 
 is intended to be a social community 
that will help us "to account for" our actions.
  #ProjectMilf is for any woman who wants to get their 
sexy, confidence, power, energy, shine & joy back.
  It's for anyone who wants to challenge themselves in 2013 
to commit to a goal, be accountable to yourself,
 the community and meet your goal in order to Milf life.

To join #ProjectMilf, you will need to:

1. Choose your goal: health, social, financial, personal, professional 
(whatever goal that is going to help you feel sexy, confident, powerful & shine)
2. Commit to the full 2013 
3. Commit to Weekly Challenges (to motivate and encourage you reach your goals)
4. Commit to Weekly (Thursday) Check-In (link ups)
5. Support/Encourage #ProjectMilf members on social media 
6. Local Meet-Ups (to engage in #ProjectMilf activities)
#ProjectMilf is a work in progress so we are open to suggestions and ideas.  

We hope you will join the MotivatingInspiringLeadingFemale 
community because the world needs more Milfs.
 Don't you agree?

TOI, Mrs. Tabbs & Mrs P. have already committed to #ProjectMilf....
will you be next?


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Word of Caution...What the Lance Armstrong Debacle Reminds Me...

6 Go Team Pancakes!
The Lance Armstrong story or debacle reminds me of a few things...

Regardless of how amazing someone is at their craft...
I have to remember that no one is perfect...
And I cannot worship any human being....
Because sometimes when I do...
they are likely to try and fulfill that prophecy and it may not be good for them in the long run.
I am also reminded what happens in the dark will always find the light.
I am reminded that sometimes we have to fall in order to get back up...stronger and better.
I am reminded that life is too short to live a lie.
I am reminded the truth shall set you free.
I am reminded that Oprah is one fine journalist...
I am reminded LA is one handsome man.
I am reminded that Live Strong is a great organization.
I am reminded that athletes cannot be considered performance machines.
I am reminded that his children will have to deal with his fall from grace for a long time.
I am reminded that he will deal with his fall from grace for a long time.
I am reminded that time heals all wounds...regardless of how big or small.

Now you...

Question of the Day:
Does the Lance Armstrong debacle/story remind you of anything?

Celebrating 21 Months of Love...

1 Go Team Pancakes!

When did this happen?
We are celebrating 21 months of love and i couldn't be happier.
With parenting comes so much more responsibilities...
but I am learning that I have to make my husband and our marriage a priority. 
 I have to cherish you today and everyday.
We are blessed beyond measure and it is a pleasure to be your wife.
I LOVE YOU to the moon and back!!!

Source: via Tabitha on Pinterest

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Inauguration Day Fashion

11 Go Team Pancakes!

It was great watching all the fun and festivities of Inauguration Day.
But of course...i was blown away by the fashions.
Here goes...

Beyonce is not my favorite person out there 
but she wowed on Inauguration Day with her fashion.

The dress, the green jewelry, the hair...everything was on point.
And Jay-Z has seriously never looked better.
He needs to wear more handsome!!!

beyonce inauguration 2013

First Lady...loved her jacket and the melt...classic!
The hair...not a fan but her boots...classic!!

The First Couple...classic...and i love how they are matching their blues.

Sasha and Malia....I love the color was just lovely!
I need to find Sasha's scarf....gorgeous!!

Nancy Pelosi's coat was everything...I want one ASAP!!!
And Joe Biden...just because I think he is a good looking older gentleman!!

Kelly Clarkson...I loved her colors too.  And she is just beaming!

Kelly Clarkson's Inauguration Performance - Watch Now!

First Lady's gown..i LOVE how they display sweet.

president barack obama michelle inaugural ball dance 01

Monday, January 21, 2013

Four Years Ago...

8 Go Team Pancakes!

Four years ago...
I had just moved to the USA and my friend and I attended the Inauguration...
What an experience and what a difference four years make...
I remember standing in the midst of all these people and just being in awe of the moment...
That the son of an African immigrant was being sworn in as the President of the USA.
I was in awe four years ago and I am in awe today.
Congrats to Mr. President Obama!!

I am also remembering how life can change so much in four years...
Four years ago,
Mr. Pancakes and I had been dating a year....
I moved from Canada to the USA.
I changed jobs.
I changed several residents.
Mr. Pancakes and I moved in together.
Mr. Pancakes and I go engaged.
We found out I had thyroid cancer.
We got married.
I beat thyroid cancer.
I've traveled to and from Canada many many times.
We honeymooned in Barbados.
We completed our emergency fund.
We found out we were having a baby.
Mr. Pancakes went full-time with his business.
We finally went to TN to visit...our future home.
Baby Pancakes is born.
We celebrated our first Christmas as a family of three.
We are celebrating the inauguration today as a family.

I can't wait to see what the next four years has in store for Team Pancakes!!!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Longlazysunday: Week 11

6 Go Team Pancakes!
Baby Pancakes was dedicated to The Lord today and what a beautiful service. It was beautiful seeing Baby Pancakes with his GodMother being as cute as he wants to be. My favorite moment of today by far was watching them together. How about...what was your LLS Moment of the day??

