Friday, November 18, 2011

Inspire Me Series: Christina/Visual Luxe

Most bloggers know Christina, aka: Mrs. Jones.  At first i thought that's not her name...but she is actually the real Mrs. Jones.  And if you've ever thought about redesigning your blog then you may have come across her business, Visual Luxe.  In my opinion, Christina is definitely a legend in blogland.  She definitely an individual that shows us how you can use blogland to expand your passions into a successful business.  I was giddy when she agreed to inspire me on this lovely friday.  And i hope she inspires you too, to reach for your dreams and in whatever you do..believe that Rome wasn't built in a day..success comes...
but with hard work and perserverance. 
 I hope Mrs. Jones inspires you!


Whats your name? 
Christina Jones!

Where can we find you online? 
At my blog, Being Mrs Jones ( and on twitter @beingmrsjones

How were you introduced to the blogging world?
 I actually started out with blogging to promote the handmade purses that I was making at the time.

How has Being Mrs. Jones (the blog) developed since your first post? 
It’s been quite a transformation.  I’ve gone from blogging about handmade bags, to makeup, then to mommy blogging, and now, it’s just kind of a mash-up of all kinds of things!

How have you changed as a wife/mother/business woman since you started blogging?
 I’ve definitely matured, in all aspects.  Blogging opens you up to huge network of people that you can find common ground with.  I actually believe that being a part of the blogging world has helped me to grow in all areas of my life.  I’ve gotten excellent advice, and learned a tremendous amount from the amazing women that I’ve met online.  I’ve found a great community of married people, gotten wonderful parenting/childbirth advice, and my business probably wouldn’t even exist if I hadn’t started blogging!

How did you get into graphic design? 
 I actually started out designing Black Planet pages for people, back when I was in high school, and that was the hot thing to be on!  Then, it was kind of a natural evolution from that to Myspace, then making images for a fanfiction site that I was a part of, and photo-editing.  I designed some business cards here and there,  and then in 2008, I discovered blogging!  I don’t think blogging is going to die down anytime soon!

What is Visual Luxe? 
Visual Luxe is my (other) baby, my business!  I’m actually awful at naming things, so there’s no deep story behind it!  Graphic design is a very visual field, so I took that, and paired it with luxury, which I like to think I provide, in design form, and just mashed them together!  

Why do you think it's such a popular business? 
I think that graphic/blog design is a popular business because there are so many potential customers!  There is no shortage of people out there with something to say, and they want their blogs to be a reflection of who they are.  If they don’t have the time, skills, or tools to create a design for themselves, they’re going to turn it over to someone who does!  It’s also a (relatively) low cost business to start!

What's the best part of designing blogs? 
For me, it’s getting that “Wow!” reaction from a client.  Most of the time, the client gives pretty minimal information about what they want from the design.  Colors, feel, and maybe a specific theme.  I love to take those small details, and create a great first draft.  One of the best feelings in the world is opening an email that says “Christina, I love it!”

Where do you want to take Visual Luxe in the future? 
I want Visual Luxe to be a graphic design powerhouse.  Tutorials, videos, classes, free resources.  I have mentors (in my head) whose sites I visit on a regular basis for advice, tips, etc.  I would love it for up and coming designers to frequent my site for the same things!  I want Visual Luxe to be at the same level of the high-end designers that I look up to.

How long have you been designing handbags and jewelry? 
Since high school!  I was always creating things for myself, but it wasn’t until I became pregnant, in 2009 that I decided to try to monetize it.

Of all your endeavors, which one is your passion? 
All of them!  I love creating things with my hands, and seeing them come to life.  I see my future with Graphic Design!

Who or what inspires you on a daily basis? 
I can’t pinpoint just one!  My husband, who has an amazing work ethic, and succeeds at pretty much everything he tries.  My toddler, who finds joy in simple pleasures of life.  Even twitter, of all things, where I see so many amazing women following their dreams.  It makes me want to reach out and grab mine too!

Of all the things you've accomplished, what has been your best accomplishment? 
I would say that my business (Visual Luxe) has been my greatest accomplishment.  All of my life, I’ve had an issue with following through, and finishing what I’ve started.  But not with Visual Luxe.  It came naturally to me, to work, and build, and really put my all into it.

Has Mr. Jones ever started a blog
He actually has a blog that does for his real estate business, where he posts testimonials, helpful mortage info, etc. It’s located here:

Do you like pancakes? 
Ah, I LOVE pancakes, but pancakes don’t love me!  I have a nasty little carb/sugar habit that I’m trying to break, so I cant have pancakes very often now!

