Monday, June 27, 2011

Secret Newlywed Behaviors: The Sports Fan!

20 Go Team Pancakes!
I wanted to share another secret newlywed behavior!

I love watching sports but man they get to my emotions.  I love it when my team is winning! It makes me feel good.  However as soon as they lose, i get sad and blue.  I know, i'm a little too emotional and get invested for all the wrong reasons.  

Remember when Samantha (from SATC-Sex and the City) dated that guy that was obsessed with sports and the relationship only worked when his team was winning? Well, i am not that obsessed but i am fairly close (it's never directed at Mr. Pancakes but im sure he gets a brunt of my disappointment).

For example, when the Miami Heats lost against Dallas Mavericks, i didn't want to read or hear anything about the loss at all.  I still haven't read any articles or looked at pictures.  I could be a sore loser but I'm working on it. 

This morning i found out that the William sisters have been knocked out of Wimbledon (tennis tournament in London) and i was so disappointed.  Realistically, i know they can't win each tournament.  But i like when they remain in the tournament until at least the end.  Watching sports is not fun, if you are not invested.  I'm invested.  But sometimes to my detriment.    

Mr. Pancakes, on the other hand, enjoys watching sports and does not invest in any particular teams too much.  He also does not invest too much emotions into sports.  He becomes disappointed for a few moments but does not dwell on it.  He does not turn off the TV if his team is loses.  He does not avoid reading articles about the loss.  Could be because he played sports himself, i don't know.  But i could learn from him not to be so overly emotionally invested.

I need to continue telling myself, sports is for enjoyment and entertainment and it's meant to be enjoyed, win or lose.  I'm learning to just enjoy sports.

Currently, I'm invested in Rafael Nadal during Wimbledon.  I know he will win.  However, if he does not, i will be upset for only a few moments but then return to enjoying my life as a newlywed!

My kid could become like this if i don't tone down my un-sportsmanship behaviors! And that's not cool!
Ladies, do you have any secret newlywed sports behaviors?

Sunday, June 26, 2011

LongLazySunday: Relaxin'

12 Go Team Pancakes!
This longlazysunday was spent doing a lot of random things (some of this includes my saturday schedule too): 

1) Really slept in until very early morning
2) Did not go to church this sunday--i know, i will be back for first sunday
3) Hubby was working--boo!
4) Helped my sister dye her hair--yes we have grey hair in the family
5) BET Awards--Kevin Hart--host was actually funny!
6) Had a photo shoot with my older sister which was a lot of fun--we took glamour shots
7) Watched Bridget Jones diary--that movie is always funny

Overall, it was a relaxing weekend.  
Hope you enjoyed your weekend! 
Did you do anything for your longlazysunday?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Some Saturday Sexy!

15 Go Team Pancakes!
Jennifer Aniston: 'Horrible Bosses' Press Conference!

I was checking out some celebrity blogs and came across this picture of Jennifer Aniston. 
Team Jen or Team Angelina?--i know, i know...that's so five years ago!
But i came across these shoes and loved them.  I usually don't wear heels, even though i love them, but these i would attempt to wear and walk in them (maybe for ten minutes).  They are Michael sexy are these?!

Ladies, would you wear these shoes?

Friday, June 24, 2011

Extreme Couponing: Baby Couponing!

8 Go Team Pancakes!

I finally caught a few episodes of the Extreme Couponing on TLC and WOW is all that i have to say!  I mean are you serious? One lady shopped for $1,064 and she ended up getting money in return.  I mean are you serious..she purchased Purex for like .49cents.  Purex!

I mean these ladis are excellent.  They use the products they purchase for charity.  They help other individuals in their neighborhoods, which is awful sweet.  However, I was overwhelmed with the way they plan and organize.  The ladies of extreme couponing have part time jobs doing this! That's a admirable:-) But a little insane because i am so far from this.

From the show and even some of my fellow bloggers, it appears to be a lot of work to coupon but worth while especially if you are able to save money! And these ladies save a lot of money.  And this is attractive.

