Sunday, July 17, 2011

LongLazySunday: Weekend Wrap-Up!

Thank you for all the great comments about my thyroid experience.
  It is definitely a testimony of what God is willing to do if you place all your trust and faith in him!

My Weekend Wrap-Up:

1)  My girls and i (we refer to ourselves as the Woldpack) did a little shopping therapy
2) Purchased the cutest dress (i've been eyeing for almost three months) for over 70% off (more info in another post)
3) Went to visit my church grandmother (who is 95yrs young and quick as a whip)
4) Cooked dinner (i will share more info later)
5) Attended church
6) Tried to stay cool
7) Does anyone care that JLo and her hubby are getting a divorce?
8) Congrats to Harry Potter fans--your movie is like #1 (and there will probably be another movie!)
9) I love my husband (just because...)!

Hope your sunday was longlazy and wonderful too!


Kim Bee said...

Out blog hopping. Stopped by to say hi. Kim

Frugalista said...

huh!! J lo is getting a divorce?

toi said...

What??!!! is JLo getting divorced?
I heard this the last-last-last movie of Harry Potter, the franchise is over! Now the kids, turned new adults, are focusing on life after Harry Potter. they are all so grown up.

Great fun Sunday :).

Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

Just wanted to say that I so appreciate your heartfelt posts. There is so much honesty and deep sincerity there and vulnerability and I admire that a great, great deal. Thank you for being so willing to share with us!

Lauren said...

Oh how I miss the days of shopping therapy...not much point with a babe on the way! Maybe I need to resort to shoes...and fast! ha!

Mrs. C said...

Nothing like shopping therapy! ;)
Recipes Fashion Marriage

Nylse said...

i cant believe jlo and marc anthony are divorcing...folks are saying it has something to do with Hawthorne and mrs smith.. :) and how she's not very successful at marriage.

shopping therapy is wonderful, combined with a great sale.

we had carmagedon out here, so i just stayed home!