Friday, October 15, 2010


Thought i would bring a little sunshine on this friday night!
This is exactly the way i want my bouquet to look like.  I love yellow and since yellow is an intricate part of the wedding, i want them to be all up in my bouquet.  Plus yellow roses will also pop against my ivory dress and the blue dresses for my bridesmaids.

Anyway these are the flowers that i want! They are yellow (DUH) calla lillies with cymbithium orchids (i love the the name cymbithiums)! Love the arrangements, the fullness of the bouquet and just the feel and look of it. It screams sunshine and smiles and just beautiful!

My florist says they are a bit on the high end but i am hoping that Mr. Pancakes can make it work for me!


every little kiss said...

That's a gorgeous bouquet! Hope ya'll can make it work!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! My bouquet very similar (red and white though) and I just loved it! Good luck at making it work out.

Redbabe said...

Good choice Ms Pancakes! I am sure they gonna turn out alright :) Flowers are usually pretty anyway. :) Cymbidium Orchids. LOVE them. But I love the pink/red ones!!! Are they in season during your wedding?

Miss Pancakes said...

Redbabe: i believe the florist said they would be available during the spring time...good questions though!