Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Tribute Tuesdays: Co-Workers

I've had several cute incidences with some of my co-workers about getting engaged and the planning of the wedding and everything in between.  Therefore this weekend, i wanted to pay tribute to each one of them for their good wishes, advice giving and suggestions about wedding planning, weddings and everything in between.
A little disclaimer, i work with ALL FEMALES, which can have it's disadvantages however i must say that these group of women have been great!

Even before Mr. Pancakes and i became engaged, my main boss was always asking when i would become engaged.  Therefore, it was no surprise when i returned to the office in June and announced to Boss Lady that Mr. Pancakes and i were engaged! She gave me the cutest engagement card--the only one to do so! I was completely touched by her kindness and warmth.

Another co-worker has been giving me advice about marriage and children and planning for all of it even before i was engaged--which is so sweet.  She likes to impart her wisdom about the importance of planning whether i want to be a stay-at-home mother or a working mother and how to plan financially for this.  Which is great because as a mother, she is wishing that she would have planned better before she had children.

Another co-worker had a friend that became engaged around the same time i did so she has been checking in with me on a regular basis, which has been sweet.  One of the things she did for her friend (which i wish my MOH had thought about) was to buy her a whole bunch of bridal magazines!

Another co-worker who got married a few years ago shared with me some of her wedding pictures and ideas about wedding planning which i thought was awesome.  She is always checking in with me to see how things are going with wedding planning.

I truly do appreciate all my co-workers questions and everything else in between.   I have always had  a small group of friends around me so for these ladies to engage me in the wedding planning process has truly touched me.  They are all wonderful in their own special way and i would truly love to invite every single one of them!

Due to this, they should definitely be allowed to share in my wedding day.  After all, these ladies i share most of my day! And i am hoping that i can make things work so that i can invite them all to celebrate in my wedding day!


Anonymous said...

Aww, that's nice that you have such a supportive circle at work. I hope that you are able to work them in to the day. However, I think that most people are understanding of how expensive weddings can be. If you truly can't, I'm hopeful that they will be ok.

Redbabe said...

Lucky you! :)