Friday, November 30, 2012

30 Day Photo Challenge: Days 27-30

10 Go Team Pancakes!

Happy Friday...i might do Friday Funnies later today
 but I wanted to wrap up the final day of 30 Day Photo Challenge 
and it's bittersweet because I've really enjoyed taking pictures throughout the month.
  And not only did it allow me to be grateful for the
 small things in life like a ray of sunlight or the love that comes 
by holding hands with my son, it is also taught me
 that I can be committed to something for longer than a week.
So without further delay here are the remaining days.

Positively Present Photo Challenge

Day 27: Daily Routine
Since I started work, pumping has become part of my daily routine.  
And as cumbersome as I thought it would be, it has been quite an easy transition. 
 It's amazing that stuff that you never think about can become such an easy part of your daily life.

Day 29: Light
I took this picture one morning as the light from the rising sun was shinning through the blinds.  It looked warm but I remember it being cold outside that morning.

 Day 28: Nighttime
There is always something beautiful about the night time, especially when the sun is setting. 
 So peaceful.  And this has become the best part of my day, 
coming home before the sunsets because that's when
 my day really begins with my little man and big man and I LOVE that.

Day 30: Self Portrait
This is what self looks like at 3:00am after nursing. 
I look tired but who wouldn't at 3:00am.

Thank you for joining me on this 30-Day Challenge. 
I am grateful for this Month that was.

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Thursday, November 29, 2012

30 Day Photo Challenge: Days 19-26

5 Go Team Pancakes!

I have several days worth of pictures for the 30 Day Photo Challenge
because the month is almost over. 
This has been an awesome challenge and one I would do again.
It is a commitment though I must say.

Day 19: Best Friend
I don't have to say much with this picture. 
There is nothing sexier than watching my best friend with our baby.

Day 20: Seasonal
I loved the colors on these trees.  So vibrant. 
And i love how the leaves are falling down because it's getting colder.

Day 20: Where You Sleep
I LOVE when little man is cuddled up in our bed.
He is so teeny tiny!

Day 22: Clothing
So i purchaed five of the same shirts from H & M, all different designs, because they are easy for nursing purposes.  And they are cute to wear too.

Day 23: In My Closet
My closet is not the most organized but I try. 
Obviously I didn't take a picture of my floor (heehee). 
But don't you love all the colors in my closet!!

Day 24: Gratitude
Thanksgiving was all the gratitude we felt.  And Baby Pancakes
has been holding his hands together in a praying motion
and this is the best example of gratitude I could think of.

Day 25: Artwork
I purchased this picture (artwork) for over ten years.
Purchased it at my first college Art Show.
It's traveled with me everytime I've moved.
And I can't believe now I have a little one of my own.

Day 26: Transportation
Team Pancakes' transportation side by side.
 Bought and paid rides a lot smoothier this way.
Although i want an Acura MDX...i don't want any more car payments.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Babylogues: Celebrating 3 Months

14 Go Team Pancakes!

The fact that I am celebrating your three month birthday is amazing to me.
It just seemed like yesterday you were inside my belly.
Now you are here and growing and developing every single day 
in the best way possible.
You have become our ray of sunshine and 
we are so proud to be your mama and papa.
It's the best thing ever!!!

At your two month appointment, you were almost
12lbs and at the right sizes everywhere else.
I am sure you have grown a few more pounds.

Cuddle time is still the best time.
Every morning I ask daddy to cuddle with you a little bit more during the day.
And at night when i come home, we cuddle on the couch.
But my favorite cuddle time is in the early mornings when we are nursing and you hold my fingers.
My heart melts every. single. time.
And lately you have been touching my face and neck which is just so precious...
Saturday mornings we like to cuddle in bed and just stare at you in amazement.
I hope this never gets old.

Breastfeeding has become so much easier and i am thankful i didn't give up.
Thanks to all my bloggy friends who encouraged me to continue.
It really does get easier!!!
You still get a little excited but mommy is getting used to this.
We nurse when I am home but when you are home with daddy you have been taking the bottle.
I make sure I am pumping so that there is always breast milk for you.
We have been using formula on an emergency basis.
 I still wonder if you are getting enough breast milk.
 but you seem happy most times so i am hoping you would let me know if you were hungry.  
But i think this is mommy being paranoid.
The best part of my day is knowing i have produced enough milk for you.
I am pumping (in addition to feeding you) over 10oz a day!
I remember when I could only pump 1oz after an hour.
The best thing i learned this month is NEVER GIVE UP!!

