Thursday, March 24, 2011

Bachelorette Party: GIRLS DID HAVE FUN!!

Ladies i am exciting and freaking out in a good way.  It is less than thirty days before my wedding day.  Crazy!  My camera will not import my pictures...arghhh! Please picture this...
I cannot believe the bachelorette party has come and gone.  It was a blast! The girls completely went all out.  They made me yellow t-shirts with Pancakes Bachelorette Weekend, 3/18/11-3/20/11 Toronto, Canada written on them.  With some adorable pictures of Mr. Pancakes and i.   I mean i was not expecting that at all and i was totally psyched about that.  All the girls had t-shirts which was just awesome and unexpected. It made me a little teary eyed!  The girls also indulged me in using the phrase because "i'm the bride|" when i wanted to do something!
I will not divluge everything but there were a lot of bubbly, laughs, naughty/fun games, reminiscing about crushes and boys, good food and a lot of dancing.  The whole weekend was enjoyable. The next morning was breakfast, then relaxing for the rest of the day.  I must say that all my girls came together beautifully and were able to organize a beautiful Bachelorette Party for me.  It was definitely an unforgettable night.  I know it supposed to be the LAST NIGHT OUT as a SINGLE LADY however it was not my last night out of dancing and having fun with my girls:-)
One of the fun details about the bachelorette party were the blinging rings and my bachelprette crown! Fun details. Of course they both looked fabulous on me.
The blue and yellow theme was a hit as well. All the girls wore blue dresses and one friend wore yellow to tie everything together which was amazing. 
                                             All in all, it was a lovely, amazing and fun night!
What were some of the memorable things about your bachelorette party??


Kandi-STYLE said...

The countdown..30 days, I'm excited for you!!! That party sounds like it was the bomb!

Glynis said...

Your party sounds like a ton of fun! I almost got arrested at my party. We had it at a hotel and a girlfriend had invited a stripper and a singing ape. We were making so much noise the hotel manager called the police. With the persuasion of one of my bridesmaids the police came in and had a drink.
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Crazy Shenanigans-JMO said...

It sounds like it was a smashing success! Glad you had a great time!