Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Living Our Vows: Mr. & Mrs. Lewis

For today's Living Our Vows series....i am excited to introduce Desiray, a very Spirit filled wife who will share with us in an honest and candid way how she and her husband lives their vows.  
You will be surprised to find out some of the things they pray about in their marriage.
Desiray is also the author of The Devotion Cafe, an award-winning book,
so sit back, sip on something soothing and enjoy today's Living Our Vows with Desiray!


My name is Mrs. Desiray Lewis and I have been married for two years, and one of the things I want to
share with you is that before me and my husband got engaged we talked allot about many different
things, we talked about finances, careers, health, family and our ministry. 

We both have been saved for many years if I had to give a total 
I would have to say 60 years combined together. 
We know how important marriage is and we know 
the blessing of it when two people come together that the Lord has
put together, I say this because not all marriages are God appointed. 

What I mean is some people don't wait on the Lord to bring them their spouse, 
as for me and my husband we both waited upon the Lord.
One of the things we really talked about is bringing honor to God in our marriage in everyday,
 divorce is not an option in our marriage and we live by that. 
During our dating we kept everything pure we did
not engage in any sexual relations until we got married 
we both wanted to be able to stand in the sight
of God knowing that we kept ourselves clean until marriage. 
I know many people today don't do this 
and many think well you are not a young woman you could of done it, 
but we wanted to be pure before the Lord.
 But we learn to discipline ourselves and submit our flesh to the Lord 
so that we can do what was in our hearts to do before God.

One of the bible verses we used in our wedding is found in 1 Corinthians 13, the Love chapter, 
and this one was hard because I knew I loved my husband so much 
but I didn't know how to love him like God
loves him, so the day we stood in front of the pastor, 
and the family we both asked the Lord to show us
how to love one another.

Maybe you are reading this and you think this is fairy tale who can actually do this? 
Well see it's God who does this not nothing I do.
 During the course of our two years in marriage we have faced some
struggles especially with learning how to love one another, 
but one thing those challenges has done for
us is drawn us closer to God and strengthen our marriage. 
Marriage will pull things from you that you never knew you had,
I can remember several times when I would say I am not going to do a certain
thing and the Lord will speak to me so quickly and say “do it anyway, and talk about my flesh not
wanting to do it, some times I would do it other times I would be disobedient to God, but God only
allow me to go but so far before I began to feel His correction.

And still to this day and though it has only been two years, we still live those vows 
we said in Corinthians 13, yes we still live them.
As a matter of fact I will share something which is very personal and I
believe every married couple who has Jesus the center of their marriage should pray this. 

One of the things my husband do when we have our devotion time together and prayer time is he will pray about our love making, yep you heard me, the first time I heard him pray this I was shocked because I have never heard any woman mention this or any husband who says that they pray about their love making.
And so when I heard him pray that I asked him why? And he said, because baby God honors it He
created it for married men and woman to share and so when I make love to you I want God to be
glorified. WOW! That blew me away and I realized at that moment just how much this man truly want
to bring God in every area of our marriage.

And I gotta say this, it has been the best I have ever experienced in all my life it's something I can't
explain only but to say “BUT GOD.” I love my husband very much and I look forward to growing with
him, we support each other in ministry we pray together go to church together and we look out for each
other spiritual well being as well. Each day I thank God for this man because only God knew what I
needed, and God created him just for me

I leave you with this being married is a blessing from God and if you did not wait for the Lord for your
spouse I say to you today, give your marriage over to the Lord now, let God be the center of your
marriage because so many marriages these days are breaking up and families are being split. Life is not
always fair to us many things we do in the course of our day brings frustration and stress our way. But
if you have a loving spouse who loves and cares about you, it makes it all worth it.

It's never to late to bring the Lord into your marriage let Him guide you both because neither partners
are perfect we have our own views and ways, but when God is the center of your marriage you stop
looking at getting your own needs met and you stop being selfish and began to look for ways which
honors the Lord and in return God blesses you for honoring Him in your marriage.

I want to thank Mrs. Pancakes for allowing me to post on her site about our wedding vows, 
and may we all continue to pray for marriages across this globe..AMEN



Thank you Desiray! 
What an awesome and great way to begin the Living Our Vows series in the new year!
And the fact you and the hubby pray about everything including about intimacy 
is such a teachable moment for all of us.

Question of the Day
Since you've been married, what has marriage pulled from you?
Do you and your spouse/family have daily devotions?


Summer-Raye said...

So powerful Desiray.We pray all the time about everything!

Desiray said...

Thanks for posting my blog sis I pray your readers be blessed

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Very powerful post, well put.

Melissa Blake said...

This is such a romantic series!! xoxo

Shannon said...

Beautiful post.


Kirsten- The Foreign Domestic said...

Beautiful! I love the series you have. They're so unique and inspirational!

Bravoe Runway said...

They seem to really communicate what is on their minds!

Alexa said...

Just beautiful. So well said...and so important to remember!

Blicious said...

so amazing!! these posts make me so happy!

happy new year!

toi said...

Great guest post. thanks for sharing Desiray.

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Great guest post! God definitely brought you together! You have a lovely and inspirational relationship! :)

Desiray said...

thank you all for your lovely comments we do appreciate them. Marriage is never easy but as long as you keep Christ the center of it you can't go wrong.

Many blessings upon you and your marriage and remember we must pray about marriage all the time..God bless you all..

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Desiray...thank you for participating and giving such encouragement to us all!

Megan said...

What a beautiful couple. They seem perfect together!