I don't know if i will ever become an extreme couponer.  But i will definitely try it and see if i can purchase a groceries, one of these days, for a small amount.  I will share my success story!

If you've done some couponing, how much have you saved in one purchase?

Maybe i can become a baby couponer!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Mr. Pancakes!

20 Go Team Pancakes!
Today is my husband's birthday.  I feel blessed to share another birthday with such an awesome, God fearing, smart, handsome man!  This will be our fourth birthday together as a couple! And the first since we've been married.

There are some important requirements to celebrate Team Pancakes birthdays.  These are not necessary in order but they include: pancakes for breakfast, a card, dinner, cake and a gift.  It is never a birthday without a combination of the following.  I cannot wait to continue these traditions. 
This year i am quite excited about his birthday present.  Mr. Pancakes is a big fan of football, NCAA and NFL.  He played football in college as well.  So i decided to get him tickets to his college team (Arkansas State) against Virginia Tech! We will make it a weekend trip which he will absolutely love.  And he absolutely loved it.  And i love that he loved it! This makes me a very happy wife!
It was a total surprise and completely from left field so this was fun!

I was fortunate enough to have saved up the money for his birthday gift so it was easy!

Today is also our engagement anniversary.  A year ago today, Mr. Pancakes and i went to Kinston, North Carolina, where he asked me to marry him and of course i said yes. Read proposal story here:
Proposal Story.
 Ten months later we were married on 4.23.11 and a year later on 6.22.11, we celebrate almost two months of marriage and a year since he made me the happiest girl in the world.

Everyday with Mr. Pancakes has been wonderful and our marriage continues to be a blessing in the name of the Lord! I cannot wait to share more birthdays and wedding anniversaries with you. 

I love this man!
Pix from our wedding..our last dance.  He sang to me:-)

Monday, June 20, 2011

Lovely Wedding Details: Part Deux!

17 Go Team Pancakes!
I wanted to share more details from our wedding.  Feast your eyes on the vibrant colours and enjoy!

Here is my bouquet and one of the bridesmaid's bouquet. The flowers were fresh and they were so beautiful. As soon as i saw them i cried because i thought they were so beautiful. (yellow cymbidium orchids and roses for me; yellow roses for the ladies).

My lovely shoes and the bouquet!

The florist did an amazing job on Mr. Pancakes' boutinniere. 
At frist he didn't want to wear one but i think he looked so handsome.
But then i always think he looks handsome!

My dress laid out, ready for me to wear!

I found these amazing crystals with Mr. Pancakes initials. 
It was definitely a highlight of my day!
He was totally surprised:-)

Mr. Pancakes shoes which he purchased the morning of our wedding. 
Yes, talk about last minute.  He would have worn running shoes if not:-)

Ahh the was lovely...the bow, the train and the veil was magnificent!
I was competely in love with my dress!

I brought the colours of our wedding to my bridesmaids' dresses.
 I loved how the bouquets popped against the royal blue dresses.

Mr. Pancakes and his groomsmen were able to add a touch of blue with their suit.  The yellow and blue came through their ties.  Mr. Pancakes wanted to surprise me and he managed to coordinate with me in a good way.  Thank goodness!

I managed to find a flower girl dress that was both cute, wearable and had yellow and blue.

Ring bearer wore a blue pintstripped suit with a yellow/blue tie.  He had on blue canvas shoes.
 He looked so handsome!

Ahhh...the dress and the bouquet!

Beauty shot! I think this picture is so lovely. 
Kudos to the photographer!

I loved my curls...anad my necklace and something borrowed.

My sister wore a traditional Ghanaian outfit in my wedding colours and she looked beyond lovely!

 I love looking at my wedding pictures. 
 It was amazing how all the colours came together to create all these amazing lovely wedding details.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Frisky Friday Fun!

