Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Raleigh Marriage Counseling

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When based upon a mutual commitment involving love, understanding and trust between two people, marriage can be a joyful journey full of adventure along with mundane life events. If not, then expectations have a way of interrupting an otherwise fulfilling blend of two lives.

A couple is often made up of two individuals who grew up in very different home situations. If both came from homes already broken by divorce, then the commitment level is often quite low for a new bride and groom because divorce is already familiar. When both individuals grew up in intact homes, they are often more willing to believe "until death do us part."

No matter how committed a couple might be, they still must confront the daily challenges of marriage. Once a couple is in an unhealthy cycle, whether stemming from unfaithfulness or poor communication skills, it is often hard to believe there could be hope for a seemingly doomed marriage. Statistics, however, do not bear this out. When a couple is significantly unhappy in their marriage, they have two main choices: They will either divorce their partner or put in the effort to save the marriage bond. For those who stay together and work on their marriages, the vast majority report significantly higher levels of happiness given another five years.

Going back to the beginning helps solve a lot of problems. Couples need to take the time to remind themselves why they fell in love with their partner to begin with. What were their dreams? Why were they attracted to this particular person? Unless the partner was pretending to be someone they actually were not, then that person still has those same qualities of value. 

Raleigh marriage counseling is available through Miller Counseling Services. Having a third, objective party involved in a conversation can be quite helpful in identifying problem areas that need improvement. Experienced counselors are trained to recognize the underlying issues contributing to unhappiness in both parties. The more truth enters a relationship, the more chance there is for happiness to be experienced. No marriage is beyond hope, and the reward of a dream fulfilled is well worth the effort.