Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Got My Gucci Fixed!

I made the almost hour trek out to the fancy frames place to get my glasses fixed...The Frame Mender.com! I got there, the older gentleman wearing spectacles of course took my glasses and told me how much it would cost and asked me to wait. I sat down and didn't even have time to pick up a magazine and decide on an article when he called me. I was afraid he would tell me it couldn't be fixed; Hold and be hold, he fixed it for me in less than five minutes. I left the frame menders a definite satisfied customer! There is still some sun out in my area so i have my Guccis back on, just in time!


Mrs. K said...

I just gave you the stylish blogger award so come by and get it when you get a chance :) glad you got your sunglasses back.

YUMMama said...

Nothing like being without your glasses. I am completely lost without mine and will drive any length needed to get them repaired or replaced. I am so in love with my new CoverGirl frames.