You still prefer to sleep on your belly.
I was a little worried but you have mastered this beautifully.
You don't really like taking long naps.
You do enjoy a catnap in the morning and afternoons.
I hope you change this habit because naps are sooooo good for you.
We have been going to sleep a little earlier because I had to return to work.
So we try to be in bed between 9:00pm-9:30pm and most nights you will sleep
until 2:30am.  Then you are up again between 4:00am-5:00am.
Then you are ready to begin your day at 7:00am.
I am still waiting for you to sleep through the night BUT i am getting used to your sleeping schedule.
Daddy usually puts you to sleep and this has been going well.
We make sure to say our prayers every night.
We hope to start reading to your evening routine in a few more months.

We are still using cloth diapers although we do use disposal when we are going out.
Daddy says you LOVE cloth diapers because they are softer on your skin.
And the best part...your dad washes all your poppy diapers by hand.
Isn't he the best.  WE LOVE DADDY!!!!

This month was Thanksgiving and you met most of Daddy's family members.
And they loved on you.  And you loved on them.
Grandma came to visit for a short time this month and as usual you enjoyed your time with her.
She brought you the cutest toys and clothes.
But best of all, she brought you herself!!
You also met your Church family and that was a wonderful experience.
They all couldn't wait to see you and it was just beautiful to see everyone interacting with you.
You are the youngest member of our Church so you are a blessing and a star.
For Christmas we are going to spend it with my family and that should be a fun and exciting time!

Baby Milestones
You are doing so much...I am in awe of how on the ball you are.
A lady we saw at the store said it perfectly that:
"your antenna is all the way up" and it's so true because you couldn't be more alert.
When mommy speaks to you on the phone you look around for me.
You recognize other voices: including daddy and grandma.
Holding your bottle (another cutest thing ever).
You still hate tummy time but you are making crawling movements.
You are able to sit against pillows and the corner of the sofa unassisted.
You are reaching for toys, faces, and interacting with them.
You have been playing the piano on the actually took to this very easily.
We purchased your first electronic book and you love turning the page on them.
You've discovered spitting up and LOVE doing that now.
I am still waiting for you to laugh but you give the BEST smiles this side of the earth!!!
You still enjoy holding conversations with us.
You give mommy the biggest kisses (see picture above!!)
You get so happy when you are excited about something. 

Fun Facts
**You can still fit into some of your newborn shirts.
***We had to retire your newborn's a little too's the saddest thing ever.
But mommy got lots and lots of pictures with you in no worries.
***Your auntie S had a baby boy and we are so excited to meet him.  
***Your uncle OP had a baby girl today...and you have a baby sister! So exciting.
***You have been trying to sit have the strongest abs in the world.
***You are on instagram everyday.
***You smile when i come home and that melts my heart.
***Your Grandpa Pancakes came to visit and he hadn't seen you in a long time...
so you cried and cried and tried to break his was funny to watch.
By the end of the visit you were getting along well.
***You, daddy and Grandpa like to watch Football on Sundays.
***Barack Obama won his reelection.

***Daddy has been wearing you in the carrier when we go out and you LOVE this.
You and him look so cute together.
***You went to Church which was an adventure in itself
 because i had to make sure you had enough food, diapers, wipes, change of clothes. 
***Thanksgiving--we went to three homes and you did pretty well.  
No tears, just lots and lots of smiling.
***You met your auntie M for the first time and you bonded so well with her....
it was beautiful to see.
***Daddy took you on one of his meetings and you did great.
***Mommy started work and we both have adjusted but it's still HARD to leave in the mornings.
We Skype and talk on the phone throughout the day.
***Daddy has been doing great with you although he says you give him hard time
 around 5:00pm because you miss me so much.
***You came to work with me one Friday and the ladies at work LOVED you...
you were so well behaved.

Looking Ahead:
Reading more.
Piano practice.
Christmas with my family.
Take family portraits.
Buying a gift for Daddy.
Continual growth and development in every single way!

Baby Pancakes Says...

12 Go Team Pancakes!
Hello Mommy's Friends, today is my 3 months birthday! I can't believe I am getting so big and strong. Mommy was supposed to have a post about all the stuff I've been up to but she had to work this morning so I thought I would share. I can now hold my bottle all by myself (with a little help sometimes) and I've been learning to play the piano on the iPad. That's all...the rest mommy can tell you later because it's a lot and my little itty fingers can't type for too long. Now I'm off to spend the rest of the day with my dad. Bye bye!!

This Moment 3 Months Ago...

5 Go Team Pancakes!
I had never felt so powerful as a woman, a human being as I did bringing my child into the world. I reflective right now as we approach 2:25am the time Baby Pancakes was born. Im grateful!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Too Much?

