Monday, November 8, 2010

Crossing Items of the Wedding List in October...

In October i wanted to  complete certain wedding tasks having to do with the wedding.   Here are some of my recaps! My wedding barometer is not reading too well...but i am trying real hard!

1) I was supposed to decide on the bridesmaid dresses and at this point, i believe i had solidified and made a decision where all the bridesmaids are happy and excited about the dress.  It is a little sexy, a little sassy and AFFORDABLE. Thanks to my blogger friends...i was able to reconsider and look for an affordable dress that had everything else i wanted.  The colour of the dress will be royal blue so it is very exciting

2)  Mr. Pancakes and i still have not decided on the exact wedding guest list.  However we are aware of the exact number! Now it is just a matter of confirming the actual individuals.   Which i hope we do by sometime this month!

3) I met with the florist and although i have not made the final decision, i am decided on Susan the florist from Baltimore.  She was reasonable and since we do not want to spend a lot of money on flowers, she is the top person right now.  Oh by the way, Mr. Pancakes says he knows a guy but still has not called him!

4) Pick the DJ! A DJ that is going to be able to play music for the young, old, funky, jazzy, r&b and reggae and some good African tunes.  I hope there is some good DJs out there.  Oh right...i am still reminding Mr. Pancakes to call the DJ since that is his task!

Just a quick digression, Mr. Pancakes has been somewhat involved in the planning. I am always asking him what he thinks about things therefore involving him in the wedding planning process.  However, although he has taken on finding the DJ, transportation and finding a florist, he is not on a deadline like i am! I would perfer if we had everything set up and ready to go by the end of December.  But i am quiet and just wait for him to get his stuff togther.  Generally, he has been helpful, i just wished, he would move as quickly as i am.  I guess that will never happen but i can hope huh?

All in all, it has been a productive month but there are still a lot of things that need to get done.  I even managed to add to the wedding-to-do list including E-PICS, which i am so excited about but that's another day of blogging! Here is to hoping it continues to be an even more productive November!

How do you keep track of things that need to get done wedding planning or not? 
Any advice and or suggestons would be helpful!

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Redbabe said...

What i did was, I prepared a master list for the wedding prep. So along the way, I just strike off things that has already been accomplished or scribbled on new things that has to be done. Don't wanna keep to many list. It'll get pretty confusing nearing the date. And we are talking about preparation for 4 wedding dinner receptions, 2 wedding ceremonies plus another few customary practices.