Wednesday, December 15, 2010

M is for Marriage: D is for Divorce!

Disclaimer:  I know celebrities in hollywood are not like regular people like you and i. 
This entry is merely an opinion piece...aka: Miss Pancakes! Feel free to share yours!

Hollywood has always made a mockery out of marriage but more and more it's becoming available for public consumption due to the media.  Marriage is supposed to be a scared thing and i am sure that most celebrities get into marriage with good intentions, as Scarlett Johansson recently put it "We entered our relationship with love and it's with love and kindness we leave it"  Are you serious? How come the same love and kindness did not allow Ms. Johansson and Mr. Ryan were unable to work on the marriage and make it work?  Now i know i don't know ANYTHING about their relatiionship and or marriage but it really is irritating to see how easily people get divorced!

I believe that sometimes our society is too accepting of divorce and therefore alright for most individuals to give up on their marriage and walk away.

I am confessing that i watch Brideszilla most Sundays (when Mr. Pancakes is not hogging the TV watching football) and most of the brides as they are prepping to get married will say stuff like "i guess if it doesn't work out, there is always divorce!"  It may come across jokingly but why would anyone say that right before the marriage.  And or you watch couples that shouldn't be getting married due to their interactions with one another and during the "Where are they Now?" episodes, they have separated and yes DIVORCED!

Mr. Pancakes and i are definitely on the same page that we allow God to be the First person in our relationship and marriage before each other!  Furthermore, we have agreed that there will be no get-out clause in our marriage contract! There will be no divorce in our marriage and so we are committed to working on our relationship and marriage each and every single second, minute, hour, day, months, year!

This blog entry is more in hope that Mr. Pancakes and i and all the brides continue to work on our relationhips before and after marriage in order to prevent the D word from entering the marriage circle. 

Am i the only that is too focused on hollywood and what is going on in their marriages? 
Has divorce become too socially acceptable?


Redbabe said...

I totally share your view. These days people just take the easy way out. When problems/issues arises (sometime very minute), they would rather just walk away than facing n solving it. I believe in working it out. Fine tuning our systems (like and dislikes) to a longterm commitment.

Alida said...

I agree with you!!

MsBabyPlan said...

Every relationship need work and work to survive. If people love each other how come people just jump out of the wagon when they see the first blow of problem?

I agree that nowadays some people live their relationships without working at it or they break up stating differences. Another thing is stating that the love has died. How can love die? Can't couples make they love blossom again?

But it is difficult to make a relationship work if it is only one person between the couple to working at it.

Relationships need teamwork everytime :). Hollywood couples don't have the time to work in two :(. But they should try to find it if not why marry at all?

I also hope that "all the brides [and grooms] continue to work on our relationhips before and after marriage in order to prevent the D word from entering the marriage circle."

Thanks for sharing this post.

Anonymous said...

Great post. Hubby and I have never even jokingly breathed life to the D word. Nope, don't need that kind of energy in our midst. I do think that most people have no idea what it takes to make a marriage work, so unfortunately, when everything isn't wine, candle, romance and laughter, folks are ready to toss up the deuces. Hollyweird and our obsession with their lives surely doesn't help.