Sunday, May 8, 2011

Most Question Asked After I Do...

Since saying i do, the most asked question has been: how does it feel being married? I am sure every bride has a different answer and depending on how long the newlyweds are in their marriage, they will answer differently.  For Mrs Pancakes, i know i am speaking in third person but i haven't addressed myself as such until now...i digress. 
My answer to the question: how does it feel being married? is that nothing much has changed from our day to day.  However, the more serious long term, Godly things has changed, including everything we do feeling MORE LAWFUL..and PERMANENT.  I think the reasons that nothing much has changed in our day to day is that we were already living together before marriage.  I know this is frown upon by many, however for the Pancakes, this was the right decision for us. 
The first day back after the honeymoon, we came back and cleaned the entire house together.  I think having lived together before the "i do's" we had a routine and we returned to it.  However, there is definitely a level of stability and permanency to our relationship.  Mr. Pancakes came home the other day and said to me "Thank you Mrs. Pancakes for making me want to come home!" I mean he has said this before however there is a level of stability that we have never felt before and it is FANTASTIC!
I don't think we would have done anything differently in terms of living together before the "i dos." It worked for us, it may not for everyone.  It does feel really good to be married though!

What was the question you received right after you were married?



Sunshine said...

Thank u for checking out my blog! Congratualations on your wedding! Happiness always!

shopannies said...

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Danielle said...

girl...your blog just makes me hungry! :). contests! blessings. ~d.

Mariah said...

My name was definitely the biggest change for me because getting my name changed on things was not easy!

Just stopping in from the Super Stalker Sunday hop and "stalking" you in the best way! Thanks for participating! I hope you'll join us again next week!
Mariah, Formula Mom

toi said...

People asked me the same question "how does it feel being married?" My answer was "it feels the same, we are the same people but we are living together." After five years the answer is similar with the difference that married life has thought me to trust my man and also it is through marriage that I learnt that love is beautiful when you find the right one to fall in love with. I love him more than ever and I can't wait to have our little angel in our arms because she or he will be the mirror of how pure love look like :)!

I wish you all the best in this beautiful journey as a newlyweds, may God bless you both with lots of love, health and laughter and many years of happy marriage :)!

YUMMommy said...

The same 'How does it feel to be married.' And honestly, it didn't feel different at all. You just know that you're legally bound to someone until death does you part or a divorce of course. Otherwise, nothing felt different.

I too was already living with my husband before we got married and we already had one child together.

Alida said...

I felt that sense of permanence and to me it felt like it had changed everything.

Danielle said...

I'm not married yet, but I have been living with my BF for 6 years and we have 2 girls together. I personally, don't see anything wrong with it, although I have gotten lots of people say, "you have kids and aren't married yet?"

I want to get married, but I want to make sure it's the right person, and for the right reasons.

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