Tuesday, February 22, 2011

60 Days and Counting...

I officially have 60 days before our wedding day and I am excited!

Wedding dress and accessories--check
pre-marital counselling--check and check....

I cannot wait to be Mrs. Pancakes and soon enough I will be. Amazing that ten months has gone by so quickly. I knew it would come and it was so far away when it was six to four months away. Now it is two months close and in the near future and I cannot wait.

My bachelorette party which is in Canada and being planned by my girls is less than a month away. I am looking forward to all the festivities they have planned!

Mr. Pancakes and I are pretty much done with the big budget items and now it's all the extra things I want like a photobooth and I keep on thinking how many pay days are there in a month?! I want to make all the little things happen because I think it will be fun for us to have a photobooth. But then I also want to have a little money to add to the honeymoon fund.

Decisions, decisions! All in all everything will figure itself out with some planning of course!

Next Up is meeting with the DJ to decide on music selections!


Mrs. K said...

SO much fun. I'm thinking back to when we were planning our wedding. Isn't fun to get you honey involved with all the planning?

Miss Pancakes said...

It definitely is nice to have his input! He doesn't get excited all the time but it's refreshing when he does !

Anonymous said...

Ahh, the memories! The year leading up to my wedding was amazing. And the last 30 days were THE BEST! Enjoy every second!