Monday, August 29, 2011

Free Spirit Apparel

When i say Free Spirit Apparel, what comes to mind?

Well if you said, clothes that are made for people with free spirits, then you are right on!  
Free Spirit Apparel is a clothing company that was started by Teri and Deb, the awesome duo!

The ladies create skirts that are "cool, cotton, and comfy."  
The skirts are all handmade to your specific measurements. 
Their linens are inexpensive 
and made to last however it looks and feels expensive!  
Which is fantastic for us ladies on a budget.  

To get your skirt, it's pretty simple.
It's like picking a favorite ice cream cone!
Go to their website:
Choose from the materials you like
Pick your favorite style 
send in your measurements
pay a reasonable price
and within days you get a skirt that you designed
and was handcrafted with love and care

There are a variety of styles, prices and materials to choose from.  
So it is definitely for everyone!

I was fairly excited to get my skirt.  
And i couldn't have been happier when i received it!  

I was able to spruce up my skirt a/b ways:
a) with heels for a night out with Mr. Pancakes
b) with flats (for a day at the beach!)

The skirt in question...
With Heels

With flats...ready for the beach!

Ladies, check out the duo at Free Spirit Apparel at:!
Be a Free Spirit...
and get yourself some apparel that are affordable and stylish!

P.S:  I have to give Mr. Pancakes kudos for the pictures.
I am glad i am not a fashion blogger.
He thought i was posing too much:-)


Heather said...

So pretty! I love it!

Anonymous said...

That is a very pretty skirt!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

I know ladies...they do make very pretty skirts!