Tuesday, October 5, 2010

TRIBUTE TUESDAYS: All your Worldly Possessions!..

Most mornings when i am driving into work, i will see several homeless men and women in the streets starting their day.  Most mornings i wonder what their stories are? Whose mother/father/sister/brother are they? What job did they have before they become homeless? What mental health issues are they dealing with? What addictions are they facing? And or were they just a paycheck away from homelessness and the check never came? I wonder these thoughts and  in TRIBUTE TUESDAYS, i wanted to shed some light and or sympathy on the issue of homelessness and factors that may cause and or add to it: mental health, addictions; loss of income and other related factors. 
Homelessness does not know age, sex, ethnicity and sometimes socio-economics.  For me homelessness is not too far from all of us and as lucky and blessed as we would like to think of ourselves, if we had mental health issues and were not dealing with them, we would also be unable to maintain jobs and our families and may potentially lose all that was important to us: our jobs, homes, cars, families and friends and with that our spirits to a certain degree.    
There is this one particular man that sits where all the political action occurs in the city and i always wonder "who is he?" Was he in politics at one point and he became jaded with the political system and something happened along the way? He speaks about political controversies every morning and always has some good wishes in the morning especially Wednedays which is always "Happy Wednesday!" And it usually is! All his worldly possessions are near this one tree and most of the homeless men and women i have seen have all their belongings on them in some form of fashion.  Can you imagine all your personal belongings on you at all times? 
I pay tribute to all the homeless men and women i come across on a daily day: the man speaking to the sky the other espousing words of wisdom to God Almighty; the old man i see sitting by the street asking for money holding a bucket with a stick attached to it; the ladies and the men sitting in the park every morning and the one i saw today lying in his make-shift bed in the middle of the street as i drove by. 
I Pay tribute to their plight and the experiences that they have gone through and continue to go through.  I guess i wanted to blog about this because as i plan our wedding, i am remiss to think of all the blessings God has bestowed upon me and hope that he touches everyone the same way, especially those with all their wordly possessions on them. I SEND THEM ALL GOOD WISHES!


Mrs T said...

I think about those things too. Most people are probably only two or three months worth of paychecks from being homeless. It's so sad.

MsBabyPlan said...

This is a very thoughtful post. Thanks for sharing, come and share it will my readers by linking it up with Thoughtful wednesday Blog Hop ;)