Friday, August 31, 2012


64 Go Team Pancakes!

Baby Pancakes!!

Oh wow what an experience Baby Pancakes' arrival into the world was! 
Definitely the most amazing and blessed adventure I think I will ever experience!
But more on the detail/birth story later which started Monday after my last post. 
For now I wanted to introduce the new love of our lives, our heart and soul, Baby Pancakes. 

DOB: 8/28/2012
Arrival Time: 2:25am 
Weight: 7.9oz 
Length: 19.5inches 

Thank you all for your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. 

I'm hopeful we will have a routine within the next few weeks
 and I will have time for my blog and your blogs.  
In the meantime beginning Monday, I will be posting some
Summer Vacation Stories and a new series entitled: Falling In Love with My Baby!

Now I'm off to enjoy Baby Pancakes...who i can just eat up all day everyday!!!

I also just wanted to send prayers out to those
 experiencing such sadness and devastation in LA and Mississippi and surrounding areas.
 God is always in control...this we are sure of always and forever!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Baby Pancakes...

28 Go Team Pancakes! a little boy with a mind of his own.
I thought he would accept his Eviction Notice
 like a good little guy and move on out but he decided to overstay his welcome!  
To the dismay of many friends and family who've called the whole weekend!

I am all for him taking his time to come into this world but darn...
i wish i knew when it was happening. 
 But then i think about it and remember that 
i didn't know exactly when we conceived him either
 so he will make his debut into the world the same way.
In the meantime, Mr. Pancakes and i are enjoying our time together.

Friday Night:
got my hair braided, 
Went to dinner at our fav. Mexican restaurant.
I am in love with fried Yucca!
came home and hung out on the couch with Mr. Pancakes,
talking about our day.

Saturday Day: 
Mr. Pancakes and i did laundry, 
went to the one of our favorite bars for fries and chicken wings
 and watched the football game with a cold glass of water...
i wish i had taken was a great evening.  
We haven't done that in a while 
and it was nice to engage in one of our favorite past times.  
I was 40weeks so i am sure people were wondering
 "what is this pregnant lady doing in a bar?"
 But it was all good!

Saturday Night:
 I walked and walked and walked.  
I had this burst of energy from nowhere!
Watched more football and guess who fell asleep...
Mr. Pancakes as if he had been the one doing all the walking!!!

Again i didn't wake up in time for Church because i was too tired.  
I made it a lazy morning.  
At one point, i felt like Baby Pancakes was making his way down 
but that could have been my imagination.  
Watched Football and just hung out around the house enjoying each other's company.  
Oh yeah i walked too!

No more work for me.
Today marks 40weeks, 2days
US Open Tennis begins this week so guess what i will be doing...
and since i would love Baby Pancakes to play tennis this is perfect!!!
Reading blogs...
Hanging out...
And just relaxing!

Hopefully the title for my next blog post is something awesome like: 
Introducing Baby Pancakes!!
Baby Pancakes has Arrived!!

Have an awesome Monday Friends!!!

Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Funnies: Eviction Notice

26 Go Team Pancakes!

My son's eviction notice is August 25 
and i thought i would remind him with a letter.
Plus it makes for a funny Friday!
Enjoy your day!!

Eviction Notice: August 25, 2012
Tenant's Name: Baby Pancakes
Address of Rental Unit: My awesome womb
Body of Letter:
This notice is to inform you, you are scheduled to 
vacate the premises on or before August 25, 2012.
You are asked to cease any plans to violate 
your rental agreement and take necessary corrective action within the next 48 hours. 
 Please begin packing your furniture 
and other bags and schedule a moving company ASAP.
If you fail to do so, you will be evicted from your rental unit forcibly sometime next week. 
 Be a good boy (tenant) and do what your mother says.  

Signed, management/landlord....and mother
Love you always!!

