Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ranting & Raving Thursday: E-Pix

Initially i was against engagement pictures (e-pix) for several reasons some of them being: waste of extra money; Mr. Pancakes and i have tons of pictures already and i just didn't want to bother.   But as i started to look at alternative guest book ideas, i have been convinced that we need to do e-pix.  After making this decision, convincing Mr. Pancakes (he was actually quite agreeable), i immediately scheduled an appointment with a photographer friend who takes amazing and beautiful pictures ( and now we have an appointment for our e-pix.  And i am pumped and raving about e-pics on this thursday.

Recently i saw some pictures of some friends' engagement pictures and i was in love with them.  The photographer was able to capture their love story in moments and experiences that were beautiful and beyond words.  There was this one particular picture that blew me away...they were standing on a pier and all around them was water.  It was gorgeous!

Of course, Mr. Pancakes and i's location is a little different because it is fall and there is no body of large water where we are going to be.  I was motivated to take e-pix because of the fooliage that were outside my window and it was amazing.  Since i couldn't have my wedding in the fall, i thoughts why don't i complete our engage pictures in the fall. 

Now the fun part picking our outfits.  I love the yellow dress and the brown colours in the picture on the side!  I will definitely have to incorporate our blue and yellow colours in there, right? I cannot wait to have my engagements pictures done which will translate into our amazing guestbook love story!

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This was an awesome experience!