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I was watching the news yesterday early morning while feeding Baby Pancakes. It was probably 4am and I noticed the way the announcer was dressed. And I had to take a picture to share with you guys!!! A good blogger always find good topics and subjects!! So what do you think, "Is this announcer over dressed for the morning news?"

Monday, November 26, 2012

Mommylogues: Date Nights & Babies

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Welcome to another week...
last week of the month and then December...
say did that happen?

Anywho...while I am trying to figure out how November is almost over...
let's move onto today's post...

BBP--Before Baby Pancakes, we enjoyed date nights.
Getting dressed in cute outfit, sexy heels and make up.
Mr. Pancakes in a nice crisp shirt, jeans and handsome shoes.
Going to our favorite restaurant, bar, or participating in an activity like the movies or bowling.
There were always lots of laughter, winks, caresses and hand holding.  
Date nights were always great and reminded us of when we started dating...

We talked BBP how we couldn't wait to incorporate Baby Pancakes into our activities.  
Which will be easy when he is older to come to the restaurant, movies and bowling with us...
but now that he is still a baby...can he do some of these activities with us?
We've ventured out to a restaurant...
nothing fancy but we managed to do well with minimal crying, 
little feeding and lots and lots of sleeping.  
That worked out great.

Aside from the one restaurant outing...we haven't ventured out to another.
Which brings me to this post...
is it okay to incorporate baby into date night?
I know what you are thinking...
Honestly I am just NOT ready to have a stranger look after my baby.  
And aside from my MOM i don't know
if i am ready to have another family member look after him. 
 I feel like he is still so tiny and needs me.  
I know, I know...he will be fine...
but I am just not ready.  
And sadly my mother does not live close by.
So we are left to wonder about our alternatives.

Taking Baby Pancakes to a fancy restaurant again should be alright 
because we can always entertain him with food, toys, baby talk and the lights.   
But is it alright to take Baby Pancakes along to our favorite bar or to see a movie?
The bar thing most likely NOT because there is just too much noise.
But how about the movie theaters??
There are so many good movies out right now...
Flight, Argo, Silver Linings Playbook...
I am dying to go see one or all of these movies!!!!

So the question I have for you all is this:
Is it alright to take a baby on a movie date night?

Some things to consider prior to answering this question:
We would go to a matinee...less people in the theatre.
We would sit in the back so there is less distraction to other viewers.
I would potentially breastfeed if need be to keep him occupied.

Help...i would love your opinions, ideas, suggestions!!!!

Date Night Box

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Celebrating 19 Months of Love

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This post should have been written on November 23, 2012 
but mommy brain took over...yet again.
On that day Team Pancakes celebrated 19 months of Love...
I can't believe we are nearing two years of marriage next year.  
Time really flies while we are having fun.
In two days we are going to have a three month old...
that's mind boggling to me but it's true.  
So much has happened since we got married and life continues to be and feel good.
We are beyond blessed everyday.

This time last year...we were going through some issues that
 I truly believe has strengthened our friendship and marriage. 
 It has made us stronger as a unit and for this I am thankful.  
I love my husband more today than I did last year 
and I hope our love continues to grow and develop
 stronger and better and bigger as the years pass by.  

Happy 19 Months of Love Mr. Pancakes...
with you the world is exactly as it should be!!!

Longlazysunday: Week 3

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The plan was to attend church this morning but we woke up and it was just too cold. Plus Mr. Pancakes had an early morning because he had to drop my mom off at the train station! So he is still sleeping. All Baby Pancakes and I want to do is cuddle. He has abandoned his Pooh lounger for the day, which is absolutely fine with me because there is nothing better than cuddling with my baby boy on a long, lazy and cold Sunday. This is definitely our LLS moment! Whats's your longlazysunday moment?

Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday Funnies: Wink, Nod, Smile...

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Hope you had an awesome Thanksgiving!
Ours was well spent with family and friends...
And Baby Pancakes' enjoyed meeting all his father's family.
They spoiled him rotten!!

I have a secret crush on Justin Beiber so when i saw this commercial..
I couldn't help but smile.

He had another one from last year too...
He is too cute!

Enjoy your weekend!!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thoughts on Thanksgiving...

14 Go Team Pancakes!

This Thanksgiving we are spending time with Mr. Pancakes' family.
Baby Pancakes will be spending his first thanksgiving.
And we will be attending Church and giving thanks for all that has been given to us.
This year more than ever I am thankful for so many are my thoughts.

1. family is healthy and in life sometimes that's all we can ask for.  
Health breeds happiness and we are happy and healthy and thankful.

2. Mr. Pancakes...for just being who he is.  
He is a wonderful husband and an awesome husband.  
And Baby Pancakes and I are so proud he is our man always and forever!!

