Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy ThanksGiving....

Officially i am still Canadian and celebrate Thanksgiving in October however now that i reside in the great USofA and about to be an American, it is only appropriate that i
i also celebrate Thanksgiving in November too!
I am very thankful for many things this year. 
I feel completely blessed to have my health, family, friends, a great job, the financial ability to pay for the wedding to a wonderful Mr. Pancakes!
God has blessed Mr. Pancakes and continues to bless us in so many different ways
i cannot begin to name them individually
i can only be more thankful each and everyday i open my eyes...
Even to be able to blog on the worldwideweb has been a blessing in disguise!

Hope all of you have a wonderful and safe thanksgiving.
If you choose to participate in BlackFriday,be safe and save save save...hope you get some great deals!

Please share some great things you found on deals???
I have yet to venture out during blackfriday...perhaps next year!

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Redbabe said...

Happy Thanksgiving to the Pancakes family!