Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What Are You Not Focusing On?

I had a completely different post planned for today
 but sometimes you hear something to shake you wide awake!
And it wasn't the talking smoke alarm lady! 
 It was actually the radio announcer man during my drive home. 
It was a commercial after much talk and deliberation over the Penn State situation. 
It's even more creepy if he is actually found quilty?
But i digress...

The commercial got my attention because it went something like this:

I have six questions for you...
1) Can you name a sports star?
2) Can you name a contestant on X-Factor?
3) Can you name a character on reality television?
4) Can you name gossip magazine?
5) Can you name an App that can help you play a game?
6) Can you name a teacher at your child's school?

The premise of the commercial is that sometimes we are focused on the wrong things in life. 
For example, we can answer the five questions without hesitations
 but we may hesitate on the last question...we may need a little time to think. 
(of course none of my readers are that kind of parent)

Now again i have no children but the idea that i could be focused on all the wrong things definitely got my attention.  Sometimes it happens where i focus on everything but the things that are most important. 
There are many distractions in my world on a daily basis.

 I admit most times i would rather blog than read. 
 Watch television than read. 
Sleep than workout.  
Overeat when i should stop. 
When i do everything BUT what i'm supposed to be doing...
im not focusing.
  I am not present.

Therefore in an effort to be present and in the moment...
i want to proclaim on here that i want to be more focused
on some of the things that are significant in my life. 
Most of the time i am but other times i am not.

Therefore, i want to focus on these three areas:
1) Read books: Christmas is Not Your Birthday/A New Earth/a book by Dr. H Cloud)
2) Eating healthy (more to come)
3) Exercise regularly (more to come)

To help me remain in the moment,
present and least on the reading
I will refrain from anything blogging related after 9pm.
For eating healthy...i don't eat unless i am hungry. Harder than it is for an overeater!
For exercising regularly...i am training for a half-marathon in six months.

 Of course i am making it public so that my readers can keep me accountable. 
 And of course to keep myself accountable too...

Question of the day: What areas are you NOT focusing?

(the pictures are a bit distracting huh?!
 it reminded me of the reasons why it's important to remain focused
in order to reach your hurts in the long run if we are not focusing!)


Nellie said...

Man, this is so true. I have *so* many things to do yet...I find myself distracted so easily!! Congratulations on your goals and we are here to support you. That commercial was a serious eye opener! (gulilty of knowing all the answers)

Chic 'n Cheap Living said...

What a great reminder! We totally need to reprioritize sometimes and remember what is important!
The eating healthier/exercising thing took a while for us, but the lifestyle change is worth it. Go you for training for a half marathon!

Chic 'n Cheap Living

Legally Chocolat said...

I need to copy your list because I'm lacking in all those areas! Accountability partners rock!

Sunshine said...

this is an awesome post and so true! I love this..may have to use this as a post one day. thanks girl!

Elle Sees said...

I need more sleep and to focus on my health.

Vivian said...

I LOVE this girl!! I would be embarrased to not know who my children's teachers are. After all they spend more time with my children during the day than me. Family matters, not things :)

Alida said...

Slowing down is my us not always easy to do.

Brown English Muffin said...

I don't think I've ever loved food more now that I ever did since we went more natural...I'm loving the new foods, tastes and smells and even more the knowledge that I'm not ingesting pesticides and hormones...

Whatever your journey...enjoy!

Mr. Taylor and his Lady said...

loved this post because it is so true. the news media is filled with our daily entertainment gossip, but we have to be more involved in our own lives and the things happening around those we love. thanks for the perfect reminder girl!
xo TJ

Sam {} said...

great goals, girl!! i'm a fellow over eater - it's just so hard to stop sometimes. especially at night with tasty cereal :)

Vanisha @ Vanisha's Life In...Australia said...

What a great post! I don't watch TV so I'm a little lucky that way. I'm probably not focusing too much on exercise but that's been changing a little lately :)

Pretty Affair said...

this is such a great post and actually exactly what i needed / what i've been thinking about recently! there are thousands of things that distract me and there are lots of areas i would need to focus instead! sometimes commercials can be great :)

Anonymous said...

I know there are other things that I need to focus on....but I sometimes call it being in denial. lol
Sometimes I need to get away from things to keep from going crazy! As for things related to my son and family I am all over that stuff 24/7.

Cam | Bibs&Baubles said...

great commercial! That should really get people thinking.

I need to focus on keeping my dreams at the forefront of my mind. Sometimes I get caught in the right now and lose sight of the big picture.

Deidre said...

It is very true - at the moment, I think I'm focusing on things I should be focusing on except one and I kind of intentionally put it on the back burner but it likes to make the jump to the front on its own accord (we have words, many words): Unemployment. It looms.

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

I love everything about this post. I find myself having to re-prioritize too often that I'd like.

Marisa A. said...

I hear ya, I need to start focusing too. And yay for half marathon training! It'll be so much fun :)

Monique said...

Great plan lady. Mine are similar. Exercise, quiet time off the computer and for reading and relaxing and spending quality time with my family.

Quiana said...

Oh wow! Those pics are making me dizzy LOL! Anyway, I will be focusing on enjoying the holidays with my family. I get so caught up in cleaning and getting things in order that I sometimes just need to stop and have fun. Thanks for the reminder!

Rod and Alex - aka: "Rolex" said...

Okay, we definitely ARE blog soul-mates! I need to focus more on the same areas! Eating right, exercising and putting limits on blogging and facebook surfing. I also JUST joined a book club last week to start reading more! Crazy!
Yay for your half marathon! I did one two years ago and it was hard for me (because I'm not naturally athletic), but so worth it! You're going to do great! Make sure to let us know how things are going with it! I promise to help you keep accountable!

Kelly V. said...

What a great post reminder of the need to focus! We have a house rule for my husband & I of no computer after 1 last check after dinner if we are both home. Otherwise it's easy for us both to get sucked in & not focus on each other. Great goals!

Jenna E said...

I don't like anyo of the outfits except for the little tartan bow tie. I thinks that outfit is adorable :p

Bianca Rita Cataldi said...

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Ms.JayQue said...

I think we're living in an age of distraction...I know for me it just seems SOOO HARD to stay focused and the tough thing is that many times I don't want to...I just want to zone out you know..but that is not an option so I will definitely be working on being more focused. Thanks Mrs. Pancakes. Oh and all the best with your half marathon.