Monday, December 20, 2010

AfterMath: LongLazySunday

My sunday was spent running around.  Saw my godson who is growing up by leaps and bounds.  Amazing how much a baby will develop and grow! Life is amazing! He is developing his own personality and testing out limits and what he can get away with.  The good thing about him is that he is such a good listener (as much as a one year old can listen!).  And his mom who has never been the mommy-type has stepped up to the plate in such amazing ways.  Not that she is not a nurturing person but you know those women (we all know them) that have always wanted to be a mother? Well my friend is not one of those however her motherly-instinct has defintely stepped in and she is amazing to watch her and little man!  Whenever i am with them, i think of In Lovely Heels--Chic Mama because of how adorbs she is with her son!

Anyway, that was the most enjoyable part of my day.  And also i have a mini-secret crush on a Michael Vick (please don't judge, i believe people can change with new found understanding) and him and the Philadelphia Eagles were amazing...they came back and won an amazing game down 21 points with less than 8 minutes to go! A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! And i am not even a big football fan!

Hope your weekend went well and the week goes even better!


Mrs. K said...

I agree with you on the Michael Vick thing. I don't necessarily have a 'mini' or big crush on him but I am happy for him for playing so awesome. I am a big football fan (although not pro-football).

Anonymous said...

Had a great weekend and I share you little crush on Mike Vick. May I burn in you know where because I could care less about those damn dogs. I'm happy to see him playing again and showcasing his talent. I want him to get a super bowl ring!!