19 Go Team Pancakes!

This couple was caught kissing in the middle of a riot in the streets of Vancouver after Boston won the hockey game! Not sure what Mr. Jones and Ms. Thomas were doing getting frisky on the streets of Vancouver but gotta love it...Make Love, Not War!

How amazing is the photographer that took this picture. It's a very awesome picture if you ask me:-)
Happy Friday Blogger Friends, old and new!

Read the article here if you are interested Kissing Couple.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wondering About Mommyhood

24 Go Team Pancakes!
I never really thought much about motherhood.  I always wanted to be a wife.  However now that i am a wife, i cannot help but think about the next steps in our lives, which is approaching mommyhood.

I have a few mommies in my immediate circle of friends and i am the godmother (GM they will call me one day) for both children which is fantastic.  Both children are beyond cute.  I am looking forward to joining my mommy-friends in the future.  However now i am wondering if i have waited too long?

Being part of the blogging world has definitely introduced me to a whole array of mommies.  The majority of mommies i have come across are mostly young moms.  There are some mommies under twenty-five with like four children! I know there are many factors that make this the case for every mom.  However coming across some of these blogs has me wondering did i wait too long to join the mommy-club?

Being a mom in your twenties is definitely different from being a mom in your thirties.  Energy level alone is a factor.  And of course there are more health related risks to having children in your thirties.  And since i tend to worry about things i have no reason worrying about--i worry about these factors.  I am aware it is never easy to conceive and or be a mommy whether in your 20s, 30s and or 40s.  Being a mommy is a blessing and all of our blessings come when we are ready (in the hands of God). 

I know God does not reveal the plans for our lives.  He knows if we did, we would protest too much.  I wonder if i waited too long to reach mommyhood but then i think about how many things in our lives are beyond our control. God plans our lives according to his will for our lives.  And truth be told my hope of becoming a wife definitely fit into His plans for life which is awesome.  Therefore, i am hopeful that God will enfold mommyhood for Team Pancakes. 

I am taking this time before mommyhood to be the best wife ever hence best mommy ever! Become debt-free, save6-month emergency fund, get a downpayment in order to buy a house.  I also need to work on my fitness, relationship with God, being a giving daughter, sister, godommy (GM) and overall well rounded person. 

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Getting to Know Mrs. Pancakes

5 Go Team Pancakes!
I thought it would be fun to answer a series of questions i found on  It is a blog about an exercise fanatic mommy and her family.  She seems really cute and fun as an individual, mom and wife!

Here are The Questions:

1. What kind of athlete has the hottest body?
Most athletes have hot bodies but I think dancers have the hottest bodies because they use all of their body.  I also think most runners have nice bodies too!
2. Are you a planner or a procrastinator?
Oh how i wish i could say with a 100% certainty that i was a planner but truth be told most times i am a procrastinator (in a good way)
3. Diet or regular (soda)?
Amazingly i hardly drink soda (or pop as we say in Canada).
4. What's your one "must have" for Summer?
Probably a new purse (which i have not found yet!
5. What's your favorite fast food restaurant?
McDonalds anyone! but nowawdays i am loving Chick-fil-A.
6. What do you think is the sexiest profession for a guy?
A guy in a suit...i might be biased but i love seeing Mr. Pancakes in a tie and suit.  Sexy!
7. Did you wear braces?
No never.
8. Would you rather have a guy that's super sexy or kind?
I think kindness is one of the sexiest qualities a guy can possess.

Monday, June 13, 2011

Amazing Courage

3 Go Team Pancakes!
Whenever you think you have it worse...there is someone else who has it worser...if it is even a word.  Alice, fifteen year old from the UK has termina cancer and has started a blog about her bucket list.  Whenever you think about the ultimate final bucket list, you think of someone older in the late stages of their life.  But to think this young girl is going through some much but seems to have such an amazing attitude is very humbling.  Some of the items on her bucket list include: getting a back massage, to get her hair done.  I am humbled for coming across her blog.  Please show her some support at:

I do wish Alice and her family well.  Hope God continues to bless her

Sunday, June 12, 2011

LongLazySunday: Relaxing and Reading!!

