Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Who Stands Beside Me?

Choosing a bridal party is not just about picking people that will look cute in their dresses, throw you an excellent bachelorrette party, give you cute naughty gifts and enjoy the wedding reception after the ceremony.  It is more than friends arguing with you because you did not choose them to be part of the party and or who gets to be M.O.H, maid of honour and who does not.  Choosing the members of the bridal party is a very integral part of the wedding ceremony and marriage process.  It is about choosing friends that you know will stand beside you through thick and thin.  It is about choosing friends that have been there through thick and thin.  It is about choosing friends that will STAND beside me while the pastor reads the vows to me and Mr. Pancakes about "in sickness and in health....til dealth due us part."  These vows will be as much for Mr. Pancakes  and i as they will be for those witnessing, especially the bridal party.  They will be there for remind me about the vows that i made to Mr. Pancakes.  They will be there to remind me what is important in my marriage to Mr. Pancakes.  Because after the party has ended, our friendships will be just as strong however i will be a married Mrs. Pancakes and they will continue to STAND beside me just as they did that day at the altar.  My group of girls are ladies that have lived, loved and laughed, grown and changed, experienced love, loss and everything in between, with me.  I cannot wait for my girls to stand beside me as they have always done, but will do on one of the most important days of our lives!

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MsBabyPlan said...

I love weddings and I am looking forward to go to more :)