Sunday, March 6, 2011

Longlazysunday: Invited Guests Only!

This long lazy Sunday went to church early. It was rainy but we made it to the church. The message: do not become Nebuchadnezzar--when big isn't good! I love how my pastor is always able to bring it home. Sermons that speak with me is constantly pushing me to be a better person! At church today, many people appeared exciting about our upcoming wedding, asking are we excited and how they couldn't wait to be part of it. And as excited as I am for everyone to see us get married and share in our joys, I don't know how everyone will feel if they are invited to the church but not to the reception. I know the ceremony is the most important but everyone does enjoy a good party: church goers or not! At the end of the day though I hope all of our church family understand that if we could invite them all to the reception we would! Glad that we do have such warm and nice people around us that feel so much love for us! On this rainy yet cozy Longlazysunday, I am feeling love and loved as our wedding day approaches! What are you feeling this Longlazysunday?

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