Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Awesome & Awkward Wednesday

I am linking up with Daybook blog.  I have been perusing fashion blogs (iownKandistyle was my first one) lately and i love them.  I wish i had the fashion sense and ability to put clothes together that well and model them in such a pretty manner. But i don't so instead i stalk fashion blogs.  Needless to say here is what i found to be Awkward & Awesome this sunny and happy Wednesday!  


*I'm in Toronto with my family
*Mr. Pancakes is coming today from the DMV(YAHH!)
*Finally started buying songs on itunes
*Loving my cute new yellow sandals (from Sandals)
*Me, myself and i
*God continues to have favour on my health
*Getting Mr. Pancakes gatorade--when we first started dating, it was long distance so whenever i picked him up from the airport, i had gatorade for him:-)
*Miami Heat won!

*Saw lady with short hair and one long hair at the back of her head
(think Hakim from Coming to America:-)
*It's Windy but sunny and i have to drive to Buffalo (2hrs away)
*They have Marshalls in Toronto
(WHAT? if you are'll understand--we have Winners not Marshalls)
*lady screaming in the doctor's office (not sure what was going on but i had to follow her...eech!!)

Hope you guys get the opportunity to check out Daybook and support the Awesome & Awkward Wednesday!


Sara said...

Cute Post! I hope your having a wonderful Wednesday! I was in Toronto all day yesterday for work- the weather was beautiful, perfect time for a visit! I love the Daybook blog (and fashion blogs in general)

Faith said...

enjoyed reading this post!

i would like to know more about the lady screaming in the doctor's office ... hehe.

Kandi-STYLE said...

"*Saw lady with short hair and one long hair at the back of her head
(think Hakim from Coming to America:-)"

Not the "rattail", I'm dying! LOL

Sunshine said...

Great post! I love looking at fashion too

The Witch said...

Very interesting post. I also was lurking around some older posts and really enjoyed them.
Have a great time in T.O with your family.(was originally from Scarborough)
You and Mr. Pancakes are truly in love. It is a wonderful feeling to know you have married a great guy and friend.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

@Sara--Toronto is way fun! and sunny
@Faith--not sure what happened with the lady at the doc's office but it was pretty awkward:-(
@Kandi--lol, love that movie!
@Witch--thanks for visiting and the lovely comment!

TheBabyMammaChronicles said...

Haha, fun. I like the idea of awkward and awesome wednesday