Monday, August 8, 2011

What I saw Today:

I hate when i see something funny, awkward, an awww moment and i don't have my camera and or i am driving and cannot stop to take pictures with my iphone.  I saw plenty of them today and wanted to share with my blogger friends because frankly Mr. Pancakes has other things to do--like the laundry!

First Sighting:
This was is definitely an awkward moment.  This lady was pushing a baby in a stroller. She was attempting to light a cigarette.  It wasn't working with one hand.  So she let go of the baby's stroller.  She was walking downhill.  So of course the stroller started moving downwards by itself.  For a split second, i thought she was going to miss grabbing hold of the stroller.  She somehow managed to light her cigarette.  I was like really, do you need a cigarette so bad that you are willing to put your baby in such danger!

 Second Sighting:
This was a huh moment! I saw a lady waiting to cross the street.  Initially, the dress she was wearing was beautiful.  But then you look closer and notice that it is a crotched dress.  Which is fine but not in over 90 degrees weather!  I felt uncomfortable just looking at her.

Third Sighting:
This was an awww moment.  I was driving on the highway and saw a dog in a car.  He was sticking most of his body outside of the window! His ears wagging and tongue out just enjoying the fresh air and breeze.  It was the cutest sight ever and really wished i had my camera!

I really wish i had pictures, it would tell my sightings so much better!

Hope your monday was awesome!

Have you seen anything recently that you wished you had your camera?


toi said...

I wish I had my camera this morning for capturing the rise of the sun. It was beautiful to wake up the sun reflecting on the lake :).

Aleisha McD said...

THis post made my day! (Actually, it was a great way to END my day!) SO funny and sweet. Thanks, Mrs. Pancakes!

Alida said...

I love this! Your first sighting could have been in our neighborhood back in Russia!!

Faith said...

1.) Awkward indeed! Seriously, who does that?! Good thing she was quick with her hands!

2.) Hahaha :)

3.) I love when I see dogs doing this ... so sweet!

I didn't see anything that I wanted to take pictures of yesterday ...