Sunday, April 17, 2011

LongLazySunday: Wedding Programs : Done and not DONE!

Working on the wedding programs has been a labour of love and finally i have given birth! From the cover sleeve to the yellow rose decorations, i have made something that i am proud of.  I have killed many trees along the way (don't worry i recycled the paper), stapled myself a few times, got glue and ink in my finger nails and fingers but finally ladies i am done and DONE!
I was planning to complete my wedding programs by the beginning of April however that plan did not happen.  I found out very quickly that a DIY program is not an easy task especially if you are technologically inept! I then sought out the help of THE YOUTH in the family who thank God are more savy with the new form of microsoft word that i am.  Seriously microsoft you couldn't make it easier for us older folk??  Anyway THE YOUTH was able to put something together that worked with my vision!
Ok so that was my initial blog entry saturday morning.  Come to find out in all my excitement, i forgot to proofread again and again and again.  As i was going through the program tonight, i realized that i had missed a few lettters off of two words...two mistakes which is not detrimental but still not great...i am now in the process of completing it and then i will be assembling them.  

Next up on the DIY bird seed or not to bird seed...that is the question.
I will be showing more pictures after the wedding i have time!



Anonymous said...

LOL @ the labor of love. Yeah, I have a "Rodney and Harry" moment a la My Big Fat Greek Wedding. We noticed the day before the wedding. Thank goodness my BFF/Maid of Honor has three younger sisters. They stayed up all night and saved the day by redoing them all. Ahh, the memories!!

Miss Pancakes said...

@mrstdj--I'm thinking that years from now I will be laughing about all the mistakes that will happen before, during and after the wedding!

Prattpumx said...

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