Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Do-It-Yourself: Pancakes Version

I never thought i was much of an Arts & Crafts kind of person but i am working at it!
I have been able to make some incredibly nice tihings that i am very proud of!
The following are my DIY project.

Ribbon Wand

I have yet to decide whether to allow people to throw rice and or ribbons as i know people are used to such traditional things.

I made the ribbons wands out of our wedding colours and i think they look fantastic.  I used dowel from Hobby Lobby and ribbons from Michaels.  I chose to use thumbtacks to attach the ribbons to the dowel  and they are pretty sturdy.

Place Settings

This is perhaps my favourite project that i created.  The frames and easel is from Ikea.  I used stock paper and printed the table #s in nice fancy font.  It might not be as amazing as if a professional was doing it but i believe it came out amazingly! 

I love how the colours blend together so well.  I wanted my wedding colours to be incorporated into the reception area but not for it to become overwhelming.


Since i could not wear cute shoes with really high high heels, i had to go for a regular shoe but i wanted to spice it up.  I added the rhinestone "H" for Mr. Pancakes real-life last name.  If you can imagine it, without my sweatpants, i am hoping it will look fabulous!

I read another blog where the girl actually put rhinestones on the heel of her shoe but i am not that much of a DIY-selver!

Therefore ladies, these are my DIY projects and i am excited about it.  Hope you enjoyed them.

Did you or are you doing any fun DIYs that blew her away?!


Redbabe said...

Hey Ms Pancakes... the H under the shoe is super creative! Nice work!

jacin {lovely little details} said...

great job!

Anonymous said...

Nice projects! I've never seen anyone do the shoe thing. Very cute. I did my own table numbers, place cards, centerpieces, candles, programs and menu cards. My mom and I worked on them all together in the months before the wedding. It was so great to have her tackle them with me, because if not? I'd have thrown in the towel and had to cough up the $$ for the stuff.

Miss Pancakes said...

i am with you mrstdj...i wanted to save as much money as possible! thanks @ Redbabe...i tried!

Alida said...

love the H!! What a great idea!

Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

I love the ribbon idea! I've also seen the special rice that can be thrown out mixed with confetti.

Mrs. K said...

Hey I had the same wedding colors. Mine was a lighter blue though. :). Those are some great projects. We did bubbles instead of rice and they turned out great (esp in the pix) and they were pretty cheap too. I can't wait to see more DIY projects of yours :)

Saying I do said...

Hi! I'm putting together a post of all upcoming blogging brides with their corresponding wedding date. IF you'd like to be included in this, can you leave me ac omment with your wedding date?

Miss. Leah said...

Omg I love the personalized shoe!! I'm getting married next October and I think I may incorporated that!!! So chic an adorable at the same time