Monday, November 21, 2011

I'm Cheating...Are You?

Im cheating...on my journaling that is! 
Yes this is one of the those titles that was supposed to lure you here!
Did it work? If it did..keep on reading...

Recently I was re-reading some of my diary journal entries 
and realized since I started blogging 
I've been a bad diary journal keeper.
 I am not sharing my mundane thoughts in my diary journal as I would like...
and that makes me take a pause and say: mmhm...

I keep wanting to refer to it as a diary but that was so grade 5...
so i will do my best to refer to it as a journal...

i have kept a diary journal since elementary school 
and for as long as i can remember always wrote in it at least a few times a week. 
But my diary journal is hearing crickets...dead silence.  
Seriously my last diary journal entry reads 10/10/11 and a few sentences.

Sadly I've been neglecting the collector of my thoughts. 
I dont use blogging as a way to share all of my dark and deepest secrets...
that would be oversharing, 
inappropriately wrong 
and uncomfortable for my readers.

 But blogging has replaced in large part the relationship i share/d with my journal. 
And that makes me sad a little.  
The mundane and random thoughts in my journal reflects 
moments in my life which are important and signficant.  
Blogging is a fantastic outlet however it's not the best venue 
through which i feel most comfortable sharing all my darkest, deepest thoughts
(see reasons above)!

As a result of this realization, i am re-committing myself to 
spending some quality time journaling my thoughts at least once a week. 

 I will refrain from stepping out on my diary journal
 and remember the strong bond we shared with one another. 

 Before blogging, my diary journal and i would share quality time together,
 most nights where i wrote and wrote and he would just allow me to be...and share  
Yes, my journal was a he...i don't really know why it's a he...
he was just an awesome listener!
  Journaling has helped me through many difficult times
 and I cannot/shouldn't turn my back on  it! 

I need to remember my love for journaling. 
 I journal because sometimes it's not emotionally/spiritually healthy 
to live in my mind with my own thoughts. 
 I journal because i get to experience my deepest and darkest thoughts 
reflected back to me in my own words. 
 And there is something empowering about that.  
Journaling helps me to change my perspective.  
Journaling helps me to grow as an individual, woman, wife, friend.  
I journal because i get to re-read entries about meeting and falling in love with Mr. Pancakes. 
 So much raw emotions... 
And that's reason enough to continue.  

Questions of the Day:

Anyone else experiencing the same issues?!
Do you continue to journal?
Or like me are you cheating with blogging?



Oneika said...

Funnily enough, even though I blog, I have never been good at keeping a journal!

Anonymous said...

that makes two of us; never kept a journal but i blog an awful lot! go figure :\

Jenn McClure- Caldwell said...

I have the same problem actually. Maybe someone should start a journaling challenge or something like that. With like specific journal topics or something.
I'm trying to do a journal to my fiance for a wedding present and I've even been slacking on that. Good thing our wedding isn't until June 2013

<3 Jenn

Dani @ OK, Dani said...

I blog fun stuff, I journal heavy stuff. I could never cheat on my journal with my blog.

CC [AKA Frugalista] said...

I still journal but not on paper anymore. It's in a hidden blog online and it has all the nitty gritty I don't share on my public blog.

Anonymous said...

I haven't kept a journal in years, but it was always a great way to share some of my intimidate thoughts about life. Maybe I'll pick this back up again.....I don't know.
But you got me thinking. ;)

BossyGirl1980 said...

Im def cheating but I am fine with it because my blogging is my diary. Hopefully I can come back in 10 years and smile at all the things I talk about.

Alida said...

I never cheat on my journal with my blog...however, I do a better job of journaling daily when we are on vacation and traveling. Journaling makes me feel anchored even though we are away from home.

Anna said...

I only kept a journal in elementary school. Takes too much time and blogging is a fine substitute anyway.

Quiana said...

Very timely post! I've journaled since I was 7 and have volumes, but it's definitely slowed down since blogging. I put more personal/private things now in my journal. I love going back to read the challenges and triumphs I've faced.

Nikki said...

I used to keep a diary and I hid it in the scarecrows pants in my Dad's garden. I wonder if he ever read it?

Anonymous said...

isnt that interesting how that happens? And it is hard to be as open and honest on the internet as you would be in your journal...

I am your newest follower from lacey in the city

Reina said...

ya i have this super cute fluffy pink journal but i hardly ever write in it anymore . I should write in it more so i can fill it up and go and buy a new one lol

Cam | Bibs and Baubles said...

i can't remember the last time i kept a journal. i keep saying i'm going to get back to it.

Lauren said...

I was always horrible at keeping a journal so I feel like I'm actually much better at recording my thoughts with the blog...but I can definitely see where cheating would become a problem! ha!


I pretty much use my blog as a way to journal but it is true that I don't use my blog as a place to over share and reveal it all.

Hope you're having a great start of the week! :) xoxo

Faith said...

i haven't kept a journal in years! i use to and sometimes i miss it but not too much to start it up again.

i guess, for now, using my blog to document events will have to do!

Anonymous said...

It's funny... this morning I was thinking the very same thing - except in regards to my children. There are so many sweet things that they do daily that I wish I kept track of.
I used to journal/scrapbook everything and I definitely need to get back to that!!!
Thanks for reminding me how important this is!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

It's funny that you mention this because when we were cleaning out the garage on Saturday I found my journal, which was only half-full and has pretty much been totally neglected for the past twelve months. Although it's not surprising, because I have always been an on-again-off again journalist. :)
It cracks me up that your journal is a "he"! Ha! :)
Happy Monday!

Love & Tangles said...

I always journal when I'm having hard times. I don't really like to share bc to me its giving the 'hard' times too much power. I blog the fun stuff. It helps keep balance for I guess I'm kinda cheating.

Bravoe Runway said...

I have journaled less since I've started blogging. It could be because I am up very late everynight and writing in a journal is just..well there is no time.

Blicious said...

I wish I could journal! My blog is my journal! :)


Mimi said...

In the past I think I have put my frustrations on my blob but now that I know certain people are reading I probably need to get a journal to really get out my deep down feelings. I think that would be a great thing for me. I am good for internalizing things. Writing them down will probably make me feel better. Not to mention I love to see my personal growth. You've sold me on journaling!

Deidre said...

Totally experienced the same issues. But I've kind of given up on my journal. in a lot of ways I think my blog is probably a better outlet. I used to let things get dark and stormy in my journal - but I have not wallow so much in my blog. and when I don't wallow in writing, I don't wallow in real life. It's kind of a win win!

I hope you can repair your relationship - luckily I don't think journals hold a grudge regarding your cheating behaviour :)

sherri lynn said...

I agree a journal is such a different type of writing and sharing than a blog! I only keep a prayer journal, but I've been really consistent with it! :)

Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia said...

I still keep a journal, but it's more a grateful journal, and I write down a bunch of things that I'm grateful for everyday. My husband and I also have notebooks that we started from the day we got married, each day we both write a couple of's become very special to us :)

Caitlin said...

I fee the same way! Although my journaling has declined, I still value and stick with it...especially after re-reading my old journals! Beautiful blog and pictures, btw!

Kandi-STYLE said...

Interesting...I started journaling after I started blogging.

Emily w/Amazing Grapes said...

I haven't written in a journal in ages. I think its been about 3 years almost. I do use my old one for prayers though. But I guess I just use my blog as a way to 'get it out' even though I don't share everything.

Like you, its just not appropriate. Hope you can give 'him' the time again. haha
Emily at Amazing Grapes