6 Go Team Pancakes!
I spent this longlazysunday relaxing which included sleeping in, catching the last thirty minutes of one of my favourite movies and reading a book that is so depressing but such a good read.

I am still in Canada for a couple more weeks so last night we had a family birthday celebration which meant i slept in this sunday.  Mr. Pancakes went back to the USA so i m a little the lonely without him but i know this is only temporary. 

After i woke up, i caught the last thirty minutes of Too Wong Foo Thank You for Everything Julie Newmar, which is such a fun and heart warming movie.  I have always loved this movie so this definitely put a smile on my face.  I loved Patrick Swayze and Wesley Snipes.

I started reading a novel called The Book of Negroes by Lawrence Hill, which has engrossed me for two days.  It is the story of a young girl taken from her homeland in Africa and it follows her as she becomes a slave.  You want to be angry for all the difficult experiences she goes through but the author reminds you at every turn how incredibly brave this young woman is.  There is a love story about being a wife and mother.  The book also gives a really great historical account of the slave trade which is always depressing but fascinating.

The Book Of Negroes

If you are looking for an interesting read this summer, i definitely recommend this book.  There is also a novel with the same name in the US so make sure you get the right one.

Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend! Cheers!

Friday, June 10, 2011

So I Think I Can Dance!!!

8 Go Team Pancakes!
Well not so much but i rediscovered this show after a very long haitus and i am so glad to be back!!!! After watching the first four dancers i am hooked and so want to dance! I have always loved dancing but when i watch professional dancers, i am in awe of the stories they are able to tell with their bodies.  I mean dancers look so beautiful.  Only if i could do what they do with their bodies, not in the dance clubs but on the stage.  Watching this show makes me want to take a dance lesson and become a beautiful dancer: contemporary, lyrical, ballroom, all of it.

Mr. Pancakes and i took a dance lesson (yes one dance lesson) before the wedding at Arthur Murray Dance studio and it was great.  We were able to learn the basic steps for our first dance which was excellent and fun.  However come to find out it was a little out of budget for us (seeing that we are trying to live economically) but someday we will definitely do some ball room dancing.  It was a lot of fun!

But i digress back to the SYTYCD...i am loving some of the girls and guys on the show.  Ashely--what a cutie pootie--she reminds me of a black barbie doll. Ryan--gosh i love her hair and her body.  Both girls are amazing dancers too! So passionate.

Oh and Travis Wall from like one of the first seasons cheographed a dance which was just beautiful!! He is adorable too!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Coupling with a non believer?

11 Go Team Pancakes!

I heard this question on the radio thought it would make for an interesting blog question?
Would you date a non-believer? Would you date someone that did not share the same faith?

There are definitely pros and cons to both sides.

I believe that love is love and love conquers all.  Furthermore, salvation is an individual thing. 
But perhaps i am naive especially when children come into the picture.  How do we discipline when the child comes into the picture?  Do we baptize the child or do leave him to be consumed by the evils of the world? 

I believe that religion is important and both people should be of the same faiths.  Having the same faith allows couples to make decisions together about love, life and children.  It makes life easier.

The above are some of the arguments for both sides of the question.

I do know that Mr. Pancakes and i are both Christians.  He is probably a better steward of God's word than i am at this moment.  I am definitely working on my relationship with God on a daily basis.  I guess even when believers get together, there are some things to consider!

Feel free to share some of your thoughts on this question!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Living I love you!

9 Go Team Pancakes!
There is a blog i stalk on occassion because i love her and her husband's love story! And today she asked for a favor which was to send encouragement and prayerful thoughts to her mom and her step-dad who is battling cancer. Read it here because it is very touching Kathi Musings.  This entry inspired me because of it's content.  The fact that her husband is teaching her to live daily how much he loves her and how much she loves him.  The post inspired me to share the importance of living everyday the same way we say i love you.  Instead of saying "i love you", how about we show it and live it on a daily basis. 