3. Baby Pancakes for just being the sweetest, kindest, 
and cutest baby who has ever lived. 
 I am proud and honoured to be his mom, mommy, mama.  
We are having so much fun together and for this I am thankful.

4. Co-workers...who are just so welcoming of my new role as mom.  
Who accept all my quirks and new habits which includes pumping!

5. Bloggy Friends...I have not been a diligent blogger reader 
because of all the changes of work and baby 
and wifey duties but you continue to stop by and comment on posts and for this I am grateful.
  I find that I can read more blogs over the weekend 
so this is what I will be doing...catching up on your blogs over the weekend.

6. Church Family...for being so wonderful and prayerful towards us.  
Every time I think they have gone above and beyond for us...
they exceed this and for that I am thankful.  
It's a blessing to be part of such a wonderful Church environment.

7.  Health Insurance...we finally received the bills for 
Baby Pancakes' delivery and NICU stay and it 
was astronomical but thank goodness for Health Insurance,
 we ended up paying a reasonable amount...such a blessing!!

8. Our Livelihood....with all the weather related tragedies happening, 
we are thankful for our jobs, homes, cars and life.  
There are so many people who have lost so much in an instant.

9. My Family...for being wonderful, funny and loving me always.
And for accepting all of my 100 pictures a day of Baby Pancakes.  

10. God because without Him, nothing in my life will be possible!

Whatever you do this Thanksgiving holiday...
be safe and have a wonderful time!!!


Wednesday, November 21, 2012

30 Day Photo Challenge: Days 14-18

6 Go Team Pancakes!

What do I do in between nursing in the middle of the night...
I try to stay awake long enough to pump so I play Words with Friends, read blogs and come up with amazing post ideas...this morning nothing came to mind so here is my photo challenge pictures!
Happy Wednesday!

Here are my days 14-18 of the 30 Day Photo Challenge.

Positively Present Photo Challenge

                                                Day 14: Movement
Of course I had to try taking a picture of Baby Pancakes moving.  
He has been a little mover since he was in the womb so it's not surprising he is such a mover.  
We were lying in bed and he kept on moving his hands trying to put his fingers in his mouth. 
 He always has his fingers in a boxing's the cutest thing!

                                                  Day 15: Technology
I chose Skype on the iPad because it's become one of those technologies
 that I use frequently to communicate with my family and friends.  
Recently one of my childhood friends gave birth and I was 
able to meet the baby through this technology and it was a wonderful experience.  
I am thankful for technology.

                                                       Day 16: Animals
Lions, elephant and bears oh my.  
I cheated a bit and took pictures of Baby Pancakes' playard friends who are animals. 
 But aren't they the cutest colorful.  
I am thankful for these little animals Baby Pancakes will come to know well as he grows.

 Day 17: Memories
12/29/2011 was the day we officially found out we were pregnant with 
Baby Pancakes and as you can tell I was completely over the moon 
as I recorded this wonderful news in my journal.  It was such a memorable experience.  
And I can't believe the one year anniversary of that day is coming up.

                                          Day 18: Something New
My new boots which I am in LOVE with because they 
will be replacing my favorite boots which no longer fit because my feet has grown.  
It's a sad day but at least I have something new!!

You can find:

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

To Shop or Not to Shop..

18 Go Team Pancakes!

This is the question many of us are asking as the 
newly minted Black Thursday and Friday approaches.
I have always been fascinated with Black Friday...
the idea that people wake up early to stand in line for a big ticketed item for a cheap price....
mind you the big ticketed items are usually limited 
and only the first ten customers in line get this said item. 
 So in the end, all the waiting was for nothing 
because you end up getting pushed and shoved only to not even get this said item.

Mr. Pancakes and I were talking about this yesterday 
and we concluded that sometimes we participate in these events just to say we participated. 
 I think I have been to a Black Friday event only once 
and I think I went after 11:00am which is definitely 
way toooo late to venture out to the mall for deals.  
But the crowd, the pushing and shoving has never interested me. 
 I am more of a leisure shopper.  
Don't get me wrong...i LOVE an awesome deal and I am the first to say I am a bargain shopper
 BUT I guess my desire to get a good deal does not outweigh my sensible side.  
People have died for goodness-sake while Black Friday shopping.

And now ALL the stores have decided that one day of crazy shopping is not enough...
they have decided to add another day.  Not just any other day but Thanksgiving Day.  
One of the days out of the here which is supposed to be designated
 for spending quality family time, eating, laughing and enjoying each other's company. 
 Even if you don't like your Crazy Uncle or Nutty Cousin, 
you get to spend the day making jokes about them in front of them.  
The fact that stores will try to take this away from families is just down right greedy!!