As much as i love him, I felt like i need to get serious with him and know who is boss.
It's time for him to move on out and get into his own crib.
I love him but Mama Pancakes needs her body back!
Plus i totally got the idea from PIN and the letter idea from here.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Celebrating 16 Months of Love

12 Go Team Pancakes!

Dear Baby Pancakes,

I would love if you came into the world today 
because your dad and i celebrate 16 months of love.
I cannot believe in less than a week, 
we will have the best gift God could ever give us, 
We are honored to be your parents and as we celebrate today, 
we are excitedly awaiting your arrival.
We continue to wonder in amazement who you will look like?
What kind of personality you will have? 
Your dad thinks you will be cool as cucumber!
I think you will be cool with a side of lots and lots of movement!
We pray everyday you are healthy, strong 
and blessed by God the first second of your breathe/birth and always.
Although i want you here today, your dad is fine if you make arrival 
before September 1st because this is the start of College Football Season. 
 He is excited to share this special day with you.
It's pretty exciting to listen to him to talk about this.
He continues to make us feel comfortable while we are awaiting your arrival...
massaging my feet/ankles which i think you
 like a lot because you move and wiggle around when he does.
I can't wait to see you interact with him.
More than anything, we cannot wait to
 kiss, hug, squeeze, stare, admire, and just love on you.
We hope you love both of us as much as we already love you.
And if we kiss, hug, stare and admire too much...forgive us...
it's only because we are already enamored with you.  
We have fallen in love even before we met you.
Today, to celebrate our love, we will pray for your safe arrival 
and praise God for all He has done for us and will continue to do
 including giving us the best gift of all...
You, sweet Baby Pancakes!

Your Mama and Daddy Pancakes!!  

i recently went for a mani/pedi 
and got my nails painted blue in anticipation of your arrival!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Blogger Crush...

13 Go Team Pancakes!
I am still waiting on Baby Pancakes to make his arrival!
The doctor recommended a few things to try to stimulate labor including: 
nipple stimulation 
and just good ole waiting.  
And i am trying some and not others:-) 
 But what I am doing most is praying and trying to stay zen, 
peaceful and relaxed before i meet the new man in my life!

But in the meantime...
i wanted to have a little fun by sharing my blogger crush.
Recently i was checking out Blair's blog, Atlantic-Pacific
if you don't know this lady...
once in awhile check her out!!!
I can't help but swoon over her fashion sense and effortlessness!

In admiring her clothes and how she puts it together...
i couldn't help but wonder how large her wardrobe budget is 
and then i came across this yellow dress and skirt.  
And come to find out, it was something i can actually afford.  
Both of them are from ASOS and i am so there!
I love how she is able to put together outfits with expensive and affordable items!
It made me fall more in love with her and her fashion sense.  


Question of the Day:
Who are you crushing on lately?

Monday, August 20, 2012

MommyLogues: How Far We've Come

28 Go Team Pancakes!
Good Morning Ladies...i am still well and pregnant.
Hope you've all had a great weekend!!

With the growth of Baby Pancakes...
came the growth of other parts of my body like my arms.
My African arms...i call them:-)
Overall, this pregnancy has been and felt amazing.
(as this is my first....i think it's been pretty amazing...
labor i am sure is a whole different story)
But I've learned to embrace and appreciate what my body is capable of.
I know i have a new body and will continue to appreciate it aferwards.
I will learn to make it stronger again physically
because i know my body is already strong.
I praise all of you women who've had multiple children including my Mama!
Pregnancy is not for the faint at heart.

I feel blessed to lend my body over to Baby Pancakes.
But i am glad to have my body back...soon...
Actually since i am breastfeeding...i guess i won't have my body back right away.
But at least i get to sleep on my stomach again!

1. 7 Weeks
2. 13 Weeks
3. 36 Weeks

4. 39 weeks, 1 day

Question of the Day:
What did you do this weekend?

Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Funnies: Back Off Usain!!

14 Go Team Pancakes!

I know you miss the Olympucs..i know i do!
I had a blast watching the Olympics 
and totally developed a total crush on Usain Bolt.
And thought i would use him for Friday Funnies....
Enjoy your Friday and weekend Friends!!


