Monday, November 14, 2011

Reebok Settlement

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Reebok settlement

Have you heard of the Reebok Settlement?  


We all know businesses have to develop products to sell.

Products that are good quality and suited to a variety of people. 

And i can appreciate that businesses want to make money of their products.

However customers like myself work hard to earn our money.

And when we are choosing to purchase a product, 

we want to make sure that our hard earned money is being spent on a quality product. 

So imagine my dismay when i heard about this Reebok Settlement.

Recently i was looking for some shoes for runnning and came across the reebok easy tone.

 According to the description the EasyTones were great for running.  

And they looked some what supportive with the cushioning.

So i purchased them.

I ran in them and truth be told, it wasn't that great. 

 It didn't give me the cushion i was looking for and it was just uncomfortable.

But nonetheless i come to find out that there is a class action lawsuit

 against Reebok in regards to their products. 

Here is some of the info to help you figure out if you qualify for class action lawsuit:


If they purchased certain Reebok toning shoes and/or apparel 

from December 5, 2008 through October 12, 2011, they may be eligible to receive payment from a class action settlement. The lawsuit alleges that Reebok violated certain state laws regarding the marketing and sale of toning shoes and apparel. Reebok denies all wrongdoing. The Court did not decide which side was right. Instead, the parties have decided to settle.


The following shoes are eligible for the class action lawsuit:

Easy Tone, RunTone, JumpTone, SlimTone, EasyTone Flip, TrainTone, and SimplyTone 


The following apparels are eligible:

EasyTone Capri, EasyTone Shorts, EasyTone Sleeveless Shirt, EasyTone Pants, EasyTone Long Bra Top and EasyTone Short Sleeve Top


I would highly recommend contacting the number below

 if you believe you qualify for the class action lawsuit.


Toll free number also for more information: 1-888-398-5389.


I do hope this has been helpful especially if you have used Reebok products because truth be told Reebok should NOT not market inappropriately.


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LaNeshe said...

How is social spark going for you? I joined two weeks ago but I haven't gotten any offers yet.

Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia said...

Interesting...the concept of Social Spark...

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Wow! This makes me glad that I haven't purchased any Reebok items lately! I had a pair in high school that I absolutely loved, but haven't found anything of quality since them. I hope they shape-up or ship-out (no pun intended!)!!! ;)