Of course, there is CHOICE in all of this. 
 People get to choose whether to shop or not to shop but why even give people that option?
 Certain times out of the year should be sacred family time. 
 Thanksgiving Day.  
Christmas Day.  
Birth Days (well I think they should be) 
and New Year's Day.  
The holidays have become commercialized enough 
that we shouldn't take these days away from families to spend quality time together.

Whether you chose to shop or not to shop on the new Black Thursday, 
remember what's important this Thanksgiving holiday...your family members.  
Because at the end of the day, 
electronics will break, 
toys will be lost, 
clothes will be become old
 but the memories of your family's laughter, 
conversations and sharing the same space together will last a lifetime.

Becoming a family of three by having Baby Pancakes has solidified for 
me the importance of the holidays.  Giving toys are fun 
but the most important thing I want to give my son is the gift of family.  
And that I don't need to stand in line for because it is FREE and PRICELESS.

Question of the Day:
Are you shopping or not shopping?

Disclaimer: This was not the post I planned for today but this was on my heart.
Also thank you for your comments yesterday on my whinyness...patience is definitely a virtue.

Mapping Black Friday insanity on Twitter

Monday, November 19, 2012

Please Allow Me to Be Whiny...

16 Go Team Pancakes!

Hello Friends...

I know this week is Thanksgiving week and I should be thankful but
I wanted to get some whinyness out of the way before I started the thankful posts.

So for the past several weeks I've been a little whiny and not so grateful.
Not everyday but mostly whenever I've ventured out shopping!
I had to purchase a few new items for back to work, mostly pants and shoes.
And these excursions have made me so miserable.
And usually shopping does not.

For some reason certain parts of my body parts have decided to remain in pregnancy mode.
Although Baby Pancakes is out and almost three months old...
I have this body I have to learn to live with.
And in living with this new body postpartum...I have to forgo some of my material things.
This is what makes me miserable...
Not fitting into my old items.

Most of my work pants do not fit around my belly.
YES i still have the mommy pudge...
I can't even call it belly...
it's a full blown pudge!

My makes me sad all over again writing this...
none of my shoes fit because my feet has grown like a size and half.
I kid you not.
All my shoes fit tight....
My world famous Italian leather riding boots purchased in Italy do not fit me.
These are boots I have been wearing for the past eight years....
They were my go to Winter boots.

And my fingers have also not returned to normal.
My engagement ring and wedding band rings continue to fit but are too snug.
This could be a good thing because i could get new rings BUT
 in all honesty I don't want new ones...
I LOVED my old rings because they meant so much to me.

Everyone keeps on saying it's only been two months, three months...
it's still early but i guess I am just being inpatient.
Initially, I thought as soon as Baby Pancakes was out, 
my feet and fingers would not be swollen anymore.
Unfortunately that is far from the truth...

I guess I am feeling a little blah postpartum as it relates to certain parts of my body.
I am not depressed about it because 
I know what to do to get my body back in a healthy manner...
I just thought it would be more immediate.

In moving forward...I am not going to feel bad for myself...
I am going to come to a realization that 
Acknowledging this will hopefully help me 
to move from being whiny to taking action and being proactive.

Question of the Day:
How have you turned your inaction into action?

According to my records, you seem to have a case of the whiny-bitch-bitch.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

LLS--LongLazySunday: Week 2

8 Go Team Pancakes!
It's another LLS--LongLazySunday and I can officially say this week has been successful especially because I returned to work. Mr. Pancakes and I survived being part time stay at home and totally scored with wearing baby. We went to the mall yesterday and can I tell you how many people commented and cooed over the cuteness of Papa & Baby Pancakes. This Sunday morning has been spent trying to catch up on my sleep but I'm far from that because all Baby Pancakes wants to do is nurse which I understand because we are separated a lot during the week. But small sacrifices for my baby. We are settling in for a day of Football. Baby Pancakes has his football gear on and we are ready. Lately it's become one of the best moments of our Longlazysunday! What has been your LLS moment?

Friday, November 16, 2012

Friday Funnies: Christmas Gifts

6 Go Team Pancakes!
Baby Pancakes is in the office with me this morning and I couldn't be happier.
This week has been a little rough emotionally returning to work but knowing
he is home with daddy at Daddy Daycare has been a stress reliever.
Here's to our first week down...i can't wait for the weekend.

Now onto today's Friday Funnies.
This commercial makes me laugh...
Be careful what you get as Christmas gifts..
it may not always be the best ideas in hindsight!!!

Shop wisely!!