What would you do on a longlazysunday? 
I’m stuck in front of a computer all week, so I like to get out of the house on weekends.  I don’t know how lazy this is going to be, but MY longlazysunday would be: going for breakfast at Cracker Barrell, which has the best breakfast ever.  After that, doing some window shopping and browsing and then going to the grocery store, to get ingredients for a big southern Sunday dinner.  Spending some quiet time with my husband while my daughter naps, and then watching them play outside while I work on dinner.  After dinner, taking a nice walk through our neighborhood, then coming home and having a big slice of my mother-in-laws caramel cake.  That would be a perfect Sunday for me!

What advice do you have for someone that wants to take their skills in graphic design/writing/jewelry maker/photography outside of doing it on their blogs?  
Cliché, but Rome wasn’t built in a day!  It takes time, and practice to develop your skills to a point where other people will pay you for them.  But, you’ll get there!  Do some work for *gasp* FREE, for friends, family, people that you know (but make sure they know it’s a one-time thing!).  You’ll need to build a portfolio so that you can show potential clients “This is what I can do.”  Don’t sell yourself short.  This is actually one that I still struggle with myself.  When you’re starting a business, of course you want customers.  So you may look at your competitor prices, and decide to make your prices cheaper than all of them.  Don’t!  Customers know that they get what they pay for.  Believe it or not, I’ve gotten more and more customers as my prices have gone up.  Don’t be unreasonably high, but make sure that you are being paid for the time and effort that you are putting in! As your skills, quality of service, knowledge, etc, increase, so should your prices.


Her passion for what she does definitely jumps out at you.  I would recommend you check out some of her work because she definitely inspires me to live my passions (which i am claiming everyday) and i hope she has you too!
Don't be afraid take your passion and make into something successful.
Thank you Mrs. Jones!

Question of the Day: 
Have you ever thought about turning your passion into a business?
                        Or are you already doing this?


YUMMommy said...

Love Christina. She is so talented and awesome!

Dani @ OK, Dani said...

Yay for Christina!!! She designed my blog and is designing my business site as we speak! She's so awesome.

To answer your question of the day, I have turned my passion for helping people into a business, I got certified as a personal coach through nyu and am now coaching clients while i pursue my masters in counseling.

ASingleMothersJourney said...

I must check out her blog and I'm in desperate need of a new blog design. Thanks for sharing!

Dr. Reginia said...

Christina is the best. Love everything about her. I wish her continued success.

BK said...

Love Christina!!!

Yes I took my passion for fitness and became a fitness professional.. i still work a 9-5 and do it on the side as I continue to build my capital to strike out & open my own facility.

Love & Tangles said...

Wow! I didn't know about her, but I'm pretty new to the scene. Thanks for sharing this! This was an awesome post! Love!

kita said...

Love Christina she can take just a few words from you and make your site come alive. I love her designs and she has my support in everything she does.

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

What a great story and it is funny/cool how our blogs and connections evolve as we do!
Have a lovely weekend dear!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

krissy said...

Aww this is great! Everyone loves christina!

krissy said...

Aww this is great! Everyone loves christina!

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Off to check out her blog!

Anonymous said...

Great interview. Christina is very talented and I love connecting with her on twitter, blog, etc., etc. lol

Alida said...

I must be the only one who has never heard of to check out her blog!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

aw, love Q&A's with other bloggers. great interview girl!
xo TJ

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Love that Mrs. Jones and the new look that she gave me. Truly talented!

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loved reading through this interview.

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awesome interview! she sounds like a wonderful person :)

have a great weekend!!

Quiana said...

Great feature! Yes, Christina's awesome! So funny about designing Black Planet pages. Didn't realize it went that deep back then. LOL!

Marilyn said...

Lovely LOVELY feature.. I love this.. Great to find a new inspiring person : )) She sounds VERY wonderful and you put together a lovely interview.. So awesome.. LOVE it.. : ))

AdamAlexMommy said...

very inspirational, and such a great post. i actually just went to her blog and checked it out... she is lovely!

have a great wknd!


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I always enjoy these interviews you feature! So informative and inspirational.

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Great interview (as usual!)! I'm heading over to her space right now to check her out! :)

Kimberly Michelle said...

I love getting advice from successful business women! Being a soon-to-be-college-graduate, advice like this gets me ready for the real world and the professions that I would like to get in! Thank you SO much!!

Amber said...

I'm co-signing on the awesomeness that is Christina Jones! Great interview.

shopgirl said...

This was a lovely interview. I enjoy reading stories about people and their passions. It was great getting to know Mrs. Jones :-).

Thank you! Hope you're having a great weekend!


Mrs. Pancakes said...

Thanks ladies! Im so glad you were all inspired by Christina Jones...she is definitely going to be doing big things! Remember her name!

Megan said...

She's new to me...and she is awesome!! Thanks for featuring her!

Bombchell said...

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