Friday, October 22, 2010

Ranting & Raving Friday: Vendors

I started the post on Thursday morning but work was overwhelming, then we had a birthday party to attend and then came home and crashed. Therefore ranting and raving Thursday has been moved to Friday. Anyway ladies happy Friday and happy weekend. I hope it is a good and great! Ranting about vendors and being able to communicate with your vendors when you need them. I know my florist has been busy with events but to not answer emails when inhave questions, that's grounds for letting he go. This past Sunday, Mr.Pancakes am I went for cake tasting and there were many brides also cake tasting so for the vendor, their goal was to make and close as many sales as they could. Therefore, customer service, the warm and fuzzies all went out the window. The main person took us around the store and showed us the various cakes with her back to us and spoke in a really rushed tone and didn't leave much room for questions as if I should already know cake lingo! Needless to say, both Mr. Pancakes and I were not impressed and completely turned off. And to add icing to the whole thing, the cake tasting experience was not at all spectacular! So much so that we are thinking of a family member who makes amazing cakes do the wedding cake. I am raving about the venue vendor however who has been great so far! He was accomodating in getting us an extra room at the hotel, agreeing to have my favourite drink: Baileys at the bar on wedding day; giving Mr. Pancakes and I complimentary dinner. And above all being there to answer all my questions has been amazing. Did anyone have a bad experience with their vendors and if you did, how did you deal with it?

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