Saturday, December 31, 2011

Goodbye 2011....Welcome 2012!

18 Go Team Pancakes!
There are many reasons i want to keep 2011 going 
because it has been so amazing for Team Pancakes 
but i understand time is meant to pass 
and with it comes a new year, 
new experiences &
new memories to be made.  


The picture above says all that 2011 brought. 
 And as we say goodbye to 2011.
We welcome 2012 with open arms!  
Team Pancakes has a lot of things we would like to accomplish 
as a couple and we cannot wait to begin!  
As usual, we would like to hold onto each other 
while looking to God for him 
to lead our lives according to his plans for our lives! 


Like the beautiful peacock, 2012 Team Pancakes welcomes you!

To my readers...see you all in the new year...
whereever you are tonight...
be safe, happy and joyous!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Let's Clear the Air...

31 Go Team Pancakes!
In speaking of making SMART goals yesterday..i wanted to clear the air on blogger.


Before the new year, 2012, comes along, i thought it would be a positive thing to clear the air.
You know let out some air out of the things that bother us in the blogging world.
You know there are a few things that bother you in blogland.
And why would you want to carry those bad, negative and yucky feelings into the new year?
Don't you want to start off the new year fresh...
with new and happy thoughts and goodwill towards bloggers?
Don't you want to live your life with intention and purpose?

I know for me there are a few 
and so in order to become a better blogger and reader of blogs in 2012...
i wanted to clear the air.  

Here is what i want to let out:

1) If someone reads your blog daily, please comment on their blog at least once a month
2) If you are a fashion blogger, help me better understand how to put styles together 
(tnx B, udothis amazing!)
3) Don't hate on other bloggers (so not cool)
4) Check your spam on your comment page (i have been trying to comment for a while now and my comments never show up...that's annoying and wastes my time)
5) Someone please develop a comprehensive Blogger For Dummies book
 (i still haven't learned how to make a button)
6) If you are going to plaster your baby's pictures on the Internet...PLEASE protect your pictures!
7) If you are really annonymous...please DONOTCOMMENT and try to advertise on my blog...
they go to SPAM anyway!!!

That was it...  
Now i can take a deep breathe and let it ALL...just...go...

But honestly, blogging has been such a wonderful part of my life in 2011 
and i hope it continues to be for many more years to come! 
In blogland, i have found women who are like-minded: married, loving themselves, their spouses, valuing marriage and family, setting goals, reaching for them and making their dreams come true. 
In blogland, i have met strong women as part of my support group.
In blogland...i have truly found some parts of myself i lost when i stopped writing.  
And for this i am thankful!

In everything, there is the good and bad.  
And i will take it all in blogland with a smile.

Whew....glad i cleared the air.

What about you...
What bothers you in blogland?
What would you like to let out before 2012 rolls around?

because whether you like it or not...2012 is less than 48 hours away! 

p.:s Just a side note because i didn't want to get too personal 
but honestly this is an awesome activity to do for other areas of your life too. 
There are always some negative & yucky things we are carrying around 
and it is so healthy emotionally, physically and psychologically just. to. let. go.
So before 2012 comes along, 
close your eyes, 
clear your heart,
 let it go!
& Let GOD if you believe!


Thursday, December 29, 2011

New Year & SMART Goals...

19 Go Team Pancakes!

I have been enjoying the themes which the last two weeks have brought.
Since there are only 2 more days until 2012...  
I wanted to begin sharing thoughts and ideas about the New Year's 




most of us know how to pronouce it BUT
 find it difficult to act upon and complete 
the ones we make starting the first of the year.  

I have probably made the same 
New Year's resolution for like ten years in a row.
Usually about losing weight, eating healthier, paying off debt, building a stronger relationship with God including reading the bible.  

This year i will not be making any resolutions at all instead i will be living my life everyday purposefully and with intention and in doing this i will be doing all the things i should be doing anyway including: eating right, being healthier including exercising, paying off debt and saving money and having a relationship with God.    

I also think it's important NOT only to have action steps, plans, 
resolutions, goals for yourself as an individual 
BUT for you and your spouse and family and children. 
 Making sure everyone in your home has goals/action steps 
helps them to live life purposely and with intention throughout the year.

Team Pancakes have already started 
discussing and planning our resolutions for next year. 
We are making them S.M.A.R.T goals: 
Specific, Measureable, Attainable, Realistic, Timely.

Remember we can pronouce resolution 
BUT the most important aspect of it is to put it into action.  
We need to live purposeful and intentional 
while living our S.M.A.R.T goals.
I will be sharing my detailed S.M.A.R.T goals tomorrow! 
But in the meantime

Question of the Day
What (S.M.A.R.T) goals will you be making for your New Year's Resolution?

Let us NOT just make WISHES...let us MAKE it come true in 2012!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Holidays with Some Celebrities....