Thursday, January 17, 2013

#ThrowbackThursday: Electronics

32 Go Team Pancakes!
Good evening Ladies...
Thanks for your encouraging words yesterday...
Sometimes it helps to know that you are NOT alone!!!!

For my #ThrowbackThurday, I wanted to post about electronics....
I think about my smartphone now that allows me to listen to music
 without CDs or the radio makes me reminisce about
the good old days of electronics like the CD Player and Walkman. 
I was so in love with my CD Player and Walkman back in the day. 
I even had a Sony CD Player that allowed me to listen to the radio...
it was the coolest thing ever!!!

I actually still have it...I need to find it and see if still works!!

Question of the Day:
Do you still have your old electronics?


 we are finalizing details for #ProjectMilf,
don't forget to leave your email address for more information.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


13 Go Team Pancakes!

Lately I find myself a little bummed 
because I can't catch up on all your blogs as much as I want to...
I want to read and comment at my leisure but life gets so busy....
I miss my leisure time....

But then I remember my time is no longer mine 
and I have responsibilities that are bigger than myself...
I look at my son sometimes and I am taken aback by the fact that he needs me....
Without me (and of course Mr. Pancakes) he cannot do for himself...
And he is so tiny still...I want to be his everything because this time passes too quickly...

Lately I find myself starring loving into my son's eyes and thinking I could have ten more of him...
Then reality hits and he needs my full undivided attention....

Lately I find myself wanting to snuggle in closer to my husband in the mornings....
Surrounded by love that is stronger every. single. day.

Lately I find myself wanting to take care of me more...
Exercising has become part of my normal routine...and the eating is getting there too...
And #ProjectMilf is becoming something that I am proud to be part of..
And hope will awaken a sleeping lioness that lies in all of us....
To make small and big changes in our lives for a lifetime...

Lately, life is moving too quickly and I want to slow it down just a little bit...
But then I am reminded that time is the only constant thing in life...
And I am comforted that the world is unfolding exactly as it should.

Question of the Day:
Lately, what do you find yourself feeling and thinking?

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Mommylogues: New Milestone

14 Go Team Pancakes!
There are no words to describe what's happening in that picture except yes that's his foot and that's his mouth and yes that's his foot in his mouth! Oh babies...they are filled with milestones and apparently this is one I just had to share. He is just soo flexible and you would think his toes were made out of chocolate. And they might...its been awhile since I was four and half months old. Question of the Day: What's the craziest baby milestone you've heard of or seen for yourself?

Monday, January 14, 2013

Golden Ladies

13 Go Team Pancakes!
Good Monday Morning Friends...
i wanted to be the fashion police this morning 
and critique the Golden Ladies at the Golden Globes.
Some of the ladies hit it out of the ballpark...while others didn't even make it to the ballpark.
So here are my picks this morning... I the only that missed seeing Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt?

Yay Ladies
jennifer lopez golden globes 2013 red carpet 01
Jennifer Lopez...Jlo....she. brings. it. every. single. time.  
Her accessory of Casper Smart...not so cute but whateves.

jennifer garner golden globes 2013 red carpet 17
She looked gorgeous...i honestly think the dress looked better in person that it photographs...

sofia vergara golden globes 2013 red carpet 01
Just because i LOVE Sophia Vergara...
it wasn't the best dress of the night but it was gorgeous on her.

Jessica Alba - Golden Globes 2013 Red Carpet
Jessica Alba...looked amazing...can't believe she has two kids...

kristen bell golden globes 2013 red carpet dax shepard 05
I think Kristen Bell's glow made this dress...she looked stunning!!

 naomi watts liev schreiber golden globes 2013 red carpet 01
Naomi Watts....she just looks beautiful...all the time.
I would so be best friends with her...

amy adams golden globes 2013 red carpet 01
Amy Adams...i would LOVE whatever she was wearing...but she looked gorgeous!

Nay Ladies

anne hathaway golden globes 2013 red carpet 01
Anne Hathaway..because she was up for best actress...
i thought she would have a much cuter dress...
but oh Anne...maybe in a different color...she just looked sickly!

eva longoria golden globes 04
Eva Longoria...too much going on.

halle berry golden globes 2013 red carpet 03
Halle Berry...always brings it but this dress was not great for her skin tone...

jessica chastain golden globes 2013 red carpet 02
Jessica Chasten...never heard of her until recently so i will give her a pass....
but man she needs a better stylist.

claire danes hugh dancy golden globes 2013 red carpet 03
I love Claire Danes...but this was not the most flattering dress...
it just didn't do anything.

leonardo dicaprio kerry washington golden globes 2013 red carpet 03
I love the beading but i think Kerry Washington could have done better.  
And the hair...wasn't working!

lena dunham girls wins best comedy series at golden globes 2013 01
Lena Dunham...the only thing working here is the color...

rachel weisz daniel craig golden globes 2013 red carpet 01...
Rachel Weisz...i know she didn't want to upstage her husband,
the handsome Daniel Craig but ijdgi (i just don't get it)!!!

sienna miller golden globes 2013 red carpet 01
Sienna Miller...not sure what's kind of statement
she was trying to make but very unflattering!!

But on a serious note..congrats to all the winners...until the Oscars.....
happy Monday!!!

Question of the Day:
Who was your best dress of the night?