Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Professional Pest Control Services for Homes

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People will often spend a lot of time and money to keep their home safe and secure for their family and pets. However, they can tend to overlook a potential yet very controllable hazard that may be living in their yard -- ticks. Ticks are linked to Lyme disease and can pose other problems for humans and animals. Fortunately, there are effective ways to repel and eliminate ticks from a residential property. 

Some professional pest control companies have developed innovative ways to combat ticks that invade backyards, gardens and front lawns. Misting systems can be installed along the perimeter of a property in order to directly confront ticks. The misting hardware is comprised of spraying nozzles, storage tanks, control panels and supply lines. All-natural ingredients are used in the sprays that have been clinically proven to kill ticks upon contact. For example, botanical extracts and oils are used in high concentrations in order to create a unique formula for tick control sprays. Storage tanks holding the liquid have to be refilled roughly every month by a professional pest control specialist.

Another modern tick treatment solution involves placing biodegradable tubes that are filled with cotton that has been sprayed with potent insecticides. The tick tube first attracts mice that use cotton to build nests in grass and underground. Ticks are exposed to the cotton inside the mice's nests. Such an indirect approach towards tick control is environmentally friendly and also affordable. Tick tubes are replaced about once per month or more frequently during the peak summer season when ticks thrive. 

While relying on professional tick control methods, homeowners can also take several simple actions to minimize any problems from these parasites. Brush off clothes and take off your shoes before entering your home. Dogs and cats should be thoroughly checked for ticks, especially around their ears, before being allowed inside the house. Cleaning up outdoor clutter can also prevent ticks from nesting too close to a home. Additionally, any items from the shed or detached garage should always be wiped and dusted off before being brought into any room.