34 Go Team Pancakes!

I recently went to Madame Tussauds and thought i would share some of the celebrities i encountered....
If you have ever been...isn't amazing how real they look? 
If you have yet to go, please's a pretty fun place to visit!

Since it's DC, they had a showcase on the Presidents and other politicians!

Winston Churchill...he looked pretty grumpy!
The phone was cool though...

Hillary & Bill in their hay days!

Me in the White House...taking a very important phone call from the Prime Minister of Canada!

The Rock: i was a little smitten!
Is that bootie real, JLo!
Rihanna's hair was too cute.... costume! classy!
You better work it Tyra!
Aretha Franklin--she looked beautiful
Definitely liking Michael's hair and outfit!
This Oprah is a little debatable..but i can't wait to meet the real Oprah!

Yes Ms. Joan Rivers herself...Diva!!
This was pretty uncanny!!

Dream a little Dream!

Question of the Day:
Have you ever been to Madame Tussauds?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Guest Posting on My Top Ten Moments of 2011

10 Go Team Pancakes!
Happy Tuesday Friends...

I am guest posting today over at Life with Mr. H
(aka: Nini) in her new series entitled:
A Celebration of Love.

I am sharing what i have learned in my marriage so far.

And of course i talk about one of the defining moments of my marriage thus far.

If you want to know what the defining moment is...go here and read on!

Also don't forget to share your Top Ten Moments of 2011 with me.

Read below to participate!

BTW: Living Our Vows returns in the New Year!

Monday, December 26, 2011


19 Go Team Pancakes!
Hope your Christmas Day was filled with joy, peace, hope and love!

I really believe life is a series of moments and i would love to hear 
what moments made your 2011 extra special.

I thought i would try my hand at a linky party.  
This is all so new but i would love for you to link up with me and share your 
It can be any moments as long as you think it belongs in your top ten.
Add pictures if you would like.
It could also be another great way to meet some new friends for the New Year!
Link Up and share away!

Here are Our Top 10 Moments in 2011...

1.  Getting Married

2. Honeymoon in Barbados

3. Surviving our first test in living our vows: in sickness and in health
4. Successful surgery on my thyroid

5. Trip to Toronto (spending time with family/bachelorette party)
6. Training for my half marathon (after my surgery)

7. Paying OFF my debts (more on this in 2012)
8. The blogging community (this is more on my top but Mr. Pancakes agrees)
9. The new addition to our family: my niece, the most beautiful baby in the world!
10. Our first Easter, 4th of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving andChristmas as Mr. & Mrs!

Now grab the button and share what your top ten moments of 2011
 and meet some new friends for 2012!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

From Team Pancakes...

9 Go Team Pancakes!

Would like to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year!!

Saturday, December 24, 2011

It's Almost Time...

11 Go Team Pancakes!


This little girl totally made me smile!
Hope she makes your day too!

Here are the rest of our tasks on the Team Pancakes Advent calendar:

Look here for days 21-25
Day 21: Write a rap together out Christmas (it was hilarious)
Day 22: Cuddle and Talk (NO TV)
Day 23: Social Media Free Day (Perfect since it was our Anniversary)
Day 24: Disucss Why Christmas is NOT our birthday
Day 25: Complete Random Act of Kindness (so appropriate!)

Friday, December 23, 2011

240 Days of Love

17 Go Team Pancakes!

Our caketopper...isn't cute!

Dear Mr. Pancakes,

Today, we celebrate 8 months of marriage.
I can't believe how quickly our one year of marriage is passing by.
I hope it doesn't mean we won't be newlyweds after the first year...because
I'm enjoying this period in our marriage so very much.
Every month is better than the one before...

In two more days we will celebrate our 1st year of Christmas together as a married couple.
Our 4th Christmas together as a couple.
And every year i cannot believe God has blessed me with the most perfect gift 
in a man, friend, husband and future father like yourself.

My prayer for today is that God continues to bless us abundantly and beyond measure always.
Let us continue to hold onto each other as we look towards Him always.

From the movie, Love Actually...which we are watching tonight!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Greetings...

33 Go Team Pancakes!
Good morning ladies...
3 more SLEEPS 'til's almost here...
hope you are ready and NOT stressed.
Now onto today's post.

So how did you send Christmas greetings to family and friends?

I heard a commentary on the radio the other day about
the tradition of sending Christmas cards becoming obsolete.
And it's place, more and more people will be sending e-cards and text messages.

Can you imagine NOT sending lovely Christmas cards? 
Featuring lovely pictures of you and your loved ones in your finest clothing doing fun things?!
There is something magical about receiving cards in the mail...
especially Christmas cards like the ones below:

If it wasn't for Christmas cards, we wouldn't have received this lovely card from my mother! 
It just made both of our hearts sing...Mr. Pancake's first son-in-law card!

The other day, I received a lovely Christmas card from my blogger friend, 
Claire, and it completely made my day!
This is the reason why sending Christmas card greetings are so awesome!