Over the last six months Mr. Pancakes and i have been dealing with some personal health related issues that i am not quite ready to share but reading Ms. Kathi's post has helped me realize that my husband has been living "i love you" everyday with me and i feel blessed.  Our situation is nowhere dire as Kathi and her husband's but i do feel blessed just like Kathi feels blessed to have her husband with her. 

I feel that God has allowed this amazing man in my life to keep me calm when i don't want to be calm. To stay focused on God's promises in our life when i don't want to believe.  A man who looks at me and i melt.  A man who proved to me even before we said "i do" that he would be there with me through sickness and health.  A man who i know loves me on a daily basis.  A man who not only says i love you but lives it on a regular basis toward me!

Sunday, June 5, 2011

LongLazySunday: Enjoying Toronto

6 Go Team Pancakes!

Mr. Pancakes and i spent time with the family and each other this sunday.  Since we've been married we haven't spent much time with my side of the family so this has been an awesome opportunity.  Mr. Pancakes and my newphew have really bonded, which is nice, so they were able to do some activities together, like work on Mr. Pancakes business website-he is so not computer savy!
Hope you enjoyed your sunday and that it was long&lazy.
Mine definitely was!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Best Wedding Advice Received Ever!!!

9 Go Team Pancakes!

During our church's Couples Ministry meeting, one of the couples that have been married for over fifty years said to us, "don't feel bad if you don't get it right...everything gets better as the years goes by." And i thought this was the best advice Ever!!!

 I feel like as newlyweds and even before we got married, during premarital counselling, we had to have everything right! We had to be great communicators; on the same pages about finances, children, family and everything in between.  But hearing the following messages, about couples who've been married for decades, calmed by nerves about not being "perfect" in our new marriage.

We just need to give each other room to be with each other in God's presence.   We needed to allow each other to grow and develop as individuals and as a couple! We are lucky to be surrounded by many couples from our church that have been married for many many years! 

Another lady who has  been married for 57 YEARS told me, when she found out we just got married, to just enjoy being with each other because marriage is a good thing! After 57 YEARS, i am definitely listening to her.  It's cute because her and her husband kinda look alike!

It is truly refreshing to be surrounding by individuals that have been married for so long and so strongly believe in marriage!

  Here is to wishing all married couples many many years of marriage!!!!!!!!

What is the best wedding advice you have received since being married?

How Canada is different from the U.S: Pancakes Edition

5 Go Team Pancakes!

Everytime i come back home, i remember how some things are so different from the U.S...not good or bad...just different.  Here a few things i noticed this time around especially because Mr. Pancakes was with me and he is 100% American and he made a note:

Got Milk?

Canada has milk in plastic bags that you put in a holder. 

U.S has cartons/bottles (but you knew that).

Healthy Anyone?

Got cash? You're Healthy!

Oh Canada? Free HealthCare?

Cash Money

Before i moved to the U.S, the Canadian dollar (yes we have the dollar coin) was much lower but now it is kicking the butt of the U.S dollar.  Man..maybe we need to move to Canada! C'mon Obama help the US dollar out!

Canada has the
US has the

Shopping Anyone?

Canada has Winners and the Bay

US has Macy's and Marshalls (well until i saw Marshalls in my neighborhood mall in Canada? r u serious? still not sure how i feel about this!)

Stores that are Red

 US has Target!            

Canada has Zellers!
Although i heard Target is going to be buying out all Zellers stores.

Canada has Shoppers Drug Mart

US (most cities) have CVS

McDonald's in Canada has better french fries than the US! They are so good!

I love all the differences but at the end there are many similarities including four seasons. Yes, Canada has spring, summer, fall and winter (in most parts of the country).  Multiple cultures; friendly, weird and annoying people who honk at you the milisecond the light turns green.  But the best thing about US and Canada is that no matter which country Mr. Pancakes and i are in, we live, laugh and love always!

If you've travelled to Canada, did you notice anything different or similar from the US?