Sunday, January 23, 2011

Longlazysunday: Being GM

I went to church a little and instead of going home to nap again, I thought I would head over to my bff's house to visit with my godson and enjoy some good qaulity bonding time. He had some surgery done this week but you wouldn't even know it because he continues to be his usual go lucky happy self and I love that about him.

I'm sure most babies are happy and smily and easy going but I love the fact that I get to be around such a baby. Whenever I am around, I can't help but smile and be happy myself. He is awesome. As I write this entry, he is lying on my nap taking a nap. Spending time with him is always great because I am reminded of how much I'm not ready to be a mother.

Being a mother means giving everything of yourself so that you can give all of your time, efforts ad energy to this little person who depends on you for everything. I know God will make a way for me to become a mother but in the meantime I'm too selfish to be a mommy. So for now I get the opportunity to bond with my godson and enjoy his company for a few hours!

Being GM-godmom-is the best role for now (by the way don't you love GM instead of godmother, sounds so chic!) . And as he sleeps, I'm reminded of how amazing and lovely motherhood is and how I can't wait to get there...someday somewhere! I can't wait for Mr. Pancakes and I to be blessed with Mini Pancakes or Little Pancakes or Baby Pancakes! I guess I will work on the name.

But it's been an awesome Longlazysunday. A little cold outside but definitely warm and cuddly inside.
Hope your sunday was enjoyable!

Go Steelers!!!!(Mr. Pancakes is a fan!)

                   I love this picture..
                   ain't it cute?!


YUMMama said...

Motherhood is awesome. I am so glad to have my Moo. And yes, GM does sound very chic.

Princess Christy said...

It's funny - I had the same realization about being too selfish to be a mommy this morning. After church. After leaving one of my BFF's and her family behind. Glad I'm not the only one with a Sunday selfish realization! :)

Mich said...

I'm with you--can't wait to be a mommy, but just not yet. Hoping my sister has one first so I can spoil him/her.

Redbabe said...

So love the poster. Super chic!