E-cards are not bad however it just seems so impersonal!
Text messages is just not appropriate way to send someone cheerful Christmas greetings.
Phone calls are can't CALL everyone but at least some people like your grandparents.

Team Pancakes was uber excited to send our first Christmas cards as a family 
and we cannot wait to continue the tradition of sending out our Christmas greetings.  
We will probably make phone calls but will NOT be sending text messages and or e-cards!

Team Pancakes sent the card above of course with our finest pictures!

Question of the Day
How are you and your family sending Christmas greetings this year?

Please let me know if you would like to join a linky party after Christmas?
It will be an awesome way to get to meet new friends for the new year...
email me here: go wrap the rest of your gifts...and i will do the same!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Advent Season: Team Pancakes' Version

22 Go Team Pancakes!

The 21st, 2011
4 more sleeps until Christmas morning!
Mr. Pancakes and i have NOT done that well with the tasks on our Advent Calendar 
however we have been doing the best we think. 
 I believe if we had children, they would definitely keep us accountable 
BUT i never realized how difficult it is to accomplish specific tasks daily.
Now i know how bloggers feel when they have to complete the daily challenges!
Remember, during Advent, we emphasize hope, peace, joy, and love, which God sent with Christ.
In an effort to practice and live all these...Team Pancakes and i have been working on these tasks.
Look here for days 2-7
Day 8: Choose one: Scrabble, slow dance, scripture
Day 9: Drinks and CD Night
Day 10: Relax+What do you Love about each other?
Day 11: Read the Baby Jesus Story 
Day 12: Share funny stories
Day 13: Write a letter to each other, read it at work next day
Day 14: Who is Your Role Model and why?
Day 15: Share a Childhood memories
Day 16: Random Acts of Kindness
Day 17: Share Your Favorite Scripture
Day 18: Use THE book
Day 19: Work Out Together
Day 20: Read the Bible Together

Hope you are all doing better on your Advent Calendar tasks than us.
Anywho, have an awesome Wednesday!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Living Our Vows: Mary & Joseph

16 Go Team Pancakes!

I thought i would do Living Our Vows a little different today to celebrate the reason for the season.
We all know the story of Mary and Joseph, the chosen parents for Jesus.  
The love they had for one another was definitely tested even before they were officially living their vows.
Let's paint a little picture shall we...
 (i know you know the story but if i didn't paint the picture then the post would end here!)

Mary was a teenager in her prime, excited to marry the man of her dreams.  
And then one night, suddenly, her whole life changes.  
I don't know if i would be so willing if i was in her shoes. 
 I cannot even imagine the thoughts going through her mind when the Angel Gabriel said to her:  
Do not be afraid, Mary; for you have found favor with God. And behold, you will conceive in your womb, and bear a son, and you shall name Him Jesus. He will be great, and will be called the Son of the Most High; and the Lord God will give Him the throne of His father David; and He will reign over the house of Jacob forever, and His kingdom will have no end.

Mary's Thoughts
Don't be afraid? WHATTHE?
Am i  not a Virgin?
What will Joseph think?
What will my family and friends think?

Not many men would want to marry a woman who was pregnant
 with someone else's baby especially when they weren't really sure what, who, how was going on!  
I am sure when Mary told Joseph what was going on, he probably had many questions.

Joseph's Thoughts
I thought she was a virgin?
What would his family/neighbors think of him?
Would he carry the shame of illegitimacy all through his life?

I think both of their thoughts (and many more) were well founded 
because as soon the plan was revealed,
 i am sure they thought their dreams of living happily ever after was shattered.

However the story of Mary and Joseph is a special one 
because it reminds us to live our lives trusting in God always no matter the circumstances.  
Initially, it started with Mary's decision to submit to God's will and trust Him with the consequences.  
This reminds us that submission to God's will always involves some risk. 
 However God has promised to work all the details together for good 
and we have no alternative but to believe it if we want to enjoy His peace and power.

How many times do we go through a circumstance as a married couple 
and forget to trust in our God and in each other.

During this season, the love story of Mary and Joseph reminds us that: 
1) The willingness to obey God and trust him with the consequences 
is a foundation stone in a good marriage. 
2) Trust in God is only the beginning of a good marriage, however. 
There must also be a deep trust in each other,
 (and no man has ever been asked to trust the girl he married more than the one in this story.)
3) Trust is being able to tell our mates our innermost thoughts and feelings,
4) Trust does put us at our husband’s or wife’s mercy. It makes us totally vulnerable.

I don't know how many of us could live our vows like Mary and Joseph (given the same circumstances) however their love story and union reminds us to TRUST in God and each other at all times. 
They were definitely a couple who reminds us to live our vows completely with God first and foremost!

Questions of the Day:
Have you trusted in God recently while living your vows?
Have you trusted in God during this season?