Saturday, October 29, 2011

College Football

Guest post of the week by Nestor Nielsen

Thank the good Lord that college football season has officially come upon us. There’s something about the start of fall that just seems to make me happier than normal, perhaps it’s because of the cold air that just gets my blood pumping. My sister just called the other day to see if I could get her and her husband a couple of tickets to some great college games back in our hometown this season. My wife also loves this time of year because she finally has weather that allows her to break out her fall clothes and she loves the fact that there’s a constant breeze in the evenings. But with the start of fall comes a infinite list of things that are going to be coming on TV because the networks are re-introducing their new list of prime time programming. The main thing I like to watch is college football on the weekends but my wife prefers to watch the major network television shows and in order to do all this we have to recently was referred to Satellite TV Family and my wife and I both feel like it's the best advice we've gotten in some time! Now we just have to start worrying about getting a better recruiting class next year so we can win some games.


Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia said...

I don't know much about football but it's always interesting to learn :) My husband looks rugby and all types of sport...I prefer my books, though it's fun to watch every now and then. Especially going to watch live games. The atmosphere is amazing!

Monique said...

I went to a Big 10 school and rarely attended basketball games, mostly because of the cold weather and not really getting it. I can see how it could be fun to watch though~