What am i doing this weekend you ask?...
Resting my poor swollen feet!!
With 8 more days to go until  hopefully before Baby Pancakes arrives...
the pressure on my feet is no funny matter!

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Would You Go a Year Without Mirrors?

7 Go Team Pancakes!

Thanks everyone for playing along with the Wheel of Fortune puzzles.
Here are the answers:

S I __ N__ __ __RES
 __ __    
PETI __ __ __ __


Onto this morning's post...

I am thinking that some people know how to use 
their life experiences to make the most of their blog experiences.  
Combine the two and you could possibly have a book deal and be on TV.

Anyway i was watching 20/20 last night (all i do now is watch TV) 
and Kjerstin was on sharing her year long experiences with no mirrors.  
She went a year without looking at any mirrors.  
Even during her wedding day.  
She did this as a social experiment but also to protect her self-esteem.  
After all she dealt with body issues many years ago.

Needless to say, her experiences asks the question: 
Would you go a year without looking in the mirror?

 Personally i cannot because i am a little too clumsy and messy for my own good.
Plus i don't believe looking in the mirror alone causes self-esteem issues.
But kudos for Kjerstin for following through with something for a year!
We should all be committed!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

If I Could...Be on a Game Show!

13 Go Team Pancakes!

A little while ago i was watching Wheel of Fortune...
(when you have limited channels you watch what is available)
And i couldn't help but to think...
If I Could be a Game Show...
it would definitely be Wheel of Fortune!

There were two puzzles and i solved them without any issues.
Here is the first puzzle i solved...take a crack at it:

S I __ N__ __ __RES
 __ __    
P ETI __ __ __ __

and then the final puzzle was 
(the guy was completely stumped on the last word...i felt so sorry for him)

__ AND

Anyhow...since i was able to solve these two puzzles...
of course i believe i am a strong candidate for Wheel of Fortune!

How about you, If You Could...
be on a game show...
which one would you be on?

P.S: Try to solve the puzzles above!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Mommylogues: Excitement with a side of Anxious!

21 Go Team Pancakes!

So i am not sure the difference between real contractions or imagined contractions?
Everyone keeps on saying i will know when the real contractions begin.
I am definitely having braxton hicks (the pre-contractions)
and those are getting me excited because i keep on thinking something is happening...

There is a sudden rush of excitement everyday
because i can't help but wonder: Is this the day?
This weekend, i kept on telling Baby Pancakes...
"today is a great day to be born because it is nice and warm outside"
but of course he wasn't listening to me.
There are two ladies i know whose due dates have come and gone
 and i am sympathetic...
i keep on thinking my experience is going to be different...
of course.
Different in that Baby Pancakes is going
to make his debut right on time or at least a few days before...

The waiting game definitely is exciting but also anxiety provoking
 in the last two weeks than the whole 38 weeks of pregnancy.
  Every sudden movement...i wonder if that's him moving south?
I am constantly worrying now
because i don't want to hurt him with my sudden movements....
all these anxious thoughts rolling in my head. I think more than anything,
i want Baby Pancakes here so i can stop being so anxious.

Also i have found myself feeling a little withdrawn...
i haven't been to church the last two weeks.
All i wanted to do this weekend was sleep.
Perhaps this is my body's way to preparing
for the hibernation that comes with having a newborn.
But i am also a little worried because my mood is a little all over the place..
And throughout the's been even
I am more snappish at home than normal.
Picked way too many mini arguments with Mr. Pancakes for my own good this weekend.

I want to be carefree and not so wound up...
I want to relax and not be so tight...
I want anxious to go away replaced by complete excitement...
But before that can happen...the pain of labor has to come.
Oooh i just felt another contraction....
well at least of the braxton hicks kind!
Is today the day?

Have an awesome Monday Friends!!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

eShakti Dress Review

I have not purchased any maternity clothes since i found out i was spregnant.
So I've been glad when i find dresses that fit like a glove.
And the best thing is i can wear these dresses again after pregnancy.
So imagine my excitement when eShakti contacted me. 
There are many online clothing stores out there but i truly believe eShakti is a unique store.  
Their tag line (We design. You customize|) alone is sure to grab you
 but their quality and impeccable designs will keep you coming back again and again!!!

