Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Romance Wednesday: Random Romantic Moments!

I am joining The YeYo Diaries and YUMMommy in her Romance Wednesday! It is an opppotunity to talk about the romantic things that you and your significant other are sharing! 

Mr. Pancakes and i have been sharing some random romantic moments through movie date nights.  It is important in marriage, whether newlyweds or married for years, keeping romance alive is imperative.  And Team Pancakes keeps it alive regularly.

We have been having random movie date nights during the week which has been awesome and fun! If we see a good movie  or a UFC fight (we bonded over this during my hospital visit), we will stop whatever we are doing, cuddle on the couch and have a movie date night. 

When i was in the hospital, we spent about four hours watching UFC matches.  This was so much fun (and bloody--i had to close my eyes a few times) and it really allowed us to bond over a male related activity that the man enjoyed.

Then one Tuesday night, Going the Distance was on some movie channel and we started to watch.  We immediately related to this movie because we started off long distance.  Athough it comes across as a girly movie, Mr. Pancakes enjoyed it because it had a lot of the guy humour he finds  amusing! This movie night we did not go to bed until after 1AM.

Then another night, i was watching Love Happens and he joined me.  He was actually making fun of the movie but then he got into it and we enjoyed a sappy romantic comedy together.  After all, all our love stories are romantic comedies anyway!

Recently, we watched another Jennifer Aniston movie, The Break-Up.  I mean, it was so random how we started watching that one.  I was bored of HGTV and WeTV (which he doesn't know why i love those channels) and was flipping the channels and came across the movie.  He joined me after he saw the dinner scene when the brother starts singing.  He thought that was hilarious! And he will say to me, "and babe on the kick drums!"--something silly like that! If you've watched the movie, you'll know what i mean.

Then the other night we caught Grown-Ups. This was fun because it was a mundane Sunday night and we managed to make it a fun night, eating tostitos and enjoying each other's company.  Afterwards, he gave me a hug and said, "i really enjoy our impromtu movie nights!"

Spending these random movie nights together is romantic.  There is a romantic element to the randomness when we can cuddle on the couch and just enjoy each other's company.  I am starting to realize that romantic moments does not have to be planned elaborately.  It can be as random as stopping and watching a fun movie with your man on a Wednesday night.  Or watching one of his guy shows with him.  It's all about the company during those random moments.  Try sometime this week!

Or have you had any random romantic moments recently?


Lynn said...

Stopping by from the Wonder Wednesday blog hop :)

Gotta love romance! :) It's great that you still make time for date nights and just time together.

Good Girl Gone Green said...

Movie nights are awesome! And I love the picture of your feet...

Elizabeth and Kyle @ Love Is the Adventure said...

Okay, you two need to watch Just Go With It. It's Jennifer Aniston and Adam Sandler. It's out on DVD and it is hysterical. Just the right amount of guy/girl humor but a great love story underneath. We laughed, we cried!

And I looooooove that picture of feet and popcorn! Is that you guys? Great shot!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

i have to admit...i googled that picture of the feet....i loved the picture and it captured us on our movie nights...usually without socks though:-)a

toi said...

I watched some of movies you mentioned. Grown-Up is still so funny because of the scene of the hot guy with the funny voice, hubby still makes me laugh when he puts on that voice.

Yesterday we watched Twilight and New Moon together and it was so romantic. Funny, he was the one who wanted to re-watch the movie again. There were scenes that reminded us of the place we went camping.

Anitra said...

Love that picture of the feet!! Following you on Google Friend Connect and tweeted about your blog. Thanks for hopping through The MamaZone today and congrats, newlywed!

Sam {} said...

very sweet! i love cuddle/movie nights with my man. so fun and special!

Amber said...

Yay! Thanks for participating today! Movie nights are always fun. My favorite memory of movie night is one weekend we watched the ENTIRE "Lord of the Rings" Triology. He thought it was sin that I hadn't seen the movies yet, so we picked them up, ordered some pizza, and went for it! It was great. :)