Friday, July 12, 2013

I've Moved...

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After almost three years of blogging, 858 published posts, over 600 Google followers, over 150,000 views and over 10,000 comments and amazing dedicated readers, I now have my own url and I would LOVE to invite you over there yonder to continue my blogging experience!!

Please join me over at The Pancake Life to continue the adventure with Team Pancakes.

Summer Accessories

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Summer Time with Firmoo-Free for New Customers

bloger glasses

It's summertime, you can see lots of people wearing sunglasses on the street. 
They need sunglasses to see without their eyes watering up, or the brightness causing headaches, 
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Although supposed new versions of frames and lenses come out in sunglasses every year,
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 Moreover, you can find new arrivals in July and excitingly get your First pair for free here as well.


These eyewear carry up-to-date styles inspired by top fashion designers that don't come 
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 Moreover, the timeless look is the cat-eye eyewear taking dominating other styles in this season.

Still have no idea about how to style your pairs? Check out a few ladies modeling their
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(The above model photos are all derived from Firmoo+.)

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About Firmoo

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Brilliant Ideas: Bloggy Conference Online

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Good Morning Friends, of course there are many blogging conference opportunities available all over the country and it would be awesome to attend if my budget and time warranted it.  There could be so much that i can learn but when your budget (from blogging) is limited and your time is no longer your own (new mom schedule, you have to start thinking about other alternatives.  Therefore, i am glad that i came across The Blog Workshop.  And like everything else in blogland sometimes you happen upon something unexpectedly and you are hooked!!

There was so much to learn and find out about The Blog Workshop and i am happy to share them with you.  The Blog Workshop is a learning community for bloggers and vloggers. Their goal which i thought was fabuous and so up my ally right now is to provide information that will help bloggers and vloggers take their ventures to the next level.  They have many workshops, annual conference and a community that works g hard to facilitate blogging education and help bridge the gap between influencers, brands, PR professionals and more.  

The idea that i can experience all the information and resources in the comfort of my own home while in my Pajamas and tending to Baby Pancakes really appeals to me.  They have many learning, training, networking and of course workshop opportunities through TBW University (The Blog Workshop University).   What i liked about the university is that you can register for membership and take topics that are relevant to you in the time that is convenient for you.

They of course have much more information on their homepage for you to preview on your own time. And i am sure going to attend a workshop that is coming up July 24, 2013 entitled: Blogging Laws You SHOULD Know".  I didn't even know they had blogging laws so this workshop should be informative. Make sure to sign up immediately.  

The more i blog, the more resources i find and i am glad that i came across The Blog Workshop because like their motto says, The Blog Workshop is “Where Blogging Meets Business” and i know i definitely want to someday soon turn my little blog here into a business.

Disclaimer: In exchange for the post, The Blog Workshop granted me access to The Blog Workshop's 2013 conference recordings and information.  All opinions and thoughts are my own.

Summer Must Have Item

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It's that time again...another exclusive offer from Firmoo: their newest summer must have!
Summer Must-have Item- Tinted Rx Sunnies
bloger glasses
I have to admit, as a bespectacled person, I sometimes feel awkward when I head out on a sunny day especially in summer. Stand under strong sunlight, my eye can not open. So for this summer, I think a pair of tinted prescription sunglasses is a visual aid which features lenses that are colored or darkened or polarizing lenses to protect my eyes from sun's glare. More excitingly, there are variety colors of tinting for my choice. If you have not tried this before, you can try to get your First pair for free of tinted prescription sunglasses
If you are a fashionista and already own a few pairs of eye glasses, think about a nice pair of prescription Sunglasses that you can use for driving.
NEW ARRIVALSPrice includes 1.50 single vision lenses

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lovely Spa

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I did not realize that getting back into running would be so tough. I mean don’t get me wrong..I LOVE running…the carefree nature of the whole activity. There is so much pressure on the legs, back and shoulder but of course I wouldn’t give it for anything. Therefore, I was so excited to find out about this great service, which is Spa Tais.
And you know when you find something exciting and you really want to share with your readers. This was one of those services. I love the idea of montreal day spa.
There is nothing better than an awesome day at the spa. Especially now that I am running again. The aches and pains are unbearable most days. After a loooooooong run…all I want to do is lay down and relax and not run again. But of course…I forget the pain and go for another run…only to end with more aches and pains. Therefore, a spa day is always welcomed. I was happy to find out about day spa montreal. What could be better than getting a therapeutic massage including deep tissue and hydro massage. There is absolutely NOTHING better for sore legs than a deep tissue massage.
I cannot wait to get the opportunity to try their therapeutic massages. I know for sure that it will be great for my recovery.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy 4th & A Blog Relocation Post!!

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Happy 4th of July...i hope you are enjoying this amazing and wonderful day with your friends and family!

Today is a great day here because I thought Independence Day would be the perfect day to announce my independence on the worldwide web.  After almost three years of blogging, 858 published posts, over 600 Google followers, over 150,000 views and over 10,000 comments and amazing dedicated readers, I now have my own url and I would LOVE to invite you over there yonder to continue my blogging experience.  I am still learning how to use some of the features of wordpress but the best part of blogging is the adventure in learning (plus I had lots of help from a blogging fairygod mother)!

Please join me over at The Pancake Life to continue the adventure with Team Pancakes.

You never know there might a party waiting for you to celebrate the independence of America and Mrs. Pancakes!!

Monday, July 1, 2013

July Brings....

12 Go Team Pancakes!

There are many things you will bring this month for which i am excited about.

I begin work again this month which brings to an end  my stay-at-home mommy duties until Summer School is over in August.  It's been wonderful spending extra time with Baby Pancakes doing fun activities like swimming and going to the park and just hanging out.

Another thing July brings is the big reveal of my new online property.  I finally made the leap and purchased my own URL.  It's under construction right now but i can't wait to reveal it to everyone and i hope you guys will join me there soon!  All the details will come soon....very soon.

July of course brings the 4th of July, BBQs, family fun and so much more. 

July brings Baby Pancakes turning 11 months and closer to being a one year-old.  I will be mommy to a one year-old soon....WOW!!

July brings hopefully more weekend trips to the beach and pool.

July brings lots of smiles and laughter.

July brings lots of sunshine and longer days and nights.
Question of the Day:
What does July bring for you?