Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Book Club

I am excited! As if i just joined a secret club.  I remember when i was in grade school, my friends and i had a secret girls club.  I was the president and we had meetings during recess time.  I can't really remember what the purpose of our club was but i am sure it had something to do with gossip, fashion and tv shows.  It was one of the best clubs i have ever been part of.  Aside from being part of the blogger club.  Blogging really is like a private girls (with the occassional male blogger) club only we speak about more grown-up stuff like gossip, fashion and tv shows love, marriage and babies.  
Why am i talking about clubs anyway?
I was recently asked to be part of a reading club which reminded me of my girls club during elementary school.  I have always loved to read.  And the idea of discussing a book with a group of other readers excites me.  More than anything, what excites me is the social gathering that will occur because of the books we read.  The ladies have read books and then watched the movie.  They had done dinners based meals on something from the book.  

I once watched the Jane Austen Book Club and loved how reading books was able to connect a group of women in such strong ways.  The book club goes beyond the book and relationships are built.  The social gathering is exciting for me and takes me back to being part of that girls club in elementary school.

The book we are reading for August is The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  I know it's an old book, an OPRAH pick and because of the movie, it's everywhere, but i am excited to read it.  And so far it is an interesting read.  I will share more when i am done and attend my first club meeting. 

Maybe i can become the president of our book club:-)

How about you, are you part of the book club?
What books are you reading?
What fun things have you done because of your book club?


Desiray said...

I am happy that you are excited, anytime we join something it does bring a level of excitement to us. Even if we have done it before, for there is always something we can learn each day.

Amanda Joy said...

I am waiting on this book at the local library. I think the movie is going to be amazing.

Thanks for joining our Mingle With Us Blog Hop, I look forward to following each other's blogs:)

Amanda Joy

Debbie said...

I've never been in a book club but it's sounds fun. Maybe I'll get more time in the future to do that. stopping by and following too from the hop. Have a good evening.

(oh - and your blog makes me crave pancakes. Thanks a lot! lol)

April said...

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Faith said...

how awesome that you are in a book club! i think it is so neat! i want to be in one, haha.

i really want to read the book now because the previews for the movie look incredible!!

Victoria's Voice said...

I have always wanted to join a book club, but just haven't taken that step to do so. I will have to see your updates to see how it goes. Have fun!

Thank you for stopping by and participating in the Get Wired Blog Hop. I am following you.

Have a great evening!


Anonymous said...

The Help is such an amazing book! Can't wait to see the movie! I don't read nearly as much as I should but I love it when I do!

Frugal Invitation said...

I'm planning on reading this soon. I thought I'd have it read before the movie comes out, but I'm running out of time. Thanks for linking up to Welcome Wednesday!

Slop Swap said...

Thanks for linking up on Welcome Wednesday! I don't know if you had a chance to join my site with GFC but if not, I hope you'll come back and join. :)

Olivia said...

Aloha!!! New follower here via the Blog Hop... Hope you have a great weekend!!! :) -

Emily said...

Hi! I love to read, but hate the pressure of a book club!

Thanks so much for linking up with our Feed Me Friday hop. There are several wonderful blogs participating again this week, you're certain to find a few new favorites!

I look forward to reading more from you!

Your Co-Host,
Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

P.S. - I've recently switched from blogger to WordPress and had some issues when transferring the GFC widget. I'd really appreciate if you could double check to ensure you're following me and are subscribed to the correct newsletter subscription!

Sara @ Struggling Happiness said...

In elementary school we had a secret girls club, too. But for some reason the girls wouldn't let me in it. Oh well!I'm only mildly bitter...still.

At least I'm in the awesome bloggers club!!!

Sandra said...

Had the book in my hand at the book store, then put it back...wondering if I should have kept it now...You'll have to let me know if it's worth the $20.00


I am currently reading Harry Potter The Deathly Hallows, I will be reading The Help next as well. Thanks fro stopping by my blog.

Lisa xo