Saturday, January 28, 2012

Baby...Tag Me One More Time...

Happy Saturday Friends!!

Carolyn from Life Love & Puppy 
 The lovely Carolyn of Life, Love and Puppy Prints 
has tagged me one more time...
and i couldn't be happier to share my answers with you.
Ladies, you are finding out so much 
about me the last couple of weeks.


1. Do you have a nickname? Explain what it is and why.
No sadly i do not.  My African name is Naana, because i was named after my grandmother, but it's not a nickname.  It's my name.

2. You're stranded on a desert island. What 3 things do you bring with you?
Mhmm...this is a hard one! How long am i stranded on the island?
 Probably I would bring food (including sweets) because i am assuming there will be lots of water on the island.  Directions to get off the island.  And Mr. Pancakes of course because he would keep me calm and figure out how to survive on an island if the directions were not helpful in getting us off the island.

3. Would you rather eat sweet or salty food?
 What's your favorite food in that category?
Oh another great question.  This is tough because i love both sweet 
and salty foods so it depends on what it is. 
 Fav sweet food item: chocolate. 
 Fav. salty food item: pretzels

4. Are you a heels or a flats type of girl? 
I LOVE wearing heels for short periods of time and LOVE the way it makes me tall.  However i am a flats type of girl at heart for sure!

5. Describe your perfect day. What does it entail?
This is definitely an easy on because it involves longlazy!  Sleeping in with the Mister. Pancakes for breakfast. Lots of cuddling, reading our fav. books or magazines.  Movie and dinner at home.  Time spent with family.  Scrabble. Talking.  
Laughing and JUST spending and sharing time with one another.  

6. What's your worst habit you'd like to break?
It was definitely biting my nails but i have been getting so much better at it.  But lately it's been the P-word...wait for it...wait for it....PROCRASTINATION. BUT i am working on it and many of my blogging friends have been keeping me so accountable.

7. What's your favorite animal?
I am not much of an animal lover which apparently speaks to my lack of empathy towards human-kind so i am probably NOT in the right profession (aka: social worker).  
But i LOVE looking at horses. 

8. What's your favorite type of accessory? Earrings? Shoes? Scarves? And why.
It would definitely be earrings because i NEVER leave home without them.  
I just believe i look like a boy without earrings because my hair is currently naturally short and sassy.  But with natural hair, one needs some funky earrings.

9. If you were famous, would you rather be a movie star, 
a singer or a reality TV star? Why?
Another awesome question, i would be a movie star because it's hard work only for a short period of time during the production and promotion of the movie.  Plus you get to travel and go on exotic locations and get paid millions.  Where do i sign up?? 

10. What made you start your blog? 
Planning my wedding and then it has turned into a wonderful creative outlet where i dream, share and congregate with some amazing ladies.

11. What's one thing that we should know about you? 
I LOVE to laugh about everything.  Sometimes it's nerves but most of the time....laughter is just God's best medicine. If you checked out my post from yesterday, Yellow definitely makes me happy and when i am happy...i laugh of course!!


Thanks ladies for reading...these tagging questions have been so much fun to answer!!
Thanks Carolyn for tagging me one more time!


Mrs. H said...

I truly do believe laughter is therapeutic. Glad to learn some new things about you this was definitely a fun post Naana!

Anonymous said...

You get some great tags and I always learn something new!

Michelle P said...

I would definitely bring food with me also!

TC30s said...

Awesome questions and answers. I was tagged some time ago I am going to claim my question :).

Sincerely Mally said...

haha we share the same idea of a perfect day!!!

Sunshine said...

Those were awesome questions and answers.

Dana said...

I am a total flats girl as well. I count my high heels as my church shoes that I walk into the church in and sit down so they do not hurt my feet.

Rose's Daughter said...

I love flats too! But I really want to be taller...but Hardley ever wear heels! And I just love earrings. I'm always on the search for new ones!

Teresha@Marlie and Me said...

you crack me up with your answers! you are sassy!

Desiray said...

love the view I can already see myself sitting right there.

Dr. Reginia said...

I always enjoy posts like this. Getting to know the other blogger is fun.

Liz @ A Nut in a Nutshell said...

I love pretzels too! I have them in the house and car all the time, and when I travel, I put some in my luggage! I feel like a boy without earrings too, but sometimes I am too lazy to find a pair so I risk it. ;)

Carolyn said...

Great answers!! :) Thanks for playing along!!