What i liked about eShakti were all the different designs
(dresses, skirts, tops, scarves, accessories).
They have many choices coming out weekly.
They have various designs and colors for all occassions...with fun categories like: uniquely classic, boardwalk, social butterfly, maximized, conversationalist and bells and whistles. 
And there are many sizes to fit all different body types. 
(it gives you choices like: bust, waist and hip to make it easier)

Another thing i liked about eShakti is their Ready-to-Wear and Customized options.
I needed my dress immediately to wear for one of my baby showers 
so i wasn't able to get the customized options but the ready-to-wear was perfect for me.  
Next time i am going to customize for sure.
I ordered the dress and although it took several days longer than i anticipated...
it arrived nicely packaged.

I chose a color block dress from the maximized category in a nice viscose material.
The material was light but perfect for the recent scorching hot weather.
So it might not be everyone's cup of tea.
There are many other materials like cotton, polyester, 
The dress was a great fit over my belly and i loved the surprised pockets.
Super cute!

Overall, i realy liked the dress because it was easy to wear 
and it gave me coverage in all the right places.
And I can wear this dress again after Baby Pancakes arrives.
I am a fan of eShakti and definitely looking forward to getting another dress.
I already have another one in mind...

Now for some  goodies:
special promo code DA20MAN especially created
 for your readers to get 10% off when they shop at eShakti - 
valid till 31st August, 2012. 
This code can be used in addition to the other offers online.

Disclaimer: I was given the opportunity to choose a dress for review.
All the opinions in this post are mine.

Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Funnies: HandsFree

11 Go Team Pancakes!

I remember seeing this picture many many years ago and thinking how funny it was.
Imagine how far we've come in the in the cell phone world...
Sadly i cannot imagine life without my iPhone...
And thank goodness for all the little perks including hands free options!

Dear Cell Phone Gods,

Tthank you for your genius!!
Although before your genius, 
people were pretty ingenious funny!

Mrs. Pancakes!


Happy Friday Friends!!!

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mommylogues: Mommy's Little Helper!

23 Go Team Pancakes!

Nowadays my little man, love muffin, Baby Pancakes insists on helping me with everything...
so much so that i cannot see my feet...
He is definitely doing everything before i can get to it
What do I mean??...let me show you...

Baby Pancakes Pumping Gas...

Driving the Car...

At Work on the computer...

Reading a bedtime story...

I think my son is going to an awesome little helper!!
What do you think?!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Sometimes You Just Need to Sleep....

15 Go Team Pancakes!


This morning i woke up early.
As of late, i have been getting up early because i have to use the bathroom 
(TMI i know) 
or Baby Pancakes is moving around.
I got up, took a shower and was determined to get to work a little earlier than usual.
Lately, i have been going into work real late...
thank goodness i have the best boss and co-workers in the world!

After breakfast, i felt tired.
Baby Pancakes was moving around a lot.
And i was just tired...beat!
So i laid down to take a little nap.
Needless to hour later i woke up.
And was completely late for work!

So much for going to work early.
I eventually made it to work...but i couldn't help thinking
Sometimes you just need to sleep!!

Monday, August 6, 2012

Olympic Moments..

19 Go Team Pancakes!
Good Morning Friends...
Mr. Pancakes saw how sad i was not being able to watch the Olympics...
so he went and got me this contraption that allows 
us to have regular channel without dealing 
with the dreaded cheating and conniving Cable companies.
I TRULY love my man!!

That being said, i have enjoyed many Olympic moments thus far this weekend.
And i've been in awe of the the athletes push their bodies to the's incredible.
I am also loving all the amazing stories of the athletes working hard to realize their dream.
It's quite emotional if you watch it long enough...

My favorite moments thus far include:

Golden Girl Gabby Douglas
Amazing that at such a young age, she knew what she wanted, 
she dedicated herself to her craft and is enjoying success at the highest level.  
And she seems to have the best kind of positive attitude!

