Sunday, September 11, 2011

LonglazySunday: Being Thankful on 9/11

Everyone remember where they were and what they were doing the day of 
September 11, 2001 because of the events that enfolded.  
I've never really written my experience down.

I was in my second year of undergrad.  
I went to get some books from the used-book stores.  
All of a sudden, i see a crowd near a TV by the bookstore. 
 I am thinking there is a sale.  That's how ordinary the morning seemed.
Then i hear someone mention something about 
New York. An airplane. Crash. Building. 2nd Airplane. 
People dying. Chaos. Horror.  
For several minutes, i think all of us were confused as to what actually happened.

Our university, like most public places were shut down and we were sent home.  I went home and along with my roommates watched the news to find out what exactly had happened.  We were all in shock.  And for a split second, you start thinking about relatives and friends you know in NYC.  You start praying that everyone is alright.  And if it not alright, you do not want to conceive the possible!

That day at least, my family was alright.  However many others were not alright.  And after ten years, many people continue to suffer from the devastation of that one day.  Our lives have changed individually and collectively in so many different ways.  It is true that in a blink of an eye, your life can change.  I guess the unbelievable thing that happened on 9/11/01 that so many lives changed in a blink of an eye.  

I am not sure if our lives changed for the better or for the worse that day, because i don't think we are any more safer on 9/11/11 than we were on 9/11/01. Osama Bin Laden is dead but there are still many people that hate the US and are bent on revenging.  Or as someone put it place fear in our lives.  After all that is what terrorism is, bringing terror to a group of people.

What i do know because of 9/11/01 is consciously i am more aware of my surroundings on a daily basis, especially when i travel.  

And on today, the anniversary, i am more vigilant about what i am doing.  I worry more and wonder if something horrible is going to occur again.  There is not much we can do about the events that happened.  We cannot bring family members back.  We cannot change the hatred that exists in hardhearted people!

The only thing i can do is be thankful today.  Thankful for those that sacrificed their lives in all the different airlines that day.  Thankful for the firemen, police officers and all law-enforcement that put their lives at risk.  

I am thankful for life and laugh.  
I am thankful that today is Sunday.
  I am thankful i attended church. 
 I am thankful that i am with my wonderful husband.  
I am thankful that today you are safe.  
I am thankful that my family and i are safe!


PS: This is a automatically posted but here's to hoping 
that we have another day where terror does not exist in our world!


Vivian said...

You are so right. Sometimes all we can do is learn and be thankful. I've enjoyed reading your gratitude list. Now off to make mine :) Have a great Sunday!

Bravoe Runway said...

I was a year ahead of you in school when this incident occurred and just like you it was like the world had just stopped instantly. I have so much to be thankful for!

Heather said...

Beautiful post. It's so important to remember the events of that day and to be thankful, today and always. I'll never forget.

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

your words really hit home. you wrote a fitting tribute!

Anonymous said...

Yes, we have to be thankful. There are no promises for tomorrow......


Beautiful post. We will never ever forget. It's as if it happened yesterday.

Melissa said...

Everything teaches us something. We will always remember.

Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Fiji said...

I love how you've done a thankful post and I agree it's so important to keep learning.

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

We will always remember! I feel so grateful to live in a nation of such brave individuals.

Anonymous said...

You are so so so so sooooooo right.
I too, am so much more aware of what's going on when I am in an airport. Makes my heart sad that it has come to that.
Many prayers to all of those affected, but then and now.

Kourtney said...

So many emotions surrounding the memory of that day. Much sadness, but also thankfulness for those who responded and those who fought back. And the unity that it brought among Americans. We WILL NEVER forget.

toi said...

Lovely post, thank you for sharing.

You are right, we should be thankful for every one and everything we have in life.

Sara said...

so much to be thankful for. every day, in every way.

beautiful post.

Marina said...

That last picture is the best.. I love that quote! It's so strong and powerful!

Ashley from Sloanbook said...

Oh yay! Happy one year! :) Keep on keepin on girl! And I like your header!