Oscar Pistorius
I think it's pretty amazing that he is defying the idea 
that a person's limitations (double amputee) has to prevent them from doing what they love.
He qualified for the 400meters!
Plus he is a cutie pootie with an awesome ascent!

Serena Williams
She was so excited to win the Gold...
she was having fun out there like a little girl!
You could definitely tell winning thnis meant a lot of her.

Jessica Ennis
I had no idea what a hepthalon was until last night...
but British Athlete did her thing by winning in high fashion.
And her abs...this will be my abs once this baby comes out.
I can dream right?!

Michael Phelps

The most decorated Olympian...who wins 22 medals, 18 of them gold?
He has made many memorial memories.
Baby Pancakes is definitely getting into the swimming pool soon as he is old enough!

Question of the Day:
What has been your favorite Olympic moments thus far?

My condolences go out to the families and friends of those involved in the 
Wisconsin Sikh Temple shooting.
So much hatred in our world despite all the positivity that is coming out of the Olympics.
Smile at someone today...

Friday, August 3, 2012

Friday Funnies: Baby or Banana?

4 Go Team Pancakes!
Thanks everyone for your thoughts on the maternity leave post...
definitely our country could do a better job in this department
and it begins with us making it an issue during an election year!!!

...Oh i also had a dream i was at the Blogher Conference....
maybe next year.  Enjoy ladies that are attending.

In the meantime...i have Friday Funnies for you...

I am thinking if i can make one person laugh on a Friday i have done a good deed!
Is that a Baby or Banana in there Mr. Monkey?

Enjoy your Weekend.

I know i will be...i need to sleep and relaxation...
my body is definitely preparing for Baby Pancakes' arrival.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Feeling Thankful: Maternity Leave

15 Go Team Pancakes!

One of the things i have been thinking about as of late is my maternity leave.
Team Pancakes is definitely not in the position, financially,
 for me to take a full year off to become a full time mommy,
therefore we will have to become creative. 
I truly believe that the maternity leave laws through
the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) is a complete joke!
It is absolutely inhumane!
There are no other countries in the world with such oppressive laws toward mothers. 
For a Society that values families, this law is not family all!!!

 The mother/child bond is so crucial that the expectation
that a woman who just gave birth should return to work six weeks
 or less after going through such intense surgical procedure is very unfortunate.
Who came up with these laws?
 And why has it been acceptable all this time?
As a society, do we really value the workplace
and productivity over the mother/child relationship?
Do we value work over family?

Coming from Canada, i am of course very jaded about the laws in this part of the world. 
 In Canada, if you were unaware,
women are entitled to a year of maternity leave
and fathers are entitled to six weeks (i believe). 
 This time is allotted so that one can take stay home with the new baby. 
And how beautiful is that? 
That parents have the opportunity to spend
the year with their child, to bond, take care
and for the mother to heal (properly) before returning to work.

I have never wanted to be a stay at (full time) home mother
 but i would love the opportunity to spend a year with my child, just taking care of him.  
There are so many moments that occur in a child's life
in the first year/the first fews months and the fact that
 many mothers miss these moments because they have to return to work saddens me. 

Since we are not in Canada (wish i had planned it better!!),
Team Pancakes decided as a couple that we wanted me to take
 three months off so that i can be home with Baby Pancakes. 
 Three months is not qutie enough but given the laws (and the economy),
it will have to be enough.
  Lucky for me, i work in a flexible,
easygoing environment with supportive team members,
so even after i return to work, i will be able to work from home sometimes.
And Mr. Pancakes will switch his schedule around
so Baby Pancakes does not have to go into daycare right away. 
So we are definitely one of the lucky ones.

There are too many parents that don't get this opportunity and that is not fair,
 justified or in my humble opinion democratic.

The maternity leave laws in this country are definitely stuck in archaic times.
There are many things that can be changed about it.
And while i write a letter to my local Congress woman and man...
I just want to say that tonight,
 i am Thankful that at least i have a choice to take three months off.

Question of the Day:
How were you able